BATON ROURGE, La. – One year ago, Nick Tullier was eating breakfast with Sgt. Bruce Simmons when they received a terrible call, reported There was an armed gunman at a nearby convenience store.

When they arrived on scene, what they found was devastating.

Officer Nick Tullier Received Devastating Wounds

The homicidal suspect, Gavin Long, had killed three police officers by the time Tullier and Simmons arrived. As Tullier returned to his police unit after checking out an empty car, Long shot the officer three times from his vantage point in the woods.

Tullier was able to climb back into his car to gain cover before he sustained more gunfire. When the father of two was found, he was in bad shape.

Initially, doctors expected Tullier to die from gunshot wounds to the head, shoulder, and stomach. Amazingly, he defied the odds and is still alive a year after the incident.


Nick Tullier’s New Normal – A Life Focused on Recovery

After the shooting, Tullier’s world changed. There was a new normal, and it was a life focused on recovery. The officer gets better each day with a lot of hard work. Tullier’s entire family has come together to give support throughout the difficult process, according to the report.

“He’s got a very, very long road ahead of him, but he hasn’t given up. He’s going to fight,” said his father, James.

The fighter within Tullier has proven doctors wrong as they warned that he could remain in a vegetative condition until death. He has progressed to nodding his head and moving limbs. Yet perhaps more encouraging was his first word spoken since the shooting.

A lot of the progress stems from his hard work at physical therapy. The sessions are grueling, but the brave officer refuses to give up.

Tullier’s family has been with him every step of the way. “Wherever Nick is at, that’s where our home is. Nick is our world right now,” said James.

His progress serves as an incredible inspiration for everyone. We will continue to hope and pray for Nick Tullier to advance in his recovery.

(Photo: Nick Tullier Strong Facebook)