Killers before kids? Nine states add prison inmates to the list of the first tier to get pandemic vaccinations.


RALEIGH, NC – Killers before kids?  Apparently so.

Authorities in nine states have placed their state prison inmates ahead of the general public in the Covid-19 vaccine tier system.  

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and the territory of Puerto Rico have all placed prisoners on the list in either Tier One or Tier Two, ahead of the rest of citizens in a state or territory who are considered Tier Three.

Tier One, by national standards, includes healthcare workers, first responders including police, fire, and emergency medical personnel, and residents in long-term care facilities, especially senior citizens.

Tier Two outlines other residents over the age of 65 (not in long-term care facilities), people with complicated illnesses, and grocery store employees.

Tier Three is the rest of us.

The Daily Wire laid out in detail how each state is doing things a little differently, with little nuances here and there:

(In North Carolina) prisoners in jails will be part of Tier One B, along with residents in long-term care settings, including nursing homes, adult care homes, family care homes, group homes, and homes serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“Included in Tier One A are healthcare workers and medical first responders who are at high risk of exposure based on work duties or who are vital to the initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution.”

An author with the Daily Wire explained why it was right to look out for the health of prisoners as a priority:

“As a society and for good reason, we have created a criminal justice system that takes away the rights of individuals lawfully convicted of certain crimes. In doing so, the state assumes responsibility for the care and well-being of these inmates.

These people become our responsibility, which means we have a responsibility to keep them safe and healthy.

“You don’t need me to explain why jails and prisons have been coronavirus hot spots, so these places should definitely be at the top of the list.

“Someday. Not today or tomorrow or next year, maybe not in my lifetime, but someday, this country will be forced to face the way it treats its prisoners, and that is going to be a day of shame, how we all turned our backs knowing how dangerous these prisons are … how we knew what was going on and did nothing, other than to turn the truth into action movie fodder.”

John Nolte with the Daily Wire continued:

“We’re responsible for these people. As a society, we are supposed to take care of them, and it is a real scandal that we know what goes on in these places and nothing is done. The least among us…

“I’m all for locking people up. I’m all for locking violent people up forever. But once these people are under our care, we have a moral responsibility to keep them safe and healthy and, yes, comfortable.

“And I can’t imagine how bad things must be for inmates in these prisons right now during the pandemic. Life is hard enough in these places without all the coronavirus protocols. So, no, the people we are fully responsible for should definitely be at the top of the vaccination list.”

Several European countries have ordered stricter procedures and lockdowns.

Italy and the Netherlands are set to impose tough new anti-coronavirus measures before the holidays as Germany, already facing a tough Christmas lockdown, warned their restrictions were unlikely to ease early in the new year.

Members of the Italian press reported that the government could place the whole country under a so-called “red-zone” lockdown from Christmas Eve until at least January 2, 2021, amid mounting fears of a possible surge in infections over the festive period.

The measures will likely include extending night curfews, banning non-essential movements, shutting all except for non-essential shops, and closing all bars and restaurants on weekends and holidays.

Italy reported another 484 Covid-19 fatalities on Sunday, surpassing Britain as the country with the highest death toll in Europe, as crowds of shoppers continued to flock to city centers after a partial easing of restrictions.

The minister for regional affairs told the daily newspaper La Repubblica:

“The crowds are unjustifiable, irrational, irresponsible, and business and health are simply not reconcilable at the moment.”

Back in the United States, California, Pennsylvania, and New York have already planned and implemented harsh lockdown procedures for gatherings and dining in restaurants, which saw increased tightening this past week as the Christmas holiday approaches.

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New York state legislator proposes bill to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory

December 10, 2020

ALBANY, NY – This is what people were worried about when you get government mandating every facet of their lives Six feet apart…mandatory masks everywhere but in the shower…no Thanksgiving with family. Now, a state legislator in New York has proposed something that should send chills up the spine of every freedom and liberty loving American.

According to Fox 5 NY, she has proposed making the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory if not enough residents voluntarily obtain the shot when it’s available. Seriously.

If you thought people were kicking about their bars and restaurants being closed, or not being able to open their gym, or going to grandma’s for the holidays, this proposal isn’t going to go over well.

State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who represents portions of Manhattan’s West Side earlier in December raised a bill which would require the state to “safely and effectively” distribute a coronavirus vaccine, approved by the FDA “in accordance with the department [of health]’s COVID-19 vaccination administration program,” the bill’s language read.

