A Rochester police officer was stabbed multiple times on Friday.  His life was saved by bystanders.  And yet no charges have been filed in the attack.

Here’s what happened.

Chief La’Ron Singletary said Officer Denny Wright had responded to a call on Peck Street at 12:30 p.m. on Friday.  The call came in for a reported domestic incident, and Officer Wright responded alone.

When he went into the home, he found the male suspect hiding under a bed.  Family members and the officer tried to talk him out from hiding. The man then tried to run out of the home.

When the officer tried to stop him, police say the suspect punched him and then began stabbing him.

Police say that Officer Wright pulled out his gun and fired once.  He missed the suspect, who then continued to stab him.

Two people from the area heard the commotion from outside the home and ran in.  They then helped the officer to subdue the suspect.

Shortly after, other responding officers arrived and tased the suspect before taking him into custody. The suspect, who has not yet been publicly identified, wasn’t hurt.  He’s in the hospital under evaluation still, however.

“I watched the body camera video and what I witnessed was a vicious and brutal attack on Officer Wright,” Singletary added. “We could easily be standing here talking about another set of circumstances had it not been for the resiliency of Officer Wright, the good Samaritans that intervened and the quick actions of the responding officers.”

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According to Singletary, Officer Wright is a 20-year veteran of the force.  He’s worked in the Clinton section his entire career.  He has also trained many of the department’s officers.

“The outpouring of support is a true testament of Denny’s character—a loving and caring officer who did and will always put the safety of others before his own,” family members said in a statement.

According to the chief, no one has been arrested for the attack and officers are not looking for a suspect.

“If there comes a time where someone is actually arrested for this offense, possible charges would be aggravated assault of a police officer, assault in the first degree, or frankly even aggravated murder,” Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said.

Police say the officer and the suspect, who is in his 20’s, are being taken care of at different hospitals.

Rochester Police Deputy Chief Mark Mura said the officer underwent surgery and is in serious but stable condition.

“Thankfully, it looks like the officer’s going to be good,” Mura said in a media briefing at the scene.

According to Doorley, although the incident is still under investigation, no charges will be filed at this time.

Mura didn’t go into details about the bystanders who helped the officer, but he thanked them for intervening.

“Sometimes we need help just like the community needs help,” Mura said.

It’s a reminder of the daily threat, he said.

“These are the different things our officers face every single day,” Mura said. “You can show up on a scene and everything’s fine, and you go home, everything’s great for five years in a row and then you show up on a scene and somebody attacks you with a knife.”

Friday afternoon, Mayor Lovely Warren put out a statement:

“Today’s news reminds us of the bravery and dedication of the men and women of our Rochester Police Department. I ask all those of faith to pray for the Officer’s recovery and well-being. The residents who intervened deserve our gratitude and their actions speak to the true spirit of our city.”

Warren paid a visit at the hospital to the officer, along with Chief Singletary, Deputy Mayor James Smith and Council President Loretta Scott.

While he wasn’t conscious at the time of the visit, Scott said she said a few words to him.  She also talked to his wife and son, telling them community was with them and they are in everyone’s prayers.

“It was very difficult to see someone who, just by the fact of doing their job was in that position,” Scott said. “I don’t take what they do for granted.”

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In the meantime, in Chinatown, New York, police arrested a suspect after they say he brutally beat four homeless men to death with a pipe late on Friday night, according to a report from NBC 4.

Police say they’ve taken the suspect into custody, but have not yet released their name. They did confirm, however, that all of the victims, as well as the suspect, are homeless.

The string of attacks were discovered after New York City police received a 911 call just before 2 a.m. on Saturday concerning an unconscious man who was bleeding from the head and lying in the street of a Chinatown neighborhood. 

Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan South said that the man had “severe head trauma” when he police found him.

Four homeless men were beaten to death in Manhattan. (NBC 4 Broadcast)


While the officers worked the scene, a second victim approached them, also showing signs that he was a victim of a serious beating.

He confirmed witness accounts that a man dressed in black pants and a black jacket had struck the victims in the head several times with a metal pipe before fleeing the scene, Hughes said.

The second victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition and is expected to survive his wounds, but police say the first victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

As members of the NYPD began canvassing the area, they quickly learned that the incident was not an isolated event. 

They discovered that three other homeless men in the East Broadway area had been targeted in the vicious assaults, believed to have been sleeping when their assailant attacked them. All three showed consistency within their wounds, and all three were pronounced dead at the scene from their injuries.

As officers combed through the neighborhood, they located a 24-year-old man at the corner of Mulberry Street and Canal Street. Police say the suspect was carrying a metal pipe that was consistent with the the one described by witnesses.


NBC 4 said that the officers were able to take the suspect into custody without further incident. While they have yet to release his name, they say that he has a number of arrests for prior assaults, including one at a Brooklyn homeless shelter in May.

Police have said that the four victims, the injured man and the suspect are all without a permanent residence.

Deputy Chief Michael Baldassano said that it appeared that the attacks were random and that all of the victims had been sleeping when the suspect jumped them, but an investigation into the brutal assaults is ongoing.

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro took to Twitter to say the attacks were not random, but targeted our ‘most vulnerable’.



Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.


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