New York Mayor’s daughter arrested. Police report: Blocked traffic, group ‘throwing unknown objects at police’


Editor note: A previous version of this article suggested, based on the police report, that Chiara was throwing objects at police.  Reports now suggest that the group she was a part of was throwing unknown objects – she denies that she was responsible.

New York, NY – The 25-year-old daughter of police-bashing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been arrested.

Chiara’s arrest came from NYPD in Manhattan Saturday.

The New York Post reported that police declared an unlawful assembly amid rioting at 12 Street and Broadway Saturday night.

She was allegedly blocking traffic around 10:30 p.m. on Broadway and refused to move.

The arrest report said there was “yelling and screaming and unknown objects were being thrown in the direction of the police,” the arrest report says, adding that Chiara was advised by the NYPD to leave, but she “refused to do so.”

Police sources tell Law Enforcement Today she was arrested, given a citation, and released.

The SBA tweeted the citation, saying:

“How can the NYPD protect the city of NY from rioting anarchist when the Mayors object throwing daughter is one of them. Now we know why he is forbidding Mounted Units to be mobilized and keeping the NYPD from doing their jobs.”

This came as nearly 50 NYPD vehicles were torched or damaged between Manhattan and Brooklyn and officers were attacked by rioters, injuring dozens, according to WNBC.

Back in November, de Blasio declared that the anti-police attacks and demonstrations that have been occurring in his city for months are simply a figment of the “right wing’s” imagination.

During a radio interview with WNYC in November, de Blasio asserted that the city’s police force is “being respected,” and that officers are “empowered to do their job.”

That’s funny. We seem to have no shortage of articles, all of which details how once again, de Blasio is giving the men and women of the NYPD the shaft.  

“The right wing in this town continues to try and dredge up the notion that people in this city are being negative towards the police,” the mayor scoffed.

De Blasio said that society should accept that “there will always be a few” citizens who clash with police.

“By the way, that’s not new,” he added.

Ah, ok. So, we should allow it to continue, just because it is nothing new?

The mayor also side-stepped concerns about this year’s surge of law enforcement suicides within the New York Police Department (NYPD), with 10 of the 196 suicides committed by LEOs this year coming from a single department, the NYPD.

But de Blasio said that it has not become a morale issue.

“No, morale is strong,” de Blasio insisted, according to the New York Post. “It needs to be stronger, unquestionably, but it is strong.”

The mayor’s asinine comments came exactly one week after thousands of protesters flooded Brooklyn subway stations in a “mass fare evasion” to protest the “criminalization of poverty.”

Protesters were seen in videos on social media helping each other to jump turnstiles to reach the platforms in the stations surrounded by people holding signs that said “No cops, no fares,” according to the news outlet.

There were a few incidences of people, who chose to pay their subway fare, being verbally accosted by protesters for following the law.

Numerous people held up signs that called NYPD “racist” and advocated violence against police.

They scrawled “F–k NYPD” and “NYPD KKK” on the windows and sides of a bus as trapped, terrified passengers looked on.

Some of the protesters carried signs that read, “Don’t let these pigs touch us,” and “Punch that cop!”

Let’s also flash back to a letter an NYPD officer anonymously penned a letter to the mayor that we shared here on Law Enforcement Today.  Here are his words:

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I just wanted to take a minute to say, “ENOUGH!”

You can publicly deny the allegations all you want, but I might just have a bad back from moving your daughter’s furniture out of her apartment and I know which gas stations are at which exits between Manhattan and Yale. So, let me tell you what you can do with your denials.

I went to the academy. I learned a lot of things while I was there.

I qualified on my weapon. I learned how to de-escalate volatile situation. I know the penal code.

slow-motion collapse
(Photo courtesy SoFuego)

I have spent time in multiple units, doing several years in traffic, moving to investigations as a detective. I have been undercover. I have been a patrolman and a sergeant. I have been a supervisor.

And in all those roles, I have read and understood the job description. And nowhere does it state that I am responsible for moving your daughter’s furniture or chauffeuring your son back and forth to New Haven, CT, because he didn’t want to take the train.

New York Mayor’s daughter arrested.  Police report: Blocked traffic, group 'throwing unknown objects at police'
Bill de Blasio with his family in 2012. (Wikipedia)

Yet, here are some of the things that you deny doing.

About driving your son, you said:

“I never ordered anyone to do anything.”

I beg to differ. None of us volunteered to do it.

