Northwestern University bends to anarchist kids, includes full-ride scholarships, teaching positions for Palestinians

EVANSTON, IL - Tell us we’re doomed without telling us we’re doomed. All it took was a bunch of whiny leftist anarchists for Northwestern University to fold like a deck of cards. The Gateway Pundit reports that the once-proud university has given in to radical Hamas supporters and accepted their demands in exchange for ending their occupation of parts of the campus and protests. 

Unbelievably, the university has agreed to offer full-ride scholarships to Palestinian students and provide teaching positions for Palestinian instructors. Furthermore, the university has decided to offer special segregated housing for Muslim students [wow, sounds like Jim Crow 2.0] and will also “advise employers not to rescind job offers” for the little anarchists who engaged “in speech [allegedly] protected by the First Amendment. 

As an example of that First Amendment-protected “speech,” one of the thugs participating in the protests assaulted a student journalist who was trying to take a video of the unauthorized encampment.

Journalist Andy Ngo identified one of those fighting police (in the "peaceful" demonstration) as a Northwestern University journalism assistant professor, Steven Thrasher, one of the professors who brainwashed his students in anti-American propaganda.

Thrasher was recently at the other protest of anarchists at Columbia University, according to Ngo.  

What initially began as anti-Israell demonstrations have evolved into full-blown pro-Hamas (a terrorist organization), anti-American demonstrations, with some of the little geniuses wearing Hamas hoodies. We’re not kidding. 

This is just the election-year anarchy we’ve gotten used to, just like the George Floyd riots in 2020. Just give these anarchists a cause, and they’ll crawl out from under their rocks to unleash anarchy wherever they want. However, unlike the Floyd riots, which primarily targeted law enforcement and so-called “systemic racism,” these protests have a different feel to them. These anarchists are not only calling for the destruction of Israel but also want to dismantle our American system like the good little Nazi Hitler youth they are. 

Northwestern University President Michal Schill, Provost Kathleen Hagerty, and Vice-President for Student Affairs announced the agreement:

We have reached an agreement with a group of students and faculty who represent the majority of the protestors on Deering Meadow to bring the demonstration into compliance with University rules and policies. This agreement represents a sustainable and de-escalated path forward and enhances the safety of all members of the Northwestern community while providing space for free expression that complies with University rules and policies.


The agreement was forged by the hard work of students and faculty working closely with members of the administration to help ensure that the violence and escalation we have seen elsewhere does not happen here at Northwestern. [in other words, they were bribed to agree to the demands of the anarchists in exchange for not destroying the place] 

As part of the agreement, the anarchists agreed to remove tents on Deering Meadow, stop using non-approved amplified sound, and comply with all University rules and policies. Protestors were allowed to continue demonstrating for the rest of May. 

Northwestern did note that any non-compliance could include “the suspension of non-compliant students and a requirement that non-affiliated individuals leave campus. 

The university also said that “acts of antisemitism, anti-Muslim/Arab racism, and hate will not be tolerated, and community members who can be identified engaging in such conduct “will face disciplinary action.” 

We know more challenges remain ahead of us. But our guiding principles will never waver: protecting the safety of our entire community, preserving free expression and peaceful demonstration, denouncing and refuting intolerance and hate, and ensuring that our University can continue to operate without disruption. 

Some Northwestern students stood up to the Nazi youth insanity:

As a point of information, the yearly cost for parents to send their children to Northwestern to get indoctrinated into anti-American, pro-Hamas ideology is a mere $91,290 per year, according to the university’s website. 

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