On the night of April 4th, 1985, Sgt. James Bevis responded to an armed robbery which had just occurred in a small town in Jackson County, Florida.  Sgt.  Bevis spotted a vehicle, which matched the description of the vehicle used in the armed robbery. He followed and then stopped the vehicle. He got the suspects out of the vehicle and advised the station that he was o.k.   He stated that he had the suspects as well as a gun and purse that had been taken in the robbery.  One of the suspects jumped Bevis and took his gun.  Then the two suspects shot Deputy Bevis three times with his own gun. He died at the scene as a result of those wounds at the scene. Deputy Bevis was married and had two children.

LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY.COM wants readers to support Deputy Bevis’ memory and ask the Florida Parole Commission to deny parole for Inmate Morris Brown #082049.

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Florida Parole Commission

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