Mayor arrested after interrupting vehicle stop to bash cops: “You’re as bad as the f-ing dinks down in Minneapolis.”


NISSWA, MN– On Saturday, August 29th, the Mayor of Nisswa, Minnesota, Fred Heidmann, stumbled on a motor vehicle stop and began sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. 

On Saturday, police officers from the Pequot Lakes Police Department and Nisswa Police Department made a traffic stop, which then turned into a search of the car.

Mayor Heidmann is seen on officer body-cam footage walking up to police officers with his dog, while filming with his phone.

As he approaches one of the officers, he can be heard asking:

“What are you guys doing?”

The officer does not respond, which prompts Heidmann to say:

“You guys are emptying his fucking car out on the road. What the hell are you guys up to? Don’t you guys have something better to do, like patrol the goddamn streets?”

Fearing for the Mayors safety, as cars can be heard whipping by, an officer tells Heidmann:

“Go stand back over there, this isn’t safe for you.”

 Clearly the concern for his safety did not sit well with Heidmann, as he begins to go on a rant criticizing the police officers, saying:

“You know what? I’m the mayor of this fucking town, and you guys get the hell off our highway out here.”

Heidmann continues, yelling:

“Fuck you guys,” 

Then goes on to say twice:

“fucking dinks,”

Before telling the officers they are not qualified to be perform their jobs. 

Heidmann continues to berate the officers, saying:

“You’d think up in this area we’d have some decent fucking cops. You’re as bad as the fucking dinks down in Minneapolis.”

Finally, before leaving the scene, Heidmann tells one cop to:

“shut the fuck up,” 

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One might think this was the conclusion of the Mayors meddling, however, he thought it was wise to return again. 

This time, Heidmann returned without his dog, and was being filmed by the suspects in the stopped vehicle, who later posted the video on TikToc, which has since been removed. 

A clip of the incident still remains, where Heidmann can be heard saying:

“You’re not qualified to do this kind of work,

“You should be patrolling the streets.” 

By this time, officers had had enough, and grabbed the mayor by the arm, placed his hands behind his back after a brief resist, and handcuffed him. 

What makes this situation all the more interesting, is that several months ago, Mayor Heidmann, once again stuck his nose where it did not belong, responding to a teacher social media post, after the death of George Floyd. 

Mayor Fred Heidmann was in the news for social media support of a local teacher.

The teacher, Kara Hall, had written on social media, following the death of George Floyd, saying:

“I know all I see are scary, awful blacks [sic] people robbing businesses that don’t deserve this.” 

Heidmann, who thought it was his business to respond, said:

“what was said is a pretty accurate account of what is happening.”

Although he explained that:

“what happened to George Floyd is inexcusable,”

Heidmann defended the teacher’s right to express herself, saying:

“But when one side can say anything they want and get praised for it and the opposite side is chastised for everything they say, that then becomes communism.”

In another reply, Heidmann continued on by saying:

“What is harmful is teaching our children that Islam is good, Christianity is bad, there is no God of the Bible, science knows everything, America is bad Cuba is good, etc.”

Despite the backlash that the Mayor received, Heidmann responded by saying:

“what impression this was making with the hundreds of vacationing families going by seeing what appeared to be tourists having their goods rifled through.”

Thankfully, the Nisswa Police Department did not conform to the “new norm” or turning against its officers, and instead stood by the arresting officers.

Nisswa Police Department Chief Craig Taylor said:

“I am disappointed and extremely sad that an elected official feels justified in inserting himself into a traffic stop that has nothing to do with him and feels it is appropriate to yell and swear at two officers from two jurisdictions that are doing nothing more than trying to do their jobs and making people safe.”

It will be interesting to see if Mayor Heidmann tries to defend himself with a substandard response, as he did with the comments he made in response to Kara Hall. 


Politician interrupts police traffic stop, claims cop is racist. Officer’s response is awesome.

Imagine having the kind of time and moral superiority necessary to pull your car over and interfere with a legal traffic stop, simply because the person being pulled over is a person of color.

