Not funny: Saturday Night Live appears to excuse violence, endorse property damage if Chauvin is found not guilty


NEW YORK, NY- Remember back in the 70’s and 80’s when Saturday Night Live was actually funny? Yeah, good times. Now? Just another woke, leftist propaganda source.

The latest piece of vomit-inducing tripe that came from One Rockefeller Plaza came to us this past Saturday, when the so-called “cold open” featured four “news anchors,” two blacks played by Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim and two whites, played by Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffatt.

They were discussing the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis regarding the death of George Floyd and his involvement in it.


The four “anchors” have already decided, based on only the prosecution’s case thus far, that Chauvin is guilty and should be convicted of second-degree murder and other charges.

SNL, which used to be equal opportunity bashers of both the political right and left has taken a decidedly leftward turn in the past few years, much the same as the late night “comedians” have done.

As Gateway Pundit noted, they are more interested in “pushing left wing politics instead of comedy.” This past Saturday was no different.

The four discussed how “emotional” the trial has been over the past two weeks, and the two black “anchors” said how it “brought them back” to last May.

Moffatt and McKinnon then noted that they were confident Chauvin would be convicted. At this suggestion, Thompson and Nwodim became extremely skeptical, saying “we’ve seen this movie before.”

“Hopefully justice will be served,” Moffatt said.

“That sounds like we all agree,” McKinnon replied. “There is no way Derek Chauvin walks away from all of this.”

The two blacks, sitting across the news desk scrunched their face, and said a mocking, “Well…”

“Wait—you guys aren’t buying into Chauvin’s defense [which hasn’t been raised yet, btw] are you?” Moffatt asked.

“Of course not,” Thompson said, with Nwodim adding, “The defense trying to make a case that George Floyd’s drug use was somehow responsible is just deplorable.”

“It was a clear act of desperation to create doubt where there is none,” Thompson said.

“Exactly and there’s no way the jury’s going to fall for that,” McKinnon responded.

“Nwodim and Thompson again feigned skepticism, when Nwodim said, “We’ve seen this movie before.”

Remember, this is a comedy show. Aside from the fact the writers and “comedians” clearly have an agenda, they are neglecting the fact that the prosecution needs to prove that Floyd’s death was caused solely by Chauvin’s actions.

And yes, drugs in Floyd’s system absolutely play into whether or not he died from Chauvin’s conduct or whether the drugs contributed to his death.

Let’s continue.

At this point, McKinnon decided to throw hundreds of thousands of police officers under the bus, saying:

“Historically police have gotten away with it in other cases like this.”

Thompson replies, “Historically?

“She means every single time!” an incredulous Nwodim says.

At this point, Moffatt chimes in saying:

“You guys can at least admit this country has made a lot of progress lately.”

“For who and when?” Thompson and Nwodim said, cutting him off.

“Maybe don’t go there Craig,” McKinnon said to Moffatt.

“No, please go there Craig!” Thomson said.

“Look, I want to choose my words carefully her, so to quote Thomas Jefferson…” Moffatt said, while the two frustrated black “anchors” interrupted him and scoffed at the name of Thomas Jefferson.

Of course, playing into the left-wing, woke handbook, Thomas Jefferson is now scorned due to his history of being a slaveholder. That was obvious in this portion of the “sketch.”

At this point, the black weatherman, Calvin played by Chriss Redd chimes in, and says he believes it’s an “open and shut case.”

He then adds, “That being said, he’s a white cop in Minnesota so I’m going to guess probation with pay.”

This was of course despite the fact Chauvin was fired within days of the Floyd incident.

Believe it or not, the sketch degrades from here.

Moffatt says, “I think we can all agree that no matter how bad things are, destroying property is never the answer.”

Nwodim and Thompson reply in unison, “I wouldn’t say that,” with Thompson adding, “there’s insurance” and “it’s just property.”

Perhaps they should tell that to the hundreds of Minneapolis business owners who lost everything last spring and summer due to the riots that took place in Minneapolis and other cities across the U.S.

“I just think the protests should be non-violent,” Moffatt responds.

At this point the two black “anchors” start downplaying his opinion because, after all he’s white.

“We’ll be sure to tell the others,” the two black anchors said.

Oh for the days of John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy.

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LET Unity

NEW YORK CITY, NY- A New York comedy club owner is livid that “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) is shooting with a live, indoor audience, while the city’s comedy clubs remain empty due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Dani Zoldan, co-owner of Upper West Side comedy club Stand Up NY, told the New York Post’s Page Six that he is disappointed that the city’s big-name comedians have not done more to help the ailing industry during these trying times. 

He said that it seems like there is one set of rules for the long-running NBC show and another set of rules for local comedy clubs.

Zoldan said that comedy clubs across the city are being forced out of business by the COVID-19 lockdown. He said:

“From the perspective of a comedy club owner, it’s frustrating, day in and day out, to bear witness to this loss and see that every Saturday night, SNL is allowed to produce their show indoors, seemingly in violation of the same laws crushing small businesses all over New York City.”

He added:

“They have a live studio audience and the cast members are not social distancing. I was watching the show Saturday night and I was so upset that struggling comedy clubs are going out of business while they’re doing their thing and collecting a paycheck.”

Zoldan said that to add insult to injury, SNL star Pete Davidson mocked last week’s high profile anti-lockdown protests at Mac’s pub in Staten Island during the “Weekend Update” segment. Allegedly, during his appearance, Davidson cracked of the protest, saying:

“People were outside the bar, talking about freedom, taunting the cops, chanting that they should arrest the governor, but it’s Staten Island so I assume that it was just like a typical last call.”

He said that big stars like Davidson are not giving back to the clubs where they started their careers. Davidson began his career in small clubs, including Stand Up NY. Zoldan said:

“Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer. Every one of them got their start at al comedy club and it’s so disappointing to see that they have been silent since the pandemic started.”

He added:

“There has been no support from these big-name comics. I have reached out to a couple comedians and I have not gotten a response.”

According to a report from the New York Times, NBC’s SNL is able to circumvent restrictions on indoor gatherings by paying its in-studio audiences $150 per person, which technically makes them cast members.

A source close to the show told Page Six that:

“SNL participants are in complete compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the government. Everyone at the show is held to the same rigorous COVID protocols.

These protocols include a pre-screening as well as same-day COVID testing of anyone working on or participating in the show.”

The source added:

“In addition, they must abide by all regulations including temperature checks, social distancing, and face coverings.”

An NBC spokesperson said:

“NBC Universal has implemented extensive safety measures that meet or exceed recommend industry protocols for productions and public health guidelines.”

Zoldan said:

“The problem is a lot of these comedians made it and became rich. The point is to remember where you came from. Remember when you were broke and the upcoming comedians coming up behind you.”

Zoldan is planning on hosting a fundraiser in February to raise money for comedy clubs to help save them from closing down.

In October, legendary Upper East Side comedy club Dangerfield’s closed and Long Island City’s Creek and Cave also closed in November. 

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