NYC sells soul of NYPD to Nike – for $20k. We’ll buy it back for $25k.


Editor note: We’re putting our money where our mouth is.  Scroll about halfway down to see our offer to NYC to buy back the soul of NYPD.

Some would suggest that it’s just a bunch of city leaders being out of touch.

Absolutely not.  The latest move by NYC is without a question a sucker punch aimed at law enforcement.  And in case you think it’s just a shot at NYPD – it’s not.  It’s something we should take as an attack on law enforcement across America.

City Hall has sold the soul of NYPD and FDNY – for what could be as little as $20,000 per year.

City leadership inked a two-year deal with sneaker giant Nike, giving the company the right to use NYC’s famed iconography on its apparel for two years, in exchange for a cut of the sales.

Mississippi cops dump Nike
The Nike logo has been tarnished in the eyes of most law enforcement officers based upon their embrace of anti-law enforcement figure, Colin Kaepernick. (Pixabay)

That includes the the logos for the police, bomb squad and fire departments.

The deal was just signed off on by the Franchise and Concession Review Committee.  It gives the city’s tourism arm, NYC & Company, a 5 percent cut of the revenue generated from Nike’s NYC-branded clothing and accessories…. with a guarantee of $20,000 a year.

body cam disclosures

Where’s the money going?  A fund for fallen officers?  Those dealing with PTSD?  The wounded?

Nope.  It all goes towards  the “cost of maintaining the licensing program,” said Jane Meyer, a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

She praised Nike as “a positive partner, recently donating a new turf field and a skate park to the Parks Department.”

It was just back in June when de Blasio blasted big corporations (it’s worth pointing out that Nike is No. 90 on the Fortune 500 list).  

He said: 

“For all the American citizens out there who feel you’re falling behind…immigrants didn’t do that to you. The big corporations did that to you.”

Isn’t it incredible the hypocrisy of a Mayor who hates President Trump, law and order and police so much that in one breath he’d slam a company… then in the next ink a deal with them because he realizes that same company spits in the face of law enforcement?

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NYC sells soul of NYPD to Nike - for k.  We'll buy it back for k.


Nike has rebranded itself in recent years as a glorified group of social justice warriors, most notably by signing on Colin Kaepernick.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Kaepernick is the police-hating, pig-sock-wearing, self-righteous troll who plays football about as well as a third grader.

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick. (Kate via Flicker)

No wonder why de Blasio embraced the company.  Because…. screw the police.

But check this out.  NYC & Company licensing partners must sign on to “Ethical Standards of the City of New York.”

That little thing includes a requirement that:

“Vendors treat their employees with respect and dignity.”

Then there’s that union-friendly order:

“Employees should not be subject to intimidation or harassment as a result of the peaceful exercise of their legal right to join or to refrain from joining any organization.”

But according to a leading watchdog of the footwear and apparel industry, Nike will clash with that.  Details are in the Fair Labor Association’s 2019 re-accreditation report on Nike.

That report found that fair compensation and workers’ right to air grievances without retaliation topped the group’s list of concerns.

Of course the only thing that matters to de Blasio is kicking NYPD in the teeth when they’re down… and smiling while he does it.  With every opportunity he has, he attacks NYPD.  On the campaign trail, he goes after police nationwide as being “racist”.

NYC sells soul of NYPD to Nike - for k.  We'll buy it back for k.
Bill de Blasio with his family in 2012. (Wikipedia)

He wanted an officer cleared in the death of a criminal to be fired… and got his wish.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo was fired this week after pressure from anti-police advocates. (YouTube/Adobe Stock)

He blew off a memorial dedicated to 9/11 emergency responders.

NYC sells soul of NYPD to Nike - for k.  We'll buy it back for k.
The new 9/11 Memorial Glade. (

He put a fun day off ahead of the funeral of a fallen 9/11 officer.

Alvarez dead
Luis Alvarez, a former NYPD Detective, testifies before Congress. (Twitter/Flickr)

He sat back and joyfully watched the water bucket attacks on law enforcement.

Water Bucket Attack

He’s taken in every one of the nearly dozen NYPD suicides this year and made sure he spent quality time… on the campaign trail, railing against the police.

NYC sells soul of NYPD to Nike - for k.  We'll buy it back for k.
Courtesy: Flickr

And now he’s sold the soul of NYPD for $20k to Nike.

And so, dear Mayor, if it’s really about money… then our family at Law Enforcement Today has an offer for you.


If it’s really just about the cash, then back out on the deal with Nike – and we’ll give you a guarantee of $25,000 per year and a 10% cut of all profits from NYPD-branded product sales – instead of the 5% that Nike is offering.

We have one simple request.  That the grubby, self-righteous, police-hating hands of Mayor de Blasio not touch a single penny of that revenue.  Every cent needs to go into a 501c3 of our choice that will actually help combat post traumatic stress in officers and work to reduce suicides.

We will launch a campaign in partnership with NYPD and allow officers to design the apparel – from the messaging to the products.  The items we sell will be 100% made in America, and we’ll appoint an independent panel of police wives and survivors of officers killed in the line of duty to execute the project and make sure the revenue goes to the appropriate cause.

Nike doesn’t deserve to SAY the name NYPD, much less print it.  Neither does de Blasio.  It’s time for him to retire… and get off the campaign trail.  Your country doesn’t need you, and your city sure as hell doesn’t want you.

NYPD… we’ve got your six.

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