Worse than we thought: Nine officers wounded in ambush involving baby as a diversion


PHOENIX, AZ – On February 11th, officers with the Phoenix Police Department responded to a shooting at a residence.

When it was all over, a total of nine officers were wounded and a baby saved, now we learn that the suspect committed suicide before SWAT officers moved in.

On February 11th, the Phoenix Police Department reports the suspect, identified as Morris Richard Jones, allegedly entered a home near Broadway Road and 51st street around 2 am.

Once inside, he allegedly shot and critically injured Shatifah Lobley, which prompted a call to 911 that reported not only the shooting but said there were multiple armed suspects inside of the residence.

When officers got to the residence, the first officer reported seeing Jones standing in the doorway. Jones allegedly directed the officer towards Lobley who lay on the ground inside of the home. Phoenix Police Sergeant Andy Williams reported:

“[The officer] was actually invited by the suspect. As he approached the doorway, the suspect ambushed him with a gun and shot him several times.”

As the officer got close to the front door, Jones allegedly opened fire on the officer several times. The officer was able to get to a position of safety as other officers moved in and established a perimeter around the house.

As officers were establishing the perimeter, Jones allegedly began firing towards the additional officers from inside the home. At some point, Jones attempted to enter a vehicle that was parked in the garage of the home and flee, but there was a patrol car that was blocking the vehicle escaping.

Jones allegedly attempted to ram the patrol car that was blocking his exit but was unable to move it. When he gave up his attempts at fleeing in a car, he went back inside the house.

During the standoff, the police department reported that a black male exited the front door and had an infant in his hands. He placed the infant in a carrier outside on the front porch and then appeared to surrender himself to officers.

Phoenix officers moved towards the front porch in attempts to save the infant, however, when they got close, Jones allegedly shot at the officers, striking them.

Despite the injuries, officers were able to get the infant to safety and tried to Jones to exit the residence unsuccessfully.

After Jones stopped responding to officers, the SWAT team utilized a camera to look inside the home and saw Jones and Lobley deceased.

Officers moved in and secured the scene and began their investigation.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that five officers were shot and another four were injured with shrapnel from the multiple rounds that were fired during the incident. All nine officers received what was described as non-life-threatening injuries and eight of them have already been released from the hospital.


Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams expressed her disgust and concern for her officers and law enforcement in general:

“This is just one more example of the dangers that officers face every day keeping us and our community safe. If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It does not need to happen, and it continues to happen over and over again.”

Detectives reported an autopsy was conducted on Jones which showed that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The medical examiner also noted that Jones had a non-lethal wound presumably from one of the officers who returned fire during the incident.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that Jones was the ex-boyfriend of Lobley who police believe was killed by Jones. The infant that was rescued by officers allegedly biologically belonged to both Lobley and Jones.

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Five officers ambushed and shot, leading to standoff with attacker – and a baby being rescued

PHOENIX, AZ – The Phoenix Police Department has not released much information at this point regarding the incident which left at least five officers and a woman injured.

However, they have released a partial timeline of events and confirmed that the situation is now under control.


On February 11th, the Phoenix Police Department responded to some type of shooting at a local residence around 3 am. The first officer who arrived on the scene was met with gunfire from an unidentified gunman.


Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams reported the first officer was shot multiple times. It is unclear if that officer was able to return fire or not.

Additional officers responded to the residence as the suspected gunman barricaded himself inside of the home.

At some point during the standoff, video was obtained on a Twitter account which shows a black male exit the front of the residence with his hands visible as he moves a baby into a carrier.


After the unknown male places the baby into the carrier, he is seen complying with officers by placing his hands in the air and walk backwards toward awaiting officers.

It is unknown what this man’s relationship was to the suspected gunman or if he was involved.

However, as officers moved in to rescue the baby, it appears that gunshots are heard coming from the front door. The video cuts off before four additional officers were shot by the suspected gunman.

We know at least some of the officer returned fire, however, it is unknown if the suspect was struck in the gun fight.

Chief Williams reported that four of the officers who were shot were recovering from the wounds they received when the gunman opened fire. The fifth officer who was struck apparently suffered serious injuries, but the Chief noted he is on the path towards recovery.

In addition to the five officers who were shot, Chief Williams reported to KTAR-FM that three additional officers received what would seemingly be minor wounds from bullet fragments.

However, despite being injured, the officers held their ground and secured the area. The Chief said:

“[The officers] stayed on scene…to take care of business and make sure the scene was secure.”


Chief Williams then went on to note how dangerous being in law enforcement is and expressed his frustration at the number of officers who have been injured and/or killed recently. He said:

“This is just one more example of the dangers that officers face every day keeping us and our community safe. If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It does not need to happen, and it continues to happen over and over again.”

Police have not given any updates as of yet the condition of the woman that was injured other than to say she was “critically” injured during the incident.

It is unclear what the woman’s relationship may have been with the suspected shooter or at what point she had been shot.

Additionally, Chief Williams has not released any information regarding the status of the suspected gunman. It is unknown if the suspect was struck when the officers returned fire or surrendered during the standoff.

This is a developing story and Law Enforcement Today will keep you posted on any updates as the investigation progresses.

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