“No U.S.A at all” Antifa protestors chant as they vandalize downtown Denver and burn flags


DENVER, CO – While much of the nation braces for turmoil and rioting instigated by leftist groups, pending the outcome of the election, violent protesters in Colorado are not waiting on the electoral college before choosing to take to the streets. 

Wednesday night, downtown Denver filled with marches captured on video chanting:

“No Borders. No Walls. No U.S.A at all.” 

The group is reportedly linked to (the idea of?) Antifa.

Some rioters were also pictured carrying signs that read “Death to fascism and the liberalism that enables it.” 

A Twitter user who appeared to be following marchers, posted pictures and video saying about 150 to 200 people were in the group. 

The account called “Colorado people’s press” tweeted video of a flag going up in flames, captioning the post: 

“Some group let me take a video of burning thin blue line and trump flag.” 

Later in the Twitter thread, the group burns another flag. This time, the flag of choice was a campaign flag for President Donald Trump. That post is captioned: 

“Trump flag ablaze” 

In another video, marchers appear to be spray painting a building. The vandalism was accompanied with a song which included the lyrics “fuck the police.” 

Not to worry though because according to former Vice President and current democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, Antifa does not exist. 

In a September debate with President Trump, Breitbart reports that Biden denied the organizational dimension of the left-wing group. It quotes Biden as saying: 

“Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” 

It is certainly not the only time the radical group has terrorized the streets of Denver and attacked police in the process. 

There were a number of marches in the last few months. 

During one, in August, RedState followed the group and headlined the coverage: 

“They are going to hurt one of these cops.” 

The media outlet reported on the protestors setting fires, busting out windows and launching explosives into crowds of police officers there to protect the public.

Twitter user Ian Miles Cheong posted video of the riot and the threat to officers. He captioned it: 

“Rioters continue to launch industrial-grade fireworks at police officers in Denver, Colorado.”

As the explosive lands, someone can be heard saying about rioters, “they are going to hurt” law enforcement. 

A reporter for local news station 9 News covered the same protest and tweeted about Antifa members throwing a bike at police. 

Reporter Marc Sallinger tweeted: 

“Wow. Someone just picked up and threw a bicycle at a Denver police officer riding by on a motorcycle. I don’t think the officer was injured. DPD arresting the man now. This is getting dangerous. #9News” 

Law Enforcement Today reported on the aftermath of that particularly violent and destructive weekend in Denver in late August. 

In daylight hours, innocent shop owners returned to the blocks devastated by vandalism to find broken glass on sidewalks and spray paint on walls. 

Ahead of the riots, a flyer circulated on social media platform Reddit, telling demonstrators to “bring your gear.” 

A post on Twitter slugged “night 2″ asked rioters to come back for a second night of destruction. It read: 

“Last night was wild! Police abolished yet? No! Not yet! What do we do? Meet tonight at 9:30 PM at the DPD HQ.” 

The tweet has since been removed from the social media platform. 

After the fact, a spokesperson told local news outlets that an officer was injured, but did not go into detail on how serious those injuries may be. 

The department also reported nine arrests tied to the weekend-long protests. It is unclear what charges those rioters ended up facing. 

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Here’s the full report from Law Enforcement Today on the August riots:

Denver police attacked with mortars, fires set, buildings vandalized at ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ event aimed at dismantling police

August 23, 2020

DENVER, CO – Broken glass on sidewalks and spray paint on walls show the path carved by rioters Saturday night as they plowed through Denver during a destructive protest.

Nine people now face charges and innocent business owners now face clean up after a group of up to 100 people marched into traffic, clashed with police officers, lit fires and shattered windows.

The Denver Police Department will reportedly soon be releasing more information on the number of arrests and the charges those arrested may face.

The event called “Give ‘Em Hell” was organized to call for the dismantling of the Denver Police Department.

Sunday, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser retweeted video showing someone sweeping up glass outside a Quizno’s. He posted:

“John Lewis said it well – “Be constructive, not destructive. History has proven time and again that non-violent, peaceful protest is the way to achieve the justive and equality that we all deserve.’ Protesting has a core place in our democracy, destruction and violence does not.”

Ahead of the riot, a flyer circulated on social media platform Reddit, telling demonstrators to “bring your gear.”

It appears a similar flyer is making the rounds Sunday calling for a follow up to Saturday’s destructive march.

A post on Twitter slugged “night 2” reads:

“Last night was wild! Police abolished yet? No! Not yet! What do we do? Meet tonight at 9:30 PM at the DPD HQ.”

CBS Denver reported Saturday night that people in the group set two fires, which were quickly extinguished. The news outlet reported that, at one point, police used chemical agents to control the crowd.

9News reporter Marc Sallinger tweeted video showing police putting out a fire in the street in front of the Denver City County Building.

A separate video showed a tree on fire outside the courthouse. That post says people were throwing rocks at van belonging to the sheriff’s department.

An earlier video shows people shattering windows. Sallinger posted with it:

“People are breaking every window they see.”

Denver police told local news outlets that an officer was injured, but a spokesperson did not go into detail on how serious those injuries may be.

On August 17, Denver city council members shut down a proposal by Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca asking to replace the police force with a “peace force.”

She was the only person to vote in favor of her proposed ordinance.

The bill reads, in part:

“WHEREAS it has become evident that certain members of our community face disproportionate policing and violence based upon the color of their skin; and WHEREAS our police force is more reactive to crime than it is proactive in preventing crime; and WHEREAS there is a lack of trust between the community and the police force.”

The bill also says most members of the peace force would not have arrest powers or be armed. It reads:

“In particular, triage systems will be developed so that situations involving nonviolent, addiction, minor accidents and infractions, mental health crises and any situations that do not require it, are not responded to with armed officers unless a specific assessment is made that an armed response is warranted.”

Similar proposals have surfaced in other cities following the death of Minnesota man George Floyd while in police custody.

Some large city departments, including Seattle and Baltimore, have since clashed police budgets, prompting concerns that crime rates and violence will surge.

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