The St. Paul, Minnesota Police Department has no available monies to fund the Cold Case unit.   A $260,000 federal grant which funded the
one-person unit ran out, veteran officers report. Sgt. Alice Muldoon once headed the Cold Case unit, also staffed by retired officers.  When the
grant monies ended, she was transferred to the Juvenile Division.  Discouraged, she retired from the job.

Before she left, Sgt. Muldoon identified ten cases which had some promise.   The cases have been turned into the Homicide Division to be investigated.  This action leaves over 100 open homicide cases
in suspended animation.  Pity the families of the victims and also pity the officers who do not have the funding to investigate the cases.  No officer
ever joined a police department to ignore a murder.

Cases turn cold for good reasons.  As we all know, developing clues in the first 48 hours after a crime is committed goes a long way in solving a case.  Getting to the bottom of a case ten years old is difficult.

Could there be some better solutions here?  Could the unit be resurrected through retired officers?  Could criminal justice majors or grad students assist as part of an internship?  Where are all the supporters of law
enforcement in the area who could pitch in with paperwork and answering voice mail?

Law enforcement must have better answers than, “We give up.”

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