Sanctuary NYC frees three illegal immigrants charged with child sex abuse, assault, theft


NEW YORK, NY – Outrageous… but not a surprise.

The New York Police Department has reportedly freed three illegal immigrants even though ICE requested detainers for each of the three felons.

The U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforecment’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) agency were able to arrest the three illegal immigrants but only after they were released. ERO arrested 57-year-old Alvaro Cuatate-Xochicale from Mexico, 58-year-old Miguel Guzman-Reyna from Mexico, and 20-year-old Jonathan De Jesus-Lopez from the Dominican Republic.

NYPD released the three due to New York City’s sanctuary policy shielding illegal aliens from arrest and being deported.

Cuatate-Xochicale was charged with “sexual abuse, sexual contact with an individual younger than 11 years old, sexual abuse sexual contact with a person younger than 14 years old, subjecting another person to sexual contact without consent, and unlawful dealing with a child.”

ICE placed a detainer on Cuatate-Xochicale, a request that he be turned over to ICE’s custody, but NYPD released him instead. ERO’s New York field office director Thomas Decker said:

“What’s so troubling about New York’s sanctuary policy is that it favors the criminals over citizens.”

Guzman-Reyna was arrested for third-degree assault and second-degree harassment on May 11. ICE placed a detainer on him as well, but again the detainer was ignored, and the man released.

Guzman-Reyna was previously deported back in 2000 and has also been convicted of criminal possession of a loaded firearm.

De Jesus-Lopez was arrested by NYPD for grand larceny in May. A detainer was placed on De Jesus-Lopez as well, but NYPD released him too. De Jesus-Lopez’ criminal history includes conviction for criminal sale of a controlled substance in a school zone, which is an aggravated felony by federal immigration law.

Decker also commented:

“These three individuals clearly pose a significant threat to public safety, yet law enforcement agencies are prevented from doing the right thing, which is turning these criminals over to ICE in a safe, controlled environment. There is no justifiable reason to release drug dealers, violent criminals, and sexual predators into American communities.”

Breitbart News reported that the sanctuary state of New York has freed over 75,000 criminal illegal aliens back into communities last year alone. Those offenders included convicted murderers, child sex abusers, and assailants.


Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence commented on judicial warrants: “It is impossible under federal law for a federal judge to grant a judicial warrant to ICE because it is not in their authority.”

Breitbart reported that of the more than 7,500 criminal illegal aliens released 17,873 were convicted of crimes and 6,500 were charged with crimes. The list consists of:

200 homicides

More than 1,000 sexual offenses

More than 500 robberies

More than 3,500 assaults

More than 1,500 DUIs

More than 1,000 weapons violations

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ICE was able to arrest other illegal aliens in New York City:

48-year-old Haitian national who was arrested in Queens Village. The subject was previously convicted for second-degree murder, robbery, criminal possession of stolen property, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle;

51-year-old Trinidadian national who was arrested in the Bronx. The subject was previously convicted for sexual abuse and sexual contact with a person younger than 14 years old;

24-year-old Ecuadorian national who was arrested in Patchogue. The subject was a previously convicted of rape. The victim was a child younger than 15 years old;

51-year-old Bangladeshi national who was arrested in Brooklyn. The subject had been previously ordered to be removed from the U.S., was previously convicted for sexual abuse. The victim was a child younger than 14 years old;

26-year-old Guatemalan national who was arrested in Brewster. The subject was previously removed from the U.S., with a pending charge for driving while intoxicated;

56-year-old Filipino national who was arrested in Jamaica, Queens. The subject was previously convicted for attempted burglary: unlawful entry of a dwelling.

In a press release, New York Field Director for ICE, Thomas Decker: “ICE continues to prioritize the arrest of criminals who have a history of preying upon the most vulnerable members in our communities. Public safety should not be politicized; egregious offenders should not be released into our communities.”


Op-ed: If Biden is elected and Democrats land the Senate majority, prepare for amnesty for illegal immigrants

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

According to a recent report by The Hill, Democrats do not only believe that victory is imminent for the presidential race in 2020, but also that amnesty for illegal immigrants is priority number one for whatever would compose of a Joe Bidden administration.

Mainstay Democrats are said to be creating roadmaps of various agendas in the event that Biden is able to secure the White House come this November – and these agenda items are rather concerning. Mainly because there are presumptuous aspirations of not only overtaking the White House, but also the Senate.

In the article penned by Alexander Bolton, the following is noted:

“Polls show that Biden has built a lead nationally and in swing states, and Democrats increasingly like their chances of winning back the Senate majority.”

