New York City is violently collapsing thanks to botched criminal-justice ‘reforms’ – and there’s only one way to save it


ALBANY, NY – Criminal justice reform has been on the forefronts of many liberals and progressives since the death of George Floyd in 2020.

But in New York, it has been a topic for several years as the laws in the state have gotten more and more lenient.

Now that the crime levels in New York are skyrocketing, the New York Post believes that a political movement is needed to course correct.

Since the election of the new democratic Mayor, Eric Adams, a retired New York Police Captain, there are those across the city that are hoping that his pro-police tendencies, and promises, will help lead to a crime reduction in the city.

Adams has promised to restore the New York Police Department’s plainclothes unit, anti-gun unit, and address the no bail laws that are allowing judges to release even the most violent criminals back out onto the streets of the city.

According to the New York Post, one of the first laws that Adams should be addressing is what is referred to as the Raise the Age law. This law, which was signed into law by former Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, increased the age of criminal culpability for most law violations to the age of 18 as opposed to 16.

The alleged premise behind this was to give children making poor decisions more chances at reforming their lives unless they commit something as serious as murder.

While that sounds good on premise, those who oppose this law allege that it does nothing but ensure that juvenile offenders are kept out of any type of corrective system while they are free to get right back to committing crime.

Additionally, the law severely limits the information of the accused juveniles past when their cases are eventually heard by a judge. That means that a judge cannot accurately depict whether that juvenile offender will re-offend or could utilize some type of services in the future.

One of the cases highlighted by opponents is that of a teenager who had been arrested multiple times for various offenses, including gun charges. The teenager, Tyree Malone, who is 17 years old, is now facing life in prison for the murder of Dandre Johnson who was just 24.

In that case, Malone had been arrested three separate times for gun offenses before he allegedly shot and killed Johnson. Malone, who was allegedly part of a gang called JackBoyZ crew, is accused of shooting Johnson several times on August 19th.

Opponents believe that this law enables adults to utilize those under 18 to commit the majority of the crimes knowing that they will not face significant criminal charges if they are caught.

According to the New York Post, teenagers in the city of New York account for 357 shootings in 2021 so far, which is the most since 2015.

Of those 357 shootings, 126 of them were the victims of gun violence themselves. Fourteen of those with prior firearm-related arrests, five of those were killed.

The next issue noted by the post that Adams must address is the issue is that of Rikers and the attacks that have been reported on both the inmate and officer population there, which, according to the Post, has increased since outgoing Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio outlawed solitary confinement.

Of course, de Blasio has reinstated solitary confinement after the sharp increase in inmate violence against guards, but that has been done through an emergency order he has to renew every five days.

Those who are for reinstating solitary confinement permanently believe that it is necessary so that order can be maintained inside of the jail. One person who holds this belief, Joseph Russo, the President of the Assistant Deputy Wardens and Deputy Wardens Association, expressed to the Post. He said:

“Since this effort of being kind and considerate to violent criminals and gang members began, it has been clear that it does not work. It has not made us safer, it has not produced any positive results.”

If these issues were not enough, Adams must also realize that there is a significant morale problem with the officers at the New York Police Department, and then fix it.

The number of officers who are retiring and leaving the agency has increased vastly in the last year which is leaving an already understaffed police force even further diminished.

Police agencies, like Lakeland Police Department in Florida, have spent weeks in New York trying to get NYPD officers to leave that agency and work for them. The biggest draw that the Lakeland Police Department has is that they offer to treat police officers with respect and promise to back them when they are right.

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New York City set to lose one-quarter of its police officers Friday

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

NEW YORK CITY- A vaccine mandate in New York City threatens to decimate emergency services across the city, and residents can blame their feckless mayor, Bill de Blasio. 

In a country full of inept, incompetent mayors, it’s difficult to sort through the weeds and pick out the worst. You have Jenny Durkan in Seattle, Ted Wheeler in Portland, Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles, London Breed in San Francisco and of course Lori Lightfoot in Chicago.

Then, there is Bill de Blasio, communist-sympathizing mayor of New York City who has single-handedly undone nearly twenty years of competent leadership under Rudy Giuliani and then (we hate to say it) Michael Bloomberg.

As has been well publicized, crime in New York is going through the roof. A cancer nurse was murdered in Times Square a week or so back, pushing people onto subway tracks has become something of a sport in the city, and violent crime is up across the board.

So with all of that in mind, and with tourism in the city having officials begging people to come, what does Bill de Blasio do?  Place a vaccine mandate on New York’s municipal workers, which is risking about 25% of the city’s workforce.

All of this has police commissioner Dermot Shea rightfully concerned, according to the New York Daily News. He is working hard to convince New York’s finest to submit to the jab before the department is subjected to a devastating cut in manpower this Friday.

