CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A North Carolina mom is praising a group of police officers. Not for solving a crime problem, but showing their humanity. She said they went above and beyond to show her family, especially her daughter with autism, compassion and kindness.

It had already been a long day for Cindy Frederick and her family. Frederick, her husband and twin girls spent an afternoon in Charlotte exploring the Discovery Place museum, reported Fox News.

At one point, their daughter, Shealyn, who has autism, became separated from the family.

The Fredericks then decided it was time for dinner. Shortly after being seated at Queen City Q, a local barbecue restaurant, a group of police officers entered the establishment to eat.

Frederick knew this could be a teaching opportunity.

Both of Frederick’s twin 13-year-old daughters have special needs, but Shealyn can become mute in public. To help her daughter, Frederick creates “social stories”—a series of photographs—to make certain scenarios real for her.

As a result, Frederick decided to ask one of the officers if he would come over to their table to take a picture with her daughter. She explained it’s “to help her understand that police officers are safe, especially if she gets lost.”

“She has to know there are safe people out there,” Frederick told Fox News.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer obliged and patiently waited until Shealyn was able to take the photo.

“He was very kind, very patient and very loving,” Frederick said of the officer. “There was no hesitation—that was impressive in itself. I’m sure [police officers] don’t get long to eat.”

After the picture, the Fredericks went back to eating their dinner, as did the officers. But when the family tried to pay for their meal, they received a surprise. The waitress told them the officers who had already left had paid for it.

“This really moved me to tears because there is so much negativity about police officers these days and all you see on the news is bad stuff, but these cops had a great big heart,” Frederick said in a Facebook post that has been shared nearly 400 times.

She said she wished she was able to thank the officers for their kindness, especially the one who took the time to meet Shealyn.

“Charlotte is doing something right in training their officers,” Frederick said.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department shared Frederick’s Facebook post with the caption, “A great story about great cops!”

Indeed it is! Well done officers!

Of special note, this occurred in the city where a councilwoman referred to police officers as homegrown terrorists. It seems a little incongruent, don’t you think?