Mayor Leon Rockingham placed Police Chief Michael Newsome on administrative leave with pay following reports of excessive force within the North Chicago Police Department.   In the last 4 years. 88 reports documenting use of force have been filed in a lower-income community of 36,000 people.

A lawsuit has been filed in the death of Darrin Hanna, who died six days after a domestic call.  During his arrest, he resisted and had to be taken down with a taser.

O’Connor, a lawyer representing the Hanna family stated that most North Chicago officers are serving honorably, but cites supervisory issues on the third shift as being problematic. O’Connor reports that 30 other people have stepped forward to advise that they have been ill-treated by officers.

A recent video shown to the North Chicago City Council purports to show a police officer beating a detainee. Ten lawsuits have been filed against the city recently alleging excessive force. An investigation into the entire situation continues.

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