“While steps have been taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, epidemiologists and public health experts have concluded that a vaccine will be necessary to develop herd immunity and ultimately stop the spread of the disease,” the bill’s support memo states.

“[T]he State must make efforts to promote vaccination and ensure that a high enough percentage of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19 to develop sufficient immunity.”

According to the bill, once the program to vaccinate has been rolled out, the Department of Health would have the authority to “mandate vaccination” to anyone who can “safely receive the vaccine” if public health officials see sufficient herd immunity isn’t being developed.

The bill doesn’t specify which metrics, or which “science” would be followed to make that determination. Apparently public health officials, the same ones who cleared Cuomo to allow COVID positive patients to go into nursing homes, would be making that decision.

It also is not clear what percentage of the population would need to receive the vaccination in order to achieve so-called “herd immunity” to COVID-19.

The bill proposed by Rosenthal would allow people to opt out for medical reasons if they received a letter from a licensed medical professional.

According to the Assembly’s bill tracker, the bill, designated Bill A111179 is sitting in committee.

Currently, three pharmaceutical companies—AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna have vaccines that have passed phase 3 clinical trials. The United Kingdom has already approved Pfizer’s vaccine for emergency use. According to AstraZeneca, their vaccine has been declared safe and about 70% effective, studies said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who initially bristled at the idea of distributing a vaccine because it was pushed through under the Trump administration has now backed off that, saying that the first batches of Pfizer’s vaccine will go to nursing homes for residents and staff next week. Shortly thereafter, a batch of vaccine doses will arrive from Moderna.

Meanwhile, the New York State Bar Association voted in November to recommend to the state making the vaccine mandatory, including those who object of “religious, philosophical or personal reasons,” according to the New York Law Journal.

The resolution was passed by a majority of the bar association’s 277-member House of Delegates. Like the legislation proposed by Rosenthal, the association’s recommendation said the vaccinations should only be mandatory if voluntary vaccinations fall short of producing needed levels of immunity.

The legislation should include an assessment of the health threat to various communities so that a targeted mandate could be reached, and such a mandate would only be considered after expert consensus about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine’s safety.

According to the chair of the bar association’s Health Law Section Task Force on COVID-19, said that “the authority of the state to respond to a public health crisis is well-established in constitutional law.”

“In balancing the protection of the public’s health and civil liberties, the Public Health Law recognizes that a person’s health can and does affect others,’ said Morrissey.

The Task Force issued a report last May which caused an uproar over anti-vaccine groups as well as attorneys who represent people who have been injured by vaccines.

The initial report said the vaccine should be mandatory for all Americans, despite people’s objections with one exception being doctor-ordered medical reasons. The report did not restrict the recommendations of a mandate be restricted only to New York state residents.

The May report said:

“Some Americans may push back on the COVID-19 vaccination. Nonetheless, for the sake of public health, mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19 should be required in the United States as soon as it is available.”

It also said that “the history of unsuccessful attempts to challenge mandatory vaccinations may reduce the extent of opposition” to a mandatory vaccine order.

The New York Bar Association, which has 70,000 members is one of the largest such groups in the nation, and their influence in Albany and with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office is considered “significant.”

Despite that, last month a group of parents, families and individuals who vigorously oppose mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations marched to Cuomo’s mansion in Albany.

The rally was organized by Patricia Finn, a lawyer who specializes in vaccination cases for over two decades. She has represented thousands of families who have resisted vaccinations for medical and religious reasons.

Finn said that in the view of many of her former clients, Cuomo and New York State have been “especially aggressive” among states in forcing children to get vaccinated. She contrasted New York to Pennsylvania and New Jersey governing the taking of vaccines and related exemptions. She said New York’s are much stricter.

In speaking of the association’s vote, Bar Association president Scott Karson said in a statement:

“The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented over the last 100 years by any measure—the number of lives lost, the survivors who remain seriously ill, the risks faced by health care workers, the disproportionate impact on communities of color, the profound trauma and the disruption to our economy.”

He continued that “the United States was unprepared to deal with this pandemic,” and claimed the resolution and its recommendations were necessary.

Ah yes, the “unprecedented” magnitude of COVID-19…empowering mayors and governors to crap on the Bill of Rights for eight months now. Remember when it was “14 days to flatten the curve?” Yeah, we do too.

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