NYC Council expels Democrat member Chaim Deutsch following his tax fraud plea


NEW YORK CITY, NY– On Thursday, April 22, it was announced that New York City Council Member, Chaim Deutsch, was charged and pled guilty in Manhattan federal court to filing a false tax return in connection with outside income he received from his real estate management corporation, according to The United States Department of Justice.  

One of the three people to make the announcement was Audrey Strauss, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Strauss said in the statement:

“New York City Council Member Chaim Deutsch admitted today that he defrauded the IRS in connection with his real estate business. 

As an elected official and community leader, Deutsch had a particular responsibility to follow the law.  Instead, over a multi-year period, Deutsch concealed his true business income to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. 

My Office will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to hold our elected officials accountable when they break the law for their own financial benefit.” 

Following his plea and conviction, on Tuesday, April 27th, the convicted lawmaker was expelled from the City Council by Speaker Corey Johnson.

Johnson, released a very blunt statement that evening that said:

“Based on our review of the charging document and Mr. Chaim Deutsch’s plea agreement, the Council has concluded that the office of the 48th Council District has been vacated under the operation of law,” 

Johnson went on to say:

“Mr. Deutsch confessed to a crime and violated his oath of office,” 

He added:

“He is no longer a member of the City Council.”

It goes without saying that the City Council and City Hall were stunned by the Democrat’s confession last week that he evaded more than $82,000 in property tax between 2013 and 2015. In addition, Deutsch then declared he would not resign in spite of the plea deal.


Johnson was among those who demanded Deutsch’s resignation following the admission, saying his actions “betrayed the public trust”. Mayor Bill de Blasio soon followed suit and also demanded Deutsch relinquish his position. 

The charges originated from a joint probe by the city Department of Investigation, the federal IRS and federal prosecutors in Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Under the City’s term-limits law, Deutsch would have been forced to leave office at the end of the year, had he not resigned

His district covers a swath of southern Brooklyn, including portions of Gravesend, Homecrest, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach.

A spokeswoman for the Council said the seat will remain empty until a replacement is elected in November.

Another political figure in New York who refuses to resign, despite the outcries, is Governor Andrew Cuomo. Several women have come forward and accused Cuomo of making inappropriate sexual advances towards them. Cuomo refuses to resign however, saying that he has done nothing wrong and his accusers ‘just want attention’ and ‘are jealous’. Here is more on that.

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ALBANY, NY- On Monday, April 26th, at his first open press conference in months, Governor Andrew Cuomo fended off a barrage of questions about his mounting scandals, defiantly insisting that he has done “nothing wrong” and that some of his accusers “just want attention” and “are jealous.”

The New York Post reported that during Cuomo’s first in-person press conference with reporters since the end of November, he was bombarded with questions on whether there was any truth to the growing accusations against him involving sexual harassment, deaths in local nursing homes, and his controversial book deal. 

Cuomo was also confronted publicly about the latest accusation involving him, which was a New York Times story alleging that he used an anti-trans slur and referred to Jews as “these people and their (expletive) treehouses” during a Sukkot event. Cuomo stated:

“I never said any such things. They printed slurs and slander and you’d have to ask them why they did that.”

When asked why he thought the dozens of sources in the article that attested to alleged behavior were speaking out, he replied by saying:

“People are venial. People want attention. People are angry. People are jealous.”

The recent Times report followed months of allegations from women accusing Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. When pressed specifically on whether he had groped female staffers and otherwise sexually harassed them, Cuomo responded by saying:

“To put it very simply, no.”

However, several young former female staffers have accused Cuomo of using issues with his cell phone as a ruse to ask them for help so he can get physically close to them.

One of the female staffers claimed that the governor asked her to his Executive Mansion late in 2020 using the cell phone ploy.

She alleged that he then reached under her blouse and groped her breasts. At the recent press conference, when asked if he regretted seeking the young women’s help and inviting them to the mansion, Cuomo replied, “No.”

He added:

“I have many women who were working in state government. I’m very proud that we probably have more women in senior positions than every before. And I think that’s a good thing.”

The governor was then asked whether investigators hired by state Attorney General Letitia James’ office to probe the harassment claims might find anything at all to substantiate the claims. He fired back:

“The report can’t say anything different because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

During the press conference, his blanket defiance was in stark contrast to some of his past responses to the sexual harassment allegations against him.

In February, the governor tried to explain that the “incidents” were “misinterpreted jokes” but also added that he was “truly sorry” if he offended anyone. 

During the press conference, Cuomo also tried to battle back against allegations that he and his top aides tried to hide the true tally of coronavirus-related nursing home deaths in the state. 

His administration has been accused of for then underreporting deaths from nursing homes by excluding those who ultimately passed away in hospitals. He said that the controversy was just “more of the ugly politics at the time.”

Cuomo the blamed President Trump among others for making it a “very big issue.” He also denied allegations that he forced staffers to work on his pandemic memoir. He said:

“The people volunteered to work on the book.”

In a statement, attorney Debra Katz said:

“Today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo conducted a press conference in which he continued his effort to actively undermine the Attorney General’s independent investigation into his sexual harassment of my client, Charlotte Bennett, and numerous other women.”

She added:

“The Governor said he didn’t ‘do anything wrong,’ demonstrating a studied ignorance of both his legal obligations and a revisionist history about his own conduct.

Does he really not understand that sexually propositioning a 25-year-old staffer after making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature is illegal? Or does he continue to believe that he law does not apply to him?”

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