NJ Gov. Murphy reportedly considering $40M in federal funds for illegal immigrants


TRENTON, NJ – According to a recent report from Politico, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy may be considering tapping federal funds in order to provide somewhere around $40 million to administer one-time stimulus payments to illegal immigrants residing within the state of New Jersey.

The outlet also reports that Governor Murphy may attempt this endeavor via executive action.

Politico reports that representatives from Governor Murphy’s office brought up this $40 million figure during a conference call held on April 13th, where immigration advocates were reportedly present on the call.

When this $40 million figure was purportedly brought up during this conference call, these immigration activists that were present on the call were apparently not thrilled with the suggested figure – and are hoping to actually attain larger monetary relief benefits.

During a press conference that was held on April 14th, Governor Murphy lent credence to the existence of this private conversation and debate over affording pandemic relief benefits for the state’s illegal immigrant population.

The state governor said that he’s fervently working to achieve an equitable solution to the controversial matter:

“We are trying very much, if not desperately, to find a good solution here and I’m confident we can find one. Unless we bring all of us along, we will not find our way through this challenging journey.”

Apparently the likelihood of tapping into state funds to get something of this caliber in motion is highly unlikely, as New Jersey bill SB-2480 – a bill that wanted $35M set aside for stimulus payments to illegal immigrants – has been on the floor for almost a year and has not been passed.

This leaves the most viable option is for Governor Murphy try and access remaining funds from the federal CARES Act.

One of the immigration activists that was reportedly in on this April 13th conference call with the governor, stated that while some might be shocked to hear this $40 million figure, they believe it to not be that large of an amount:

“People are going to hear $40 million and think that’s a lot of money. But when you consider the amount of tax money this population is putting into the system — and is not getting anything back — it’s peanuts.”

This $40 million benefits proposal happens to coincide around the same time elected officials were feeling pressure coming from the state legislative Latino caucus who were demanding something akin to $2,000 stimulus payments and $600 in unemployment benefits for illegal immigrants in New Jersey.

Even though this effort is still actively being discussed with no firm decisions made on the logistics of what a program of this nature would look like, it’s expected that the proposal would likely only apply toward illegal immigrants who’ve filed taxes under an ITIN number.  

Yet, affording taxpayer funds to the likes of illegal immigrants has traditionally not resonated well with Republican officials in New Jersey.

Furthermore, earlier in April, the Republican Governors Association lambasted Governor Murphy over seemingly allocating undue focus to illegal immigrants while the state of New Jersey is over $44 billion in debt and the unemployment system within the state is “crippled”.

Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Jack Ciattarelli has also voiced his displeasure over entertaining the idea of affording monetary benefits for illegal immigrants in the state:

“The last thing that legal citizens who are waiting month upon month upon month for their unemployment benefits want to hear is that tax dollars, whether state or federal, are being used for illegal immigrants.”

“Let’s take care of those that follow the rules first before we start looking to other populations.”

This is a developing story.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather further insight into this matter.

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In other news related to illegal immigrants attaining pandemic relief funds, New York state has already got the ball rolling to see eligible illegal immigrants obtain up to $15.6K in monetary benefits. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ALBANY, NY – A deal has been reportedly reached between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers regarding a $2.1 billion deal that aims to afford unemployed illegal immigrants pandemic-related assistance of up to $15,600 each if they were deemed ineligible for federal financial assistance during the pandemic.

We at Law Enforcement Today had previously reported earlier in April how there were explorations within the state of New York to afford illegal immigrants some level of benefits or pandemic-related assistance, which reportedly came to fruition on April 6th.

This taxpayer-funded initiative has apparently been coined as the “Excluded Workers Fund”, which champions of the endeavor see this as a sort of rectification for illegal immigrants that didn’t receive such things as stimulus checks or federal unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

Democrat state Senator John Liu referred to the initiative as follows:

“The federal government has given trillions of dollars of relief to Americans, the state of New York is getting billions of dollars, but not everybody. We’re here to fix that. Excluded workers may not have a piece of paper, but they’re New Yorkers just as much.”

Reports indicate that eligible individuals could be receiving up to $15,600 each with respect to this Excluded Workers Fund. The arrival of said figure is based upon a calculation of approximately $300 of assistance per week prorated for the past year of the pandemic.

Apparently, illegal immigrants would have to prove that they were a resident of the state of New York during that period of time and were deemed ineligible for any level of federal unemployment assistance while also illustrating that they had lost income during the pandemic.

Those that don’t fit within the strict confines of the aforementioned can still reportedly be eligible for up to $3,200 each, so long as they can just provide proof of their identity, residency, and some degree of work documentation.

New York State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt sees the enactment of the Excluded Workers Fund as being emblematic of Democrats trying to further a “radical agenda” that disregards American while favoring those unlawfully present:

“Democrats are raising taxes and using your federal stimulus dollars to enact a radical agenda rather than helping veterans, small main street businesses, teachers and senior citizens.”

There’s apparently still a lot of schematics being worked out with regard to this initiative, but needless to say it is contentious for not only the immense cost but also the potential beneficiaries of this taxpayer funded effort.

Bruce Gyory, a Democratic political consultant, had even pointed out that this effort is going to require some craftily articulated justification and structuring for it to be somewhat digestible to various critics:

“The question is not, do you help these workers, it is how do you do it and how do you structure it in a way where it is defensible in these districts.”

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