NYPD officers down: One stabbed in the neck, two others shot in “unprovoked attack”


BROOKLYN, NY – Police Commissioner Dermot Shea described an incident that left three officers injured Wednesday night as a “cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack.”

We at Law Enforcement Today would have to agree.

Just before midnight near Flatbush and Church Avenues, officers were placed in the area on a detail to discourage looting. A man approached two officers and stabbed one of them in the neck.

Things at this point get a little unclear, as the incident is still under investigation, but it was said that officers near by heard gunshots and responded to the location.

During an exchange of gunfire, two of the officers were shot in the hand.

At an early morning press conference Thursday outside Kings County Medical Center where officers were being treated for their injuries, Shea said:

“We believe that when they got there, they saw the perpetrator with a gun in his hand which we believe belonged to one of the officers.

“What we know at this point in time that 22 shell casings had been recovered from a number of members of the service we know we had a chaotic scene with a knife recovered as well.”

All officers are listed as being in stable condition. The blade of the suspect’s knife fortunately missed an artery in the officer’s neck.

The suspect was shot multiple times and is listed in critical condition.

Shea expressed much anger during the press conference, and rightly so. He said the suspect walked up to the officers almost casually.

He went on to say:

“It appears to be a completely cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack on a defenseless police officer, and thank God we’re not planning a funeral right now.

“The men and women of this department should not have to withstand anymore, not one more attack. And it’s going to take all leaders, elected officials, clergy… community leaders, grassroots people who live in the community, I think we are all fed up with what we’re seeing in many levels. This violence has to stop. People have to speak. Words matter.”

Shea also mentioned having to check on other injured officers at the hands of rioters related to the George Floyd incident. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio showed up at the hospital to visit the officers as well. When he spoke, he said:

“This is a moment in our history where we’ve got to support each other. We have to respect and support them. We’ve got to find a way to move forward no matter how much is thrown at us.”

De Blasio also said:

“We’re gathered on a very tough night. It’s another example of what it means every day to protect all of us no matter what is happening, the bravery they show constantly.

“Officers protect us, we have to respect and protect them. We have to find a way to come together and move forward.

“Tonight is a story of bravery and courage.” 

The violence against officers across the nation has continued at record high levels since the beginning of the rioting related to the George Floyd death.

Here’s a story we brought you earlier this week on another incident of an attack on officers, this time with an SUV as a weapon.


BUFFALO, NY – Police say that three individuals are now facing charges after an SUV reportedly ran into a police line in Buffalo, New York which resulted in three officers being injured.

According to New York State Police Troop A Commander Major James Hall, the injured officers were stationed at a Bailey Avenue, simply acting as a line barrier:

“Those individuals made up of State Police and Buffalo Police personnel, and we were just holding a line on the road.”

Major Hall noted that all the officers were attempting to do was ensure the streets remained safe for those who were peacefully demonstrating.

He stated that there were instances of rocks being thrown, among other things, but described the moment when the SUV came gunning toward the line of officers:

“Traffic was stopped in front of the line and the individual that’s driving the SUV went around and ran into the line and injured the officers, all three of them.”

The three officers injured were identified as Officer Joseph Walters from the Buffalo Police Department and Troopers Ronald Ensminger and Randall Shenefiel from the New York State Police. Trooper Ensminger sustained a broken leg and pelvis, which is said to require surgery.

Officer Walters was said to have suffered a broken leg and Trooper Shenefiel’s hand was reportedly injured as a result of the impact.

The SUV’s driver, as well as the two passengers, are facing charges.

Deyanna Davis was said to be the driver of the SUV, and is scheduled for an arraignment on June 3rd for charges related to felony assaulting of an officer.

Davis is also facing charges along with the two vehicle occupants Walter Stewart and Sermaj Pigram, which are criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property.

The weapons and stolen property charges are said to have stemmed from a gun found inside of the SUV that was reported stolen earlier this year, according to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn:

“There was a gun, an illegal weapon, that was found in the back of that car. Mr. Pigram and Mr. Stewart were charged with criminal possession of a weapon, in addition to criminal possession of stolen property, because that gun that was found in the car was reported stolen in January.”

Bail amounts have already been determined for Pigram and Stewart, which was $100,000 for Pigram and $175,000 for Stewart.

The reason for Stewart having a higher bail amount was due to an existing warrant for his arrest, according to Flynn.

Two of the vehicle occupants were said to have suffered gun shot wounds at some point during the incident. Flynn said investigators are trying to determine whether the wounds came from inside the vehicle, from outside agitators, or from police firing at the vehicle.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Elsewhere within the state of New York, there’s an ongoing manhunt in The Big Apple related to two officers injured in a hit and run. 

Both officers are hospitalized but are expected to survive.

The first happened in the Bronx early Tuesday, when the officer was mowed down at the intersection of East 170th Street and Walton Avenue in Mt. Eden by the driver of a dark sedan.

The incident was captured via dramatic footage that police hope will help locate the suspect.

The officer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital.

In the video of the hit-and-run, which was posted to Twitter, you can see the officer get launched into the air and hit another vehicle after being struck.

“That’s a f—ing cop,” a woman recording the footage says after impact. “Oh s–t!”

The officer lands in the middle of the intersection and several other people, who are believed to be officers, rush over.

An NYPD van rushes in and the injured officer is put in the vehicle.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” witnesses can be heard saying.

Just moments after, three more police vehicles show up and the van carrying the wounded officer drives off.

The witness later said on social media there were helicopters in the area “chasing that car down.”

Another officer was hit by a vehicle when he tried to stop a cellphone store burglary on Eighth Street in Manhattan.

Few details are available on that attack, but police have said no arrests have been made in either case.


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