Northampton Attorney Doubles Down on Calling Police “Violence Workers”


NORTHAMPTON, Ma. – An attorney in Northampton has stood by her statement where she called police “violence workers” during a city council debate over whether to accept a $13,000 donation of ammunition from Walmart, reported NewBostonPost.

During the debate, Attorney Dana Goldblatt referred to law enforcement officers as ‘violence workers’ not just once… but SEVEN times. According to her logic, citizens should be able to decide how many police are needed in the city.

If you missed the original story, you can read it here.

Here is her statement in full:


“But I think that logic accepts as a given that first of all the current degree of militarization of Northampton police, and also the number and extent of violence workers that we need in Northampton, as opposed to other kinds of workers – social workers, crisis workers.

Do we fund violence workers and we pay for guns and ammo, or we accept donations of guns and ammo, at a pretty high rate?

My question is — because of course accepting this gift of armaments from Walmart is the natural end of the logic of having this many violence workers — is:  How many do we really need in Northampton? We don’t have citizen input into that question.

I’ve never been able to get citizen input into that question. How many violence workers, as opposed to crisis workers or social workers, do we want to fund in Northampton? And the reason I want input into that is because having violence workers who are implicated in arms deals or arms donations or whatever this is, those aren’t my values. And having guns and ammunition flowing through our city at this rate like water, those are not my values. And I don’t remember ever being asked if it was O.K. with me to have this amount of violence in my city, or to have this amount of violence being perpetrated in my name. And I can’t see a way to get input into that. This isn’t an area in which the mayor’s office accepts comment, or there’s no citizen review committee of the Northampton police. There is no civilian input into how violence workers operate in Northampton.

And this body has said repeatedly that they only control, have the power of the purse. But of course if Walmart wants to supply endless guns and ammo we don’t — the power of the purse is worthless.

So, I want to know whose values these are that are being served. Because they’re not my values, and I don’t feel like they’re any of your values. I don’t feel like anyone here would say, “We need more guns and ammo in Northampton, we need more violence workers, we need less teachers, less social workers.”

And I would say that these are Walmart’s values. Walmart calls Northampton police an average of every day. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, they call Walmart. And, if Northampton Police Department belongs to us, then we should be able to call that off in some way. We should be able to stop it. We should be able to say “Fewer police. Fewer guns. Less ammo.” And somehow we can’t. No one seems to be able to do that. And I would say that’s because the police don’t belong to us.”


Goldblatt might want to do some research before continuing on her rants. In fact, officers in Northampton haven’t had to discharge their service weapon on duty since 1978. The $13,000 worth of ammunition, or about 70,000 rounds was specifically planned for training purposes at the department’s firing range and would have given great financial relief for the city’s budget.

In her statement, Goldblatt refers to Walmart as ‘arms-dealers’, claiming that guns and ammo would be flowing through the city ‘like water’. According to her, community protection isn’t one of her values…

She doubled down on her nomenclature by issuing a statement to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

“That’s the correct term for people who use violence as part of their job. I am not advocating for the elimination of violence workers. You have to name things if you want to be able to govern them. You can’t regulate something you can’t name.”

Northampton Attorney Doubles Down on Calling Police "Violence Workers"
Goldblatt has repeatedly referred to police as “violence workers” (Northampton Community Television)

For those who don’t know about Northampton, calling it a liberal city is an understatement. They tend to lean to the left, have routine protests often coordinated by ANTIFA groups, and refer to themselves as a Sanctuary City, unwilling to assist ICE agents with illegal immigration issues, seemingly standing in the way of law enforcement at any cost.

After realizing how big of an issue the debate was becoming within the city, Walmart eventually pulled the offer from the table, creating frustration within the NPD.

Chief of Police Jody Kasper said, “Despite our dedication, recognition, and leadership in the field, we continue to experience a growing anti-police narrative in the very community that we serve so well.”

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