NYC Mayor and Pelosi Promise To Sue Trump. Why? Because… Feelings.


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When the hell did feelings replace the law?  We are entering into a terrifying new age in America. 

The latest case in point?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to open his arms to illegal immigrants (excuse us: “undocumented migrants”) – as long as it’s on HIS terms.

And when it’s not? Apparently it’s a violation of the law. Because… Trump.

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Trump’s plan to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York is illegal and vowed to fight it in court.

He made the statement on NY1 after Trump continued to threaten to send undocumented immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities.

“It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal. We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court,” de Blasio said. 

Oh, here we go.

“I remember vividly the day the Trump administration, when he said he was going to cut our security funding because we did not ask for documentation status, because we would not cooperate with everything ICE was doing,” he added. “We said we would go to court to stop it and we did.”

Um, has anyone told him that what HE is doing is illegal?  It’s called “aiding and abetting”.

Let’s turn to the United States Department of Justice for an explanation as to what defines “aiding and abetting”.

The elements necessary to convict under aiding and abetting theory are:

  1. That the accused had specific intent to facilitate the commission of a crime by another;

  2. That the accused had the requisite intent of the underlying substantive offense;

  3. That the accused assisted or participated in the commission of the underlying substantive offense; and

  4. That someone committed the underlying offense.


Allowing those who broke the law to remain, giving them taxpayer funded healthcare, food, shelter and education, then preventing federal law enforcement from carrying out their sworn oath to enforce the law.  THAT is breaking the law, de Blasio.

In January, it was announced that New York City will spend up to $100 million per year to expand health coverage to people without health insurance.

The program is intended to reach an estimated 600,000 city residents without health insurance.  Ready for this?  According to de Blasio, half of that group can’t get health insurance because of their immigration status.

The plan involves expanding the city’s existing public insurance program and providing uninsured people with access to city-owned facilities.

“From this moment on in New York City everyone is guaranteed the right to health care,” the Democratic mayor said. “We are saying the word guarantee because we can make it happen.”

Guess what else happened in January?

Democrats in New York approved a bill giving state financial aid and scholarships for college to illegal immigrants.  They called it the Dream Act.

Let me tell you what most middle Americans dream of.

We dream of having leaders in our country who will actually uphold their oath of office and enforce the law, not politicians who will blow smoke up our asses to get elected.

We believe in putting our homeless veterans who served their country ahead of those who came into it illegally.

We believe that OUR families and OUR homeless should get access to fairly priced healthcare before we give it away for free to people who broke the law to get it.

We believe that when our law enforcement officers arrest someone who broke the law, that criminal should be put behind bars… not released by some liberal judge because of “feelings”.

We believe that laws that are passed in our country should be done so in line with the Constitution, not in line with whittling down the rights of Americans to protect those who aren’t Americans.

We believe that we should be protecting our police officers, not encouraging a war on them by controlling the flow of information through censored social media and anti-American traditional media.

We believe that if the state is going to help ANYONE get scholarships and financial aid, it should be LEGAL residents who have worked their asses off for a lifetime. 

We dream of being able to walk down a street while wearing a hat and NOT being assaulted and attacked because of who we voted for or what we want for our families.

We envision an America where civil discourse lives, our kids are actually taught and not indoctrinated in schools and where people hear the word “socialism” and they laugh their asses off.

We believe in working for what we have.  We believe in praying to who we want to pray to.  We believe that we should all start the race at the same starting line… but that doesn’t mean we should all end it at the same finish line.

This “sanctuary city” crap is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is a clear violation of the laws in America.  But de Blasio isn’t the only elected official melting down over it.

Trump made the announcement official on Monday.

“Those Illegal Immigrants who can no longer be legally held in custody will be, subject to Homeland Security, given to Sanctuary Cities and States!”

It’s not clear if Homeland Security is currently taking any steps to implement the contentious plan.

Not surprisingly, lawyers had previously told the White House that the idea was “unfeasible” and “a misuse of funds”.  Thanks to Democrats controlling the House and fighting back against every attempt to secure our borders, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is already strapped for cash.

According to reports from MSN and The Washington Post, White House officials have once again pushed for immigration officials to release asylum-seeking migrants into sanctuary cities across the country.

On Friday, President Trump took to Twitter to confirm that his administration is considering it:

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only….”

Due to overwhelming border crossings over the last few months, Customs and Border Patrol agents are overrun with migrants from Mexico and Central American countries. Officials reported over 100,000 cases last month, with an anticipated 150,000 or more for each of the coming months unless action is taken to prevent that.

So for the second time in 6 months, the Trump administration has asked that all of the cities refusing to cooperate with ICE now house a share of the overflow.

Seems legit to us…


Isn’t this what prominent Democratic figures have been pushing for the last few years now? How many cities have come forward and told ICE agents that they’re not welcome?

Remember when ANTIFA attacked ICE agents in Portland, Oregon and the mayor wouldn’t allow local law enforcement to help protect them?


Well, time to step up and lead the charge. Time for you to finally be able to get away from ‘slacktivism’ and do your part to helping the people you say deserve to be here. The people that you say should have driver’s licenses and insurance, the right to vote, tuition assistance. Time for you to put your money where your mouth is.


According to the report from MSN, the White House told U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the plan was ‘intended to alleviate a shortage of detention space but also served to send a message to Democrats.’

NYC Mayor and Pelosi Promise To Sue Trump.  Why?  Because... Feelings.
Agents are running out of room to house detainees. (Wikipedia)


Pelosi apparently didn’t like the idea.  As a matter of fact, she’s completely melting down.

“The extent of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” said one of Pelosi’s spokeswomen. “Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable.” 

She’s not the only one.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra blasted the idea.

“Donald Trump’s use of government power to conduct corrupt, vindictive operations smells like Watergate,” said Becerra, a former congressman from California. “It’s a sobering reminder that our nation is only as strong as our democratic institutions and the rule of law.”

Watergate.  Ha.  Wouldn’t a closer comparison to Watergate be when the DNC and Clinton campaign contracted a dossier to be created on President Trump… which was then used to illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on his campaign in an attempt to keep him out of office?

San Francisco Mayor London Breed dismissed the idea as “just another scare tactic” and insisted her city would continue “to put forward proposals to support our immigrant communities.”

San Francisco.  The city filled with streets of hypodermic needles and human feces.

Trump called sanctuary cities “outrageous” and said they were, “grave threats to public safety and national security.”

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