NY democrats threaten police: Promise not to cooperate with ICE or we’ll lock you out of databases


ALBANY, NY- They are putting police departments in a no-win situation: cooperate with ICE and enforce the law, and we’ll shut you out of databases. 

When New York’s Green Light law went into effect a few weeks ago, illegal immigrants were granted the right to obtain official, United States Government issued driver’s licenses. 

Additionally, the legislation states that local and state agencies are prohibited from sharing Department of Motor Vehicle information with federal immigration agencies, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

As if that wasn’t bad enough.

New York police chiefs and sheriffs are now having to sign agreements with the State of New York to assure the state that the departments are indeed turning their backs on federal agencies. 

In order to retain their departments’ access to the state’s DMV database, local agencies must sign the agreement promising to not share information with the likes of ICE and CBP.

A spokesperson for New York State Criminal Justice Services, Janine Kava, said in an interview:

“We continue to get certified agreements; currently, there are 59 agencies that have not signed. The deadline to sign was Saturday, January 11.

Agencies that do sign will have their access restored.

Under the Green Light Law, no DMV data of any kind can be shared with an agency that primarily enforces immigration law, which means ICE, Customs & Border Protection and Citizenship and Immigration Services do not have access to data unless the DMV is presented with a valid judge-signed court order, subpoena or judicial warrant.”

Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode hasn’t been holding back his opinion of the absurd Green Light law.  Most recently, he said:

“It just seems like a personal agenda got put in the middle of public safety.”

Of course, he’s absolutely right.  For whatever reason (ok, we know the reason: votes) the far left is pushing and pushing their agenda of awarding illegal immigrants whatever “rights” and privileges they possibly can, at the expense of current citizens’ rights, and their public safety.

Denying federal agencies (who are charged with keeping our borders secure and our country safe) access to a valuable information system is outrageous.  I’m not even sure how New York is able to legally do such a thing.

Not surprisingly, the New York Civil Liberties Union supports the legislation and the move by the state to force signatures.  Genesee Valley chapter’s director, Iman Abid, said in response to the move:

“It’s just an accountability model to put into place – aside from just the legislation itself – to uphold what the law already says.”

Translation: It’s the State holding power above local heads to assert their dominance and rub it in their faces that they’ve passed such stupid legislation.

Abid said in an interview that this legislation “will help keep hidden the identities of undocumented immigrants from federal authorities, which increases their safety.” 

We’ll bully for them.

What about our documented, or, LEGAL, citizens?  What about their safety?

Abid continued:

“Any information that’s willingly shared, or exposed and accessed by law enforcement agents, could lead to a detainment or deportation.  That to me does not feel like public safety.”

How, Abid?  With all due respect, how can you be so stupid?  No crap it can lead to detainment or deportation.  They are here ILLEGALLY. 

Good grief the idiocy makes me physically ill.

To put sheriffs and chiefs in such a terrible position in which to be forced to deny information to a federal agency to keep his officers and his community safe is disgraceful.

Chief VanBrederode, mentioned above, told reporters he signed the agreement, but did so “reluctantly.”  He said:

“It’s all about public safety and serving my residents: the ability to run a plate and see if it’s stolen, or run a plate and see if the car is wanted, or run somebody’s license to see if they have a valid driver’s license.”

The Chief, like so many others, was forced to sign “in order to keep [his] officers and constituents safe.

Between the Green Light law and bail reforms, Chief VanBrederode is certain rough times are ahead.

“At some point,” he said, “this is going to come to a head. At some point, law enforcement, I think, in New York State will push back against Albany like they’ve never seen before. and at some point, this needs to stop.” 

You’re completely correct, Chief.  It needs to stop.

But here’s what it’s really all about – voter registration.

The United States Constitution’s 14th Amendment Section 1 reads:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Following the Civil War, the amendment was passed to extend equal civil and legal rights to black citizens, former slaves.  Their citizenship was granted, and they were given the basic human rights of life, liberty, and property.  No doubt, the implementation of the amendment took years and years, but that was the intention.

The purpose of this very brief history recap is to kindly reiterate the fact that the 14th amendment was ratified to ensure the rights of all citizens of the United States.


Not people who are here illegally.

Immigrant differences


The Democratic Party’s most recent desperate attempt to win an election if not illegally then at least immorally involves doing just that: Granting rights of our nation’s citizens to its illegal aliens.

Or rather, granting MORE rights to illegal aliens, since they’ve already been given many more than they should have been, and in some cases, benefits that are greater than those we give to members of our own military.

Democrats in the state of New York are “looking at” quickly passing new legislation that would grant voting rights to illegal immigrants automatically when they apply for a driver’s license (also not a privilege that should be granted to persons in our country illegally, but that’s for another time).

One wonders what the purpose of “quickly” passing the law would be.  One’s wonder is quelled, however, when they realize that it’s an election year, and Democrats are petrified of the likely outcome of another four years with President Trump.

Last year, Democrats attempted to pass the same bill by slipping it in with another legislation, but the bill was caught and removed by two Republican assembly members, Nicole Malliotakis and Colin Schmitt.  At the time, the legislation was written such that everyone applying for a license was automatically registered to vote, illegal or otherwise.

Malliotakis stated, “…basically what the bill said is ‘Anyone who applies for a driver’s license would be automatically registered to vote except if they opted out.  So it put the burden on the individual to say ‘Hey, I’m not eligible. I can’t vote.’”    

Schmitt said the Democrats’ legislation also prevented undocumented and illegal aliens from opting out of registering to vote. 

He said, “The legislation stated … that if anyone, whether it be a driver’s license or any form … would automatically be registered to vote unless they checked an ‘opt out’ box. 