“We have to prepare as if this is going into effect Friday evening and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Shea told NY1 Tuesday. “We have the vaccines available throughout the city for our members.”

Currently, Shea said that 72% of the NYPD’s personnel have gotten at least one vaccination, with that percentage expected to increase as Friday draws nearer. He says that city employees not vaccinated by Friday will be sent home without pay.

This comes about as numbers of infections and deaths from the coronavirus continue to fall.

“There is a separate caveat for members with special exemptions,” Shea said, “but we don’t believe that’s going to be a large number.”

In response to de Blasio’s dictate, a massive protest took place in lower Manhattan on Monday, and a lawsuit has been filed by the Police Benevolent Association in an attempt to block de Blasio’s dictatorial mandate from going into effect.

With that said, Shea doesn’t believe department members should wait and see if the lawsuit is successful, noting that previous legal challenges brought by the city’s Education Department staff have been shot down by [cowardly] courts.

“Anyone at this point in time, unless something changes, will be put into a leave-without-pay status,” Shea said. “What I would urge is for people not to wait to the last moment to see what happens with the lawsuit or anything else. Get the vaccine.”

Spoken like a true bootlicker.

Liberty Loft reports that city leaders argue that the decision to get the vaccine shouldn’t be a difficult one, arguing that vaccine mandates have been around for years.

However the COVID vaccine, while “approved” by the FDA is still in an emergency use authorization and people are concerned about side effects which have been reported. Opponents argue the vaccine should be a personal choice given the shot doesn’t have a proven track record.

A number of employees around the country have been looking at the loss of employees who oppose being forced into taking what they believe is still an experimental drug.

The job losses have run the gamut, from public employees to healthcare workers, who last year at this time were hailed as heroes. Now, they’re expendable.

The mandates have also impacted the transportation industry, with employees from airlines such as United, American, Southwest, JetBlue and others all protesting against mandatory vaccinations or being faced with losing their jobs.

Emergency services however are an area where the loss of even a small percentage of personnel can have a detrimental, possibly deadly impact on the public. Across the country, police officers, firefighters, EMS and paramedics have chosen to either retire or resign instead of bowing to government mandates, overwhelmingly being implemented in Democratic-run cities and towns.

While Republican leaders have encouraged vaccinations, by and large they have refused to implement vaccine mandates.

So why now? Police officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers have been on the front lines since this whole thing started. Fifteen days to “flatten the curve” has turned into over 650.

Concerning the NYPD, they dealt with ongoing civil unrest, inadequate PPE and the inability to properly protect themselves from possible exposures during encounters in the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

So how come these mandates are coming about now, almost two years into the pandemic which has pretty much devolved into an endemic? Given the fact that a number of newer cases have come about among fully vaccinated people, why the hue and cry to vaccinate everyone?

The vaccine was initially promoted as having a 95% effectiveness rate, yet the so-called “Delta” variant affected significant numbers of fully vaccinated individuals. It has become evident that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19.

Likewise, why are individuals who have natural immunity, who have already had the virus and have antibodies not being given a pass from receiving the vaccines? If the goal isn’t public health, one must ask what exactly is the goal which appears to be political in nature as opposed to medical or “following the science?”

There have been some proposals in cities to offer weekly “testing” of unvaccinated employees, an attempt to target and inconvenience those who are not inclined to get the vaccine.

Law Enforcement Today’s new national spokeswoman, Carla Miller served as safety officer for her agency over the course of 18 months during the pandemic, with here primary role being tracking infections and assisting with guiding treatment. She says:

“I have an inside perspective on COVID-19 infections, as well as what I saw post ‘vaccination.’ During the summer months of 2021 we experienced our ‘second wave’ or ‘Delta wave’ of infections.

During the first two months of this second wave my tracking showed 70% of our positives were fully ‘vaccinated’ employees, and that included contact tracing transmissions to other ‘vaccinated’ employees (the number is even higher when accounting for ‘vaccinated family members who also contracted the virus).”

She continued that if the goal is truly “public health and the health of the workforce,” it is much more effective to allow “for personal freedom over medical decisions.”

“Such a focus should also include internal policies that support and encourage employees to report symptoms and exposures, with a strong push for treatment and therapeutics for COVID-19.”

Miller noted that there is already a recommended “booster” which is followed by what in another six months, “another booster?” She also notes that departments and agencies that are mandating the vaccine are not covering employees who suffer adverse effects to the vaccine. ‘

“Who is responsible if someone has an adverse event from an employer mandated ‘vaccine?’ We know it’s not the pharmaceutical companies. When does this madness end?”

In the case of New York, de Blasio had delayed a mandate for emergency services personnel, however has since reversed course and is trying to bribe employees with a $500 bonus for receiving what amounts to an experimental shot. Maybe he can try the cheeseburger and French fries thing again…but please, don’t do it on camera.

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