NH introduces bill to revoke police authorization of deadly force


New Hampshire just decided that they don’t care about cop’s lives anymore.

That’s right. Lawmakers just introduced a bill that would revoke an officer’s authorization to use deadly force in necessary situations. If this doesn’t lead to an increased rate of officers being killed on duty, we don’t know what will.

There are not a lot of details available about the bill’s restrictions as of yet, but from what we can tell, these politicians are putting handcuffs on their own community protectors with the introduction of this legislation.

Why don’t we just take their guns away entirely? Let them fend for themselves against the peace-loving, tolerant citizens of NH. Because when looking at history, officers in New Hampshire have never needed to make that decision before…

Oh wait…


Another officer in Old Town, a small town in New Hampshire, just returned to work this week after being involved in the very situation that required him to make that split-second decision. Had he not acted, he may have been the one laid to rest.

Oh look, here’s another…

Supporters of the bill have claimed that they aren’t trying to tie the hands of police, but save lives. But in more than 100 reviews of police use of deadly force since 1990, the Attorney General’s office has never deemed that an officer should face criminal charges.

Notable law enforcement officials have begun speaking out against the action.

Franklin Police Chief David Goldstein said, “It will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, for us to effect our jobs in certain situations.”

Look, let’s be honest. Almost ever officer in America wakes up each day hoping and praying that they won’t run into a scenario where they’d have to discharge their service weapon. No one wants to take a life. But to take away the ability for a cop to save his or his partner’s life… that’s just wrong. Look, we’d all love to live in a world where no human life would need to be taken by another, but that’s unfortunately a reality we can only dream of…

Some LEOs have stepped up to fight the measure head on. The House Criminal Justice Committee will be voting on the bill later in January.

Stay safe.

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