So if they did not check that ‘opt out’ box, they’d be registered to vote. Now the next section … stated noncitizens may not check the ‘opt out’ box.”

The legislation was backed by Governor Andrew Cuomo then, and it’s backed by him now.

Malliotakis also pointed out:

“Clearly, [Democrats] know that there will be individuals who are here either illegally or people that are maybe legal residents but noncitizens that will be registered [to vote], because in the bill they actually put in a provision that said, ‘If someone accidentally registers to vote or registers and votes that there will be no penalty against that person.’ 

So the fact that they put that language in there just shows that they anticipate people being registered who are not eligible to do so.”

With the announcement of the possible reintroduction of a bill like this, citizens on social media are expressing their concerns and frustrations.

One Twitter user, Nico Tossconi, said:

“The Trojan horse of a lifetime. Give illegals the ability to drive. The application automatically registers you to vote. You are on the honor system not to vote. I need to show ID and a major bill to get a library card. NY is a sad place to live now a days.”

Another user, JeaniegirlDC said:

“Always the plan. Incremental steps to getting more votes by fraud and then remain perpetually in power. Coming to every state…”

The public can see right through the Democrats’ master plan with the pushing of legislation like this.  Not that they’re trying very hard to hide it.

NY democrats threaten police: Promise not to cooperate with ICE or we'll lock you out of databases
Voting in New York will never be the same. (Screenshot – YouTube)


NY State Senate bill S6457B is in active status.

And if that’s not bad enough, an organization has just found millions of voters on the rolls that shouldn’t be there.

According to its website, Judicial Watch, Inc. is a “conservative, non-partisan educational foundation,” that “promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.”

The motto of the organization is:

“Because no one is above the law.”

Its President, Tom Fitton, has been hard at work these last few years to clean up the nation’s election voter registration list, which is no easy feat.

Fitton points to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), which requires each US State to establish Federal regulation procedures when it comes to voting registrations. 

According to the summary of the NVRA, its purpose is to “protect the integrity of the electoral process by assuring an accurate and current voter registration roll for elections for Federal office.”

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NY democrats threaten police: Promise not to cooperate with ICE or we'll lock you out of databases


Section 8 of the act says that states must “conduct a general program that makes a reasonable effort to remove from the official lists any voters ineligible by reason of death or change of address.”

I wouldn’t call leaving 2.5 million registrants a reasonable effort.

In 19 counties across 5 states- California, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia- that’s exactly the amount of “extra” vote registrants the most recent Judicial Watch assessment has found.

Robert Popper, Attorney for Judicial Watch, said in a statement:

“An unusually high registration rate suggests that a jurisdiction is not removing voters who have died or who have moved elsewhere, as required by [federal law].

Judicial Watch also considers how many registrations were ultimately removed from the voter rolls because a registrant [had moved]. If few or no voters were removed…the jurisdiction is obviously failing to comply . . . States must report the number of such removals to the EAC [Election Assistance Commission].”

 The EAC is an independent organization established in 2002 whose purpose is to develop guidance and guidelines for voluntary voting systems and maintaining national election administration information.  The EAC recently released a report revealing the noncompliance.

Notice of Violation letters have been sent to the offending jurisdictions, and Judicial Watch has warned the states to comply with the NVRA or face a federal lawsuit.

NY democrats threaten police: Promise not to cooperate with ICE or we'll lock you out of databases


This comes on the heels of a lawsuit Judicial Watch won against the State of California and County of Los Angeles.  In 2017, LA County was ordered to remove as many as 1.5 million inactive registered names that may be invalid. 

At that time, 11 of California’s 58 counties had a voter registration rate exceeding 100%, the largest of which was LA County at 112%.  The lawsuit was settled on the “good faith” of the county and the state to follow through.

According to Judicial Watch, the lawsuit also “uncovered that neither the State of California nor Los Angeles County had been removing inactive voters from the voter registration rolls for the past 20 years.”

“This settlement vindicates Judicial Watch’s groundbreaking lawsuits to clean up state voter rolls to help ensure cleaner elections,” Fritton said after the lawsuit settlement.

“Judicial Watch and its clients are thrilled with this historic settlement that will clean up election rolls in Los Angeles County and California – and set a nationwide precedent to ensure that states take reasonable steps to ensure that dead and other ineligible voters are removed from the rolls.”

After the settlement with LA County, San Diego County removed 500,000 inactive names from voter registrations.  Even so, San Diego County still has a registration rate of 117%, one of the highest registration rates in the country.

This past year, the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) stated that 378 counties nationwide have more voter registrations than citizens old enough to vote.

Last week, Fritton issued a statement saying:

“Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections and Judicial Watch will insist, in court if necessary, that states follow federal law to clean up their voting rolls.”

Fritton pointed out that previous lawsuits have resulted in voter registration “cleanups” in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, in addition to California. 

Social media platforms are ripe with conservatives’ accusations of voter fraud, as well as liberals claiming the numbers are a right-winged conspiracy theory.

Democrats deny that voter fraud affects electoral outcomes.  The left maintains that republicans are only “cracking down” on voter fraud to prevent the poor and minorities from voting.   

But experts and republicans alike say fraudulent voter registrations pave the way for fraudulent voting.

Below is a list of the counties who are currently in noncompliance with the NVRA by state, alphabetically:


Jefferson County


  • Imperial County
  • Monterey County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Diego County
  • San Francisco County
  • San Mateo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Solano County
  • Stanislaus County
  • Yolo County

North Carolina

  • Guilford County
  • Mecklenburg County


  • Fairfax County


  • Allegheny County
  • Bucks County
  • Chester County
  • Delaware County

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