The drive from downtown New York City up to New Haven, Connecticut doesn’t take more than a few hours, but it’s a frustrating drive – especially considering the hefty amount of traffic running along I-95. But it’s not the mileage that’s the issue — it’s an abuse of power.

New York cops traveling

Sources close to the you told Daily News that you absolutely ordered us to drive his son back and forth between the city and Yale University during his first years at the school.

In fact, the Department of Investigation is looking into whether the allegations might be true.

“I think that story is just unfair and inaccurate in so many ways,” you continued.

You think that because your son is, well…your son, that he has a greater potential of becoming a target. 

“Dante was a protectee of the NYPD … There have been threats against him. There have been threats against my family,” you also said.

I joined the NYPD to serve and protect the citizens and guests of New York City, not to be your personal assistant.

I am done running your errands.

And just so you don’t think I am simply letting you off the hook for making officers ferry your son to his Ivy League classes, I want to remind you of the fact that you had us come in and move your daughter.

Remember last summer when we were instructed to act as a moving company for your daughter, Chiara? Remember how she had been living in an apartment at 4th Street at 56th in Brooklyn for approximately two years?

Remember how the time came to relocate, instead of calling a private company, you called NYPD to do the heavy lifting. You used detectives and department vehicles on city time to move your daughter.


Not only were officers put to work, in a gross abuse of city resources, but two unmarked Sprinter vans that belong at City Hall were used to collect her personal possessions and transport them to Gracie Mansion? And do you also recall how your wife and First Lady, Chirlane McCray, personally directed our crew?

Breaking news, Your Honor. We don’t work for Chirlane.

Oh, by the way, she instructed us to leave a number of Chiara’s belongings abandoned on the city sidewalk. Dumping and littering is a chronic problem in this city.

A supervisor once told me that we cannot question you.

“It’s all just part of the job. We just do it out of respect.”

And by the way, that $400 bullet-proof vest you borrowed back on 2016 for the comedy sketch you did with the cast of The Wire, we are still waiting to get that back. That is a vest we could put on a cop working the streets.

You do not care about members of law enforcement. And now, your actions (or lack thereof) are becoming a danger to the police.

Perhaps you missed it when former NYPD police chief Louis Anemone was interviewed by Fox, but he criticized you for your treatment of those who hold the thin blue line. For your benefit, here is what he said:

“He does not have their back. I firmly believe that he does not have their back.”

He also said the recent blatant disrespect for New York officers regarding the water bucket assaults would have never happened under the watch of former mayor Rudy Giuliani. He not only had a pulse on the city, he also had our backs.

“It’s disgraceful,” Anemone continued. “He’s the chief executive of this city of New York, the largest city in this country. He has not taken the lead for security, for public security, and for supporting the police. He’s been behind, way behind.”

Mr. Mayor, your actions and attitude toward this police force have bred contempt and hostility in the streets. You are partly to blame for the water assaults.

Yet, we will do what wey need to do in order to maintain control, regardless of what the public will say afterward.

I wish this was all we had on you; but let me continue.

I want to personally thank you for repeatedly warning your son about the “dangers of police brutality.”

“I have had to have very, very serious talks with my son, Dante, about how to protect himself on the streets of our city and all over our country, including how to deal with the fact that he has to take special caution because there have been too many tragedies between our young men and our police.”

Those were your words Mayor.  

Even with your belief that we all have a proclivity for violence aimed at innocent young men of color, you still put him in the car with us for the numerous drives to and from New Haven. That leads me to ask: do you even care what happens to your son?

And let’s not forget, you skipped out on a dedication for fallen heroes so that you could go to the gym and drink your morning coffee.

Cuomo skips 9/11 hero’s wake to zipline, Blasio blows off funeral to campaign to be president
Cuomo skips 9/11 hero’s wake to zipline, de Blasio blows off funeral to campaign to be president

Then you he missed Luis Alvarez’s wake, a 9/11 hero, in order to focus on your joke of a Presidential campaign.

Just so you don’t think I am alone in that belief, one of your administrative staffers said,

“It’s a joke. I think that he knows that he can’t win. It’s just a lot of eye-rolling … He’s doing it because he’s got a big ego and needs to prove something, and I don’t think he’s going to quietly go away and become an adjunct professor at Hunter.”

I will continue to serve and protect, because I love this city and I love what I do.

But you, I have no respect for you. But if you need me to do something for you and your family, that is actually within my job description, then I will be there.


A former ‘personal assistant’ to Mayor Bill de Blasio

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