NYC Mayor de Blasio says “light touch” needed to control riots as cops attacked, anarchy ensues


NEW YORK, NY- New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, not long before his own daughter was arrested in a riot this weekend, said he was taking a “light touch” to the riots in the city.

Everyone in law enforcement knows that the “light touch” isn’t the solution.

The SBA responded in their typical savage fashion:

“If Mayor DeBlasio wants a light touch then let him stand in front and take the first brick to the face. Or perhaps he can sit in a police vehicle and catch the Malatov Cocktail that’s thrown into it. Here’s the light touch, DeBlasio brain.”

The rioters got the message loud and clear from de Blasio, however.

NYPD lieutenant reportedly smashed in the face with a brick during riots shows injuries
NYPD lieutenant reportedly smashed in the face with a brick during riots shows injuries – Courtesy: Law Enforcement sources, Facebook posts

An NYPD supervisor is lucky to be alive after being hit in the head with what was believed to be a brick in Brooklyn Friday night.

Lt. Robert Corbett typically works in the legal department of the NYPD.

In an image he shared on social media Saturday morning, he’s seen with a blood-stained shirt and a bloody face.

The images were posted to Corbett’s Facebook page and were shared through police sources with Law Enforcement Today.

“So … my face is a brick magnet,” Corbett said in the post.

“Apparently word travels fast so thanks everyone for reaching out. My head hurts and it’s a little hard to talk.”

He was one of many officers injured as protests turned into violence.

Things really started to pop off Saturday afternoon.


The streets were flooded with a blend of demonstrators and rioters on May 29th, all in response to the death of George Floyd.

With reports of police vans being torched in the city, officers from the NYPD being assaulted, and hundreds of people needing to be arrested, Mayor de Blasio stated that his police force had zero to do with what happened several states over in Minnesota:

“I want to just say anyone who wants to protest, we’re going to protect your right to protest, but please also respect [that] the cop in front of you did not create the problem.”

The city mayor’s statements are reflective of a “what’s this got to do with us?” mentality, which is a fair notion.

Mayor de Blasio also took to Twitter, noting that “deescalating” the situation was top priority, and that he doesn’t “want to see another night like this.”

Interesting that the same mayor who was attacking the Jewish community for saying goodbye to the fallen in funerals recently hasn’t made much of a peep about “social distancing”.

When looking at some of the footage from the May 29th protests in New York City, it’s understandable why the mayor wouldn’t want another episode akin to what played out.

Footage showed physical clashes stemming from protesters trying to fight police while they were enacting arrests.

Certain accounts of the demonstration stated that one officer was punched in the head with brass knuckles, while other reports came in saying a suspect was taken into custody for throwing a trash can at a police officer.

Current estimates of people arrested were around 200 out of the over-3,000 protesters in attendance as of May 30th.

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Video has also surfaced of the smoldering remains of an NYPD police vehicle that was torched during the evening that played out.

A woman was also arrested for attempted murder charges for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at a NYPD police vehicle that had four officers inside at the time. Police were able to exit the vehicle unharmed, and the device luckily did not ignite the van.

Authorities say the woman behind that attack is 27-year-old Samantha Shader. NYPD Chief Terence Monahan said the following about that arrest:

“Those officers are lucky to be alive today. We apprehended that person and they are going to be prosecuted federally. That’s someone not from this community that’s going to hopefully be going away to jail for a long time.”

The suspect’s sister, 21-year-old Darian Shader, was also taken into custody for allegedly interfering with the arrest. The sister is now facing charges of obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

Like many other city officials have been mentioning lately, Chief Monahan noted that many of the hostile participants within the protest in New York City seemed to not be from the area:

“This was a very organized attack on police officers that was committed by people not from these communities, not from New York. A lot of outside instigators who were there solely for one reason…to fight the police. This is out of towners, people not part of the communities, people that are coming in to our neighborhoods, into our communities, and causing mayhem.”

The numerous videos of the riot that happened within New York City have flooded Twitter, with instance after instance of vandalism and violence showcased.

Considering all that the city endured between the evening hours of the 29th and the early morning of the 30th, it’s making sense as to why so many were arrested during the demonstration.

While Mayor de Blasio has requested that an independent entity conduct an investigation into the riot that occurred in New York City, even he did not condone the attacks on police:

“They meant to attack police vehicles. And they did. They meant to attack police precincts. And that is all purely unacceptable. It does not reflect our values. We will not accept that.”


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