New Jersey Police Chief fuming over having to let suspected cop killer go free thanks to politics


FAIRVIEW, NJ – Fairview Police Chief Martin Kahn is expressing his rage after one of his officers was forced to let a suspected cop killer go free.

Chief Kahn blames politics for the release of the shooter.

On December 23rd, Fairview Police Officer Sebastian Castano initiated a traffic stop on a white BMW that was speeding and had equipment violations on the George Washington Bridge.

Because of the infractions with the vehicle, Castano impounded the vehicle and allowed the occupants to leave the area in a taxi.

Shortly after the taxi left with the occupants of the white BMW, he received a bolo (be on the lookout) on the vehicle which appeared to be the one he had just impounded.

Castano also learned that the driver of that vehicle was the suspect in a shooting outside of a nightclub that left a New York Police Department School Safety Agent dead and two others injured.

Castano immediately stopped the taxi and detained the driver of the vehicle he had pulled over. According to Fairview Police Chief Kahn, the driver appeared to be the ex-boyfriend of the victim, 27-year-old Mye Johnson.

After notifications were made to the New York Police Department, Castano was informed that detectives lacked probable cause to take the driver/ex-boyfriend into custody for the shooting.

Because of this, Castano had no other option but to release the suspected cop killer.

When word reached Chief Kahn, he became angry at the circumstances and believes that the suspect in the case, who has not been identified, should have been taken into custody.

Kahn blames outgoing Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for tying the hands of the police force. He said:

“The NYPD said there wasn’t enough probable cause at the time to hold him. We had no choice but to let him go…We had this gift-wrapped. But because of what the mayor is doing to law enforcement over there, guys can’t properly do their jobs anymore. Their hands are tied…This guy’s in the wind now.”

The tragic incident happened at the Soletto nightclub in Astoria on the 23rd as Johnson, her twin sister, and several friends were enjoying her birthday celebration.

According to the Daily Voice, law enforcement sources reported that the ex-boyfriend of Johnson showed up at the club and attempted to get inside.

When he attempted entry, a security guard located a gun on him and refused him to go inside. The ex-boyfriend stayed in the area, which caused security to notify the New York Police Department to respond.

As officers were arriving, the Daily Voice noted that the ex-boyfriend confronted Johnson’s new boyfriend and group which led to an argument.

At some point during the argument, the ex-boyfriend allegedly pulled his firearm and opened fire, striking Johnson and two other people before fleeing in a white BMW.

Johnson was shot twice and was transported to the Mount Sinai Queens Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

The other two people that were shot, Johnson’s new boyfriend and twin sister, also went to the Elmhurst Hospital and were listed in stable condition.

New York Police Department Deputy Chief Julie Morrill spoke about Johnson’s loss not only for the agency, but her seven-year-old child she leaves behind. Morrill said:

“Especially troubling since it’s a couple of days before Christmas. We are currently visiting with the family and giving them as much support as we possibly can.”

CBS news spoke to Sorel Ramirez who works at a veterinary clinic near the crime scene. Ramirez said:

“It’s on and on and on and on [violence]. So, it’s scary, no question about that. You wake up in the morning thinking do I go to work, do I take the train, do I get slashed, do I get shot? Do I get pushed into the tracks? It’s just terrible.”

Christmas massacre: Two officers shot during standoff with suspect who then ended life on livestream

Christmas massacre: Two officers shot during standoff with suspect who then ended life on livestream

WICHITA, KS – Two officers with the Wichita Police Department were wounded in a Christmas morning shooting and the suspect is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound he apparently inflicted over a social media livestream.


Wichita Police identified the deceased suspect Saturday as 24-year-old Malik Rogers. Rogers was on parole for previous felony convictions for attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault.

Police received a call at about 11:30 p.m. local time Friday and responded to a nearby restaurant, where they met with a female employee who described how she had been “physically battered” by Rogers, who was her boyfriend, according to Wichita police Capt. Jason Stephens.

The 22-year-old woman told responding officers that Rogers had come to her house uninvited earlier Friday and attempted to enter the home through a window. When the attempt failed, he was eventually let into the home by a young child.


During a news conference, Capt. Stephens told reporters:

“Once inside, he confronted her and pointed a handgun at her, essentially assaulting her with that gun and also during the course of that disturbance punched her in the face.

“She also reported that on December 23, a separate incident where he grabbed her by the neck and physically assaulted her.”

Officers then went to the suspect’s residence in the 2600 block of South Emporia Street with the intent of arresting Rogers on felony domestic violence charges.

Police made contact with the suspect and spent ten to fifteen minutes trying to talk the suspect into peacefully surrendering to them. He refused and retreated into the home.

Capt. Stevens said the officers were aware of the dangers they were facing:

“The officers knew going to that resident that (the suspect) was on parole, that he had committed a violent offense with a gun in the previous day.

“Fearing that he could have been going for a weapon, they confronted him inside the house and continued for several minutes to try and negotiate him into submitting to arrest.”

Rogers again refused to submit and struggled with officers before barricading himself in the bathroom of the home. Capt. Stephens described the confrontation that followed:

“One of the officers immediately forced entry into the bathroom door and was confronted by Malik Rogers, who was pointing a gun at them.

“Mr. Rogers discharged that firearm at the officers two times, hitting one of the officers in the right arm and the other officer in the upper right leg.”


Officers were able to make a tactical retreat and a SWAT team and crisis negotiators made contact with Rogers again in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful surrender.

While negotiating, police became aware of a social media livestream by the suspect, who was still barricaded inside the bathroom. At the same time, officers heard a gunshot fired inside the bathroom.

Capt. Stephens said:

“(Officers heard) what they believed could have been a gunshot – a single gunshot.”

“In and around the same time, we became aware of a social media post where Mr. Rogers was essentially talking about having just shot two police officers, and a gun was visible on the live feed from that social media post.”

Officers entered the bathroom and found the suspect unresponsive, suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers attempted to render aid, but the suspect died at the scene.

The two wounded officers were transported to a local hospital. Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said the officers’ injuries were serious, but not life-threatening.

Both officers have served with the Wichita Police Department for less than a year.

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