Weston, Massachusetts just so happens to have one of those people.

Her name is Mary Ellen and it turns out she’s the secretary for the Weston Democratic Town Committee; the party that claims to champion the poor.

Oh, by the way, she lives in the wealthiest of the 351 towns and cities in this state. Somehow, she has determined that the Weston Police are a group of racists. To drive her misguided point home, she stopped and confronted officers who had pulled a vehicle over.

A little background on the traffic stop. A Weston police officer had run plates and found a vehicle being operated with a suspended registration.

Mary Ellen, happening across the scene, went into a phone booth to put on her cape, and came to the rescue of a woman who happened to be a person of color.  (Video at bottom.)

She interrupted and interfered with a police traffic stop in which a car was about to be towed. She saw that the woman driving the car was not white, so, she had to do what she does best…harass cops doing their jobs.

Below is the conversation she created. 

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Mayor arrested after interrupting vehicle stop to bash cops: "You're as bad as the f-ing dinks down in Minneapolis."


Mary Ellen: “Do you feel like you were pulled over for a good reason?”

Motorist: “My registration is coming up suspended.”

Mary Ellen (To a cop): “I’m a Weston resident and I’ve had many people of color pulled over in Weston because they’ve had less than luxury cars and stuff like that. I’m very upset because I’ve had friends of color pulled over. I think Weston Police racially profile on a regular basis. I can’t help but notice that these are people of color you’ve put the plate in for. Why is the reason you run the plates?” 

Side note. Why does this woman believe that it is her inherent right as a citizen of the city to harass cops who are simply doing their job?  

Cop: “Because I run plates all day.”

Cop: “You see people who are African-American, and you think they were stopped based on their color?” 

Mary Ellen: “Yes.”

And with an answer that won the day:

Cop: “I’m sorry you live life that way.”

Cop: “You’re interfering with a police investigation.”

Mary Ellen: “What are you investigating?”

Mary Ellen: “Did you let them search your car?”

Motorist: “No they just said get out of the vehicle and they’re towing it….”

Mary Ellen: “If they didn’t give you permission to search your car then they shouldn’t be searching your car. If he didn’t have permission, then he shouldn’t be doing that. Come on!”

Turning her attention back to the officers: “If they didn’t give you permission to do it then I don’t understand why you’re doing it.”

The officer politely explained that they were not searching the vehicle, they were doing an inventory because they were towing the vehicle. This was to protect everyone involved.

Mary Ellen: “I’m unhappy that you ran the plates. Were they speeding?”

“I’ve talked to the chief.”

“I don’t feel safer with you doing this.”

Again, sorry that you live your life with that type of mentality. The fact of the matter is that communities ARE safer when cops run plates and arrest people who are breaking the law.

If only this were an isolated, one-time incident, then maybe she gets a pass for just having a and day. However, Mary Ellen spends an ample amount of time on Facebook trashing cops and calling them racist.

In January or 2018, she took to the Weston community page to say:

“I just stopped to make sure a gentleman of color was OK when I noticed him pulled over in front of Lands Sakes by one of our officers. The Officer was quick to assure me that he ‘was not a racist’ and we ‘did not have a problem with that here’ (profiling).

I would like to formally check that out with our police chief as many more friends of color have been pulled over in this town than my white friends. Would anyone like to join me in the meeting? I have not contacted him yet.”

The very next day, she posted an apology saying:

“I want to apologize to the officer involved for my hasty actions and posting. I would never intend to put anyone in danger and in in hindsight what I did was reflexive and was not helpful. Chief Goulding welcomes a meeting and I am confident he has answers and a plan for a hospitable Weston for all.”

Ironically, that apology and recognition of ‘reflexiveness’ were short-lived, as she continues to have these interactions. And putting people in danger is exactly what she is doing.

Her presence at these traffic stops are a distraction. The officers need to pay complete attention to the people they are contacting. They do not need to have their attention divided between violators and race-baiters.

Shame on you Mary Ellen.


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