Now obviously, polls are never a 100% guarantee of anything, and have proven to often be skewed, but they’re worrisome nonetheless.  

Bolton continued, making mention of notable Democrats hinting at what may come in the event of a win in the Senate and the White House:

“Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said immigration reform legislation ‘should be’ at the front of the Democratic to-do list should control of the Senate flip, while Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) was more definitive.”

Keep in mind, that Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has been clamoring about immigration reform as well. But many are well-aware that immigration reform to the modern Democrat is nothing more than a gratuitous granting of amnesty and lenient border security.

Furthermore, Senator Dick Durbin also dressed up the idea of immigration reform in the Democratic approach would conjure “billions for the economy,” which is questionable math at best. Another area to consider would be that of Biden’s infamous “day one approach,” with regard to him getting elected.

That approach would be a “moratorium on deportations,” for at least 100 days.

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Remember that time back in March when Uncle Joe Biden said that if he were to take office as president that he wouldn’t deport anyone for 100 days?

Yeah, he still feels that way.

Except in his most recent rambling with regard to that sentiment, he stated that President Trump should be enacting something to that effect right now, even during the pandemic.

While speaking with Jim Defede from CBS 4 News, Biden reiterated that he stands by his previous ideas of how he’d handle immigration within the country.

During the interview, Defede asked Biden the following:

“With regard to immigration, you said you would suspend, place a moratorium on deportations for the first 100 days for anyone in the country illegally. Do you still hold to that and why do you believe that’s a good idea?”

Biden responded, in true Biden form:

“Because we have to straighten things out. Anyone that’s committed a felony in the meantime would be deported, but we have to take time to take stock of exactly what’s going on, who’s where, what the truth is, and what’s going on at the border. And that’s the thing we should be doing now.”

Why exactly would, or even should, we as a country halt deportation at this time? That makes absolutely zero sense. Furthermore, the administration doesn’t need to be bothered with reviewing potential progressive immigration solutions while dealing with the economic trauma caused by COVID-19.

Why anyone would consider this individual as a great source of insight on dealing with immigration is beyond this author’s comprehension.

As stated earlier, this wasn’t the first time that Biden had mentioned a halting of deportations.

In the Democratic debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders that aired on March 15thBiden said that he will not deport any illegal immigrant – criminal or not – in his first 100 days in office.

Is this guy serious?

Ilia Calderon, an anchor for Univision, posed the following question to Biden regarding immigration:

“You recently said, for the first time, that the Obama/Biden administration made a big mistake in deporting millions of immigrants, but you didn’t publicly speak out against it at the time. What commitment will you make, tonight, that as president you won’t deport millions again?”

It’s very convenient that Calderon framed the question with referring to those deported during the Obama era were “immigrants” and not what they actually were – illegal immigrants.

Still, Biden responded with citing examples that happened later on down the line of Obama’s time in office where they’d attempted to make amends for their “big mistake.”

He explained the introduction of acts like DACA, and creating safeguards for parents of DACA recipients as well.

What was most troubling was his proposed “solution” to appease the pro-illegal immigrant crowd:

“In the first 100 days of my administration, no one…no one will be deported at all. From that point on, the only deportations that will take place are the commissions of felonies in the United States of America.”

Great, so Biden’s big plan is to first do nothing and then selectively deport based upon crimes committed inside the United States. You can see why President Trump calls the political party the “do nothing” Democrats.

The moderator wanted to be sure of what she was hearing from Biden during the debate:

“So, to be clear, only felons get deported, and everyone else gets to stay?”

Biden responded with:


There are so many issues with the policy stance.

First, it completely ignores the fact that we’ll “forget” those who have illegally entered the country that have convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude from their countries of origin.

Essentially, someone convicted of rape, or some other demonstrable offense from where they came from, can stay because they haven’t re-offended yet (that we know of).

We have the immigration system established in a way to prevent people from becoming citizens if they have a proven track record of doing terrible things.

We shouldn’t award illegally entering the country to these individuals and then wait and see if they’ll commence felonious activities while present here.

Second, doing nothing for 100 days is only going to create backlogs in immigration proceedings and fill up detention centers with nowhere else to place those held up.

Then again, knowing Biden, he’d probably just have illegal immigrants with halted proceedings just released back into the community on their own recognizance.

Doing nothing for a period of over three months and then saying illegal immigrants will only be deported if they commit a felony in the country isn’t an immigration policy. It’s a move to pander.

In terms of a stance on immigration, “Quid Pro Joe” has to have one of the most outrageously lazy and dangerous approaches to the topic.

You can watch the video here:

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