No Parole for the Killer of Officer James MoonOfficer James H. Moon, of the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office was shot and killed with his own weapon as he and his partner questioned a mentally disturbed person, Calvin Wilbert, on September 27, 1971.

During the interview the suspect attacked the officer and gained control of Officer Moon’s revolver and shot him in the head. He then shot and wounded the other officer.   As Officer Moon lay in the street, other citizens stole his hat and badge.

Officer Moon was survived by his wife and children to mourn his untimely loss.

His murderer was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years on February 11, 1972. He was denied parole in 2003.

A sample letter follows.  Please take the time to email this to:

[email protected]

Dear Parole Board Members:

I ask that you please DENY PAROLE to Calvin Wilbert, inmate #033370. On Monday, September 27, 1971, inmate #033370 brutally murdered Officer Moon and seriously wounded his partner after stealing Officer’s Moon’s service revolver. Inmate #033370 has already been denied parole in the past, demonstrating that he would impose a clear danger to the general public and our law enforcement officers if released.

Criminals who take the life of an officer should be subject to serve their full sentence, without parole.  In the case of inmate #033370, a life sentence plus 20 years for murder should mean just that.

As a concerned citizen, and in the interest of public safety, I am asking that you DENY PAROLE to inmate #033370. Justice demands that he be made to spend every day of his life in prison.


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