NYC Corrections Captain: f– the police, time to shoot back at cops


NEW YORK, N.Y. – News breaks in NYC of a new challenge going viral, social media is abuzz with video and commentary. As the temperature heats up in Gotham, individuals begin to soak police officers with buckets of water while they perform their duties. The city that never sleeps is certainly restless as this potentially dangerous game plays out.

As a retired and decorated detective who walked some of these same streets, I can tell you that stupid challenges like this often end horribly wrong. As an officer, anyone challenging me or charging me with a bucket of fluid is risking the wrath of any one of the many tools I carry daily on my gun belt. From a baton to mace and even a firearm, when you play this game you are in fact wagering your very own wellbeing.

Water Bucket Attack
A dangerous new trend has gone viral: assaulting cops with water buckets. (Screenshot – Twitter)


Make no mistake that in today’s climate, we as police officers are under attack from all sides and the stress of being placed in such a position with only a second to respond for one’s safety is in fact the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette. While the job may crucify us for our response to your stupid actions, the Criminal Procedure Law does offer us plenty of protection.

NYC Corrections Captain: f-- the police, time to shoot back at cops
The NYPD chief has said that they’re going after the suspects who assaulted their officers. (Twitter)


Encouragement for these attacks and so often much worse now seems to be coming from within. While the flames are raging in this war, it seems that calls to kill cops are now coming from within. I would like to introduce you to “La Shonda Rashid Stanley” a NYC Department of Corrections Captain.

NYC Corrections Captain: f-- the police, time to shoot back at cops
La Shonda Rashid Stanley, the NYC Captain of Corrections posted the now deleted message on Facebook. (Facebook Screenshot)


In a since deleted but fortunately screenshot post, it appears that the captain outright calls for the shooting of police officers. To ensure that there is no doubt or confusion, I’ve included the screenshot of her magnificent post for your personal interpretation.

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NYC Corrections Captain: f-- the police, time to shoot back at cops


Leaving little to one’s imagination as to what the intent is in the message or what the true message honestly is… I have just a few simple questions.

Should someone with access to a weapon and who frequently must interact with police officers be posting such inflammatory comments? Should they be relieved of their job as the two officers in Louisiana had been for similar but far less aggressive comments about a government official?

Where are we headed, America?

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