NFL, which funds anti-police groups, publishes marketing map falsely showing Taiwan as part of China


NEW YORK CITY, NY – The National Football League (NFL) is being accused of taking a knee for Communist China after showing Taiwan belonging to China in a map announcing the NFL’s international marketing.

The world map shared by the NFL colored the People’s Republic of China and the independent Island nation of Taiwan the same red, labeling both as part of “China,” with the red and yellow CCP flag.

Neither Taiwan nor its red, white, and blue flag were featured on the map.

China has long claimed Taiwan as a Chinese territory under the Communist country’s control. Taiwan is a self-governing country with United States military backing, despite the U.S. refusing to recognize the country’ independent status in political arenas.

Open relations between the U.S. a Taiwan ceased after the U.S. agreed to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese mainland in 1979. However, the U.S.-Taiwanese relationship and cooperation are an open secret in diplomatic and foreign relations channels.

U.S.-China relations have soured in the past few years, and there are growing concerns that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may try to invade the Taiwanese island. Yet, the NFL is warming up to the CCP as part of an international marketing push.

The NFL has suffered a declining U.S. audience following the “take a knee” debacles of the 2016 through 2021 seasons and has never been popular overseas. The marketing push by the NFL is an attempt to gain favor with foreign nations like China to increase profits.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

As part of that push, NFL Communications announced the creation of a marketing program:

 To “(The NFL has created) International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) for 18 of its 32 teams. The scheme provides teams access to international territories for marketing, fan engagement, and commercialization.”

According to the NFL, teams will be granted access to international markets for five years. During this period, the teams can engage in activities similar to in their home market in the U.S., such as marketing, corporate sponsorships, fan events, youth football events, merchandise sales, and co-marketing relationships with other sports and entertainment firms in the market.

The NFL plans to enable all 32 of its teams to play at least one game overseas over the next eight seasons. The league pledged that it will “use its efforts” to ensure that teams will be able to play their international games in their international home market.

Christopher Halpin, the league’s chief strategy and growth officer, said in a press release:

“NFL fandom begins with our clubs. This important initiative enables NFL teams to develop meaningful, direct relationships with NFL fans abroad, driving fan growth and avidity globally.

“We were very pleased with the number, creativity and level of commitment of club proposals across the board in this initial application period and look forward to teams launching their efforts early next year.”

The map was released as part of the announcement. The map showed that the Los Angeles Rams had been granted access to China, which, according to the map distributed by the NFL, included Taiwan.

The NFL map received panning from several online sources, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who tweeted:

“The NFL, which is chasing dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, shows Taiwan as part of China. Disgraceful cowardice.”

Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez (R-FL) called the map shameful:

“Hey @NFL , why are you depicting China and Taiwan as the same country? Do you not believe in the freedom of Taiwan? Stop shilling for the #CCP. It’s shameful to profit off the oppression of the Taiwanese people and the slavery of the Uyghurs.”

Political commentator Stephen L. Miller commented:

“Maybe the NFL should cease weighing in on social issues until it figures out why giving the LA Rams both China and Australia was a hilariously naïve move. The LA Rams are going to be conducting delicate international diplomacy between China and Australia . This is how nuclear war happens.”

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Editor note: Law Enforcement Today has received countless emails from members of ALADS (Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs) thanking us for originally breaking the story, and letting us know they plan on leaving ALADS.  They’ve told us that they feel “betrayed” and “sold out” by the very people who were supposed to be fighting on their behalf.

We’ve continued our coverage of this travesty, despite defamatory and slanderous comments by the leadership at ALADS – and our coverage was vindicated with the announcement by the FBI.  

We have several other stories that will be coming out on the topic, and we will also update you if the leadership of ALADS, now that they’ve been exposed, announces that they’ll step down in disgrace.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to fight for the officers that feel abandoned.  Read on…

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County first responders are learning that demanding the removal of their personal identifiable information from Fulgent Genetics, a Chinese-linked genetics testing company, is effectively impossible.

Law Enforcement Today (LET) has also learned that all Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) employees, and presumably all first responders in the County, have had their personal data uploaded to the Fulgent Genetics database on a daily basis, even if the employee did not give consent for the data release.

L.A. County is mandating that first responders register their vaccination status through Fulgent Genetics, an international technology company with ties to China, with the required consent to release their personal and genetic information to foreign nations.

While Fulgent Genetics is based in the United States, the company has joint ventures with entities operating in China, exposing its databases to China’s cybersecurity laws including potential data seizure.

On September 1, China created a new Data Security Law (DSL), which outlines how corporations that collect data and have operations in mainland China will be subject to DSL. The new laws forbid transferring data out of China without specific governmental approval.

The law also grants extraterritorial authority for the government to take action against any company, foreign or domestic, which does not provide access to data collected. Clarice Yue, Bird & Bird counsel, wrote:

“(DSL) could potentially place MNCs (multi-national corporations) in an awkward position: compliance with a foreign authority’s data access request will lead to a violation of the PRC law while non-compliance of data request will result in a violation of the relevant foreign laws or court orders.”

Several L.A. County first responders have spoken out against the County mandate, concerned that their personal identifiable information (PII) and genetic information may be exposed to China and other foreign nations.

Protection for the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK), an organization assisting first responders to fight the mandate; has instructed first responders who do not want their PII retained in Fulgent Genetics’ database to submit revocation letters.

The letter, in part, states:

“I have not been sufficiently provided the appropriate or adequate option to opt out and revoke authorization. I have a right to privacy as stated in Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution. You cannot, therefore, require that I disclose anything outside what a normal person should know. I also do not have to give up rights in exchange for other rights…

“I am explicitly protected by the Genetic Information Privacy Act. As stated in California law, I have ‘the right to control the use of my genetic information that I give to you.’

Under no circumstances, does the law state my employment or ‘persons’ may control the genetic information I give, unless I authorize it. The law clearly states that if I do consent, I may revoke that authorization at any time. I revoke any previous authorization.”

Revocation letter provided by PERK - Screenshot courtesy PERK
Revocation letter provided by PERK – Screenshot courtesy PERK

Although federal and California law protects an individual’s PII, including the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act11 which prohibits discrimination based on genetic information in employment, first responders are learning that submitting such letters are not being successful in removing their information.

LASD and Los Angeles Police Department personnel have reached out to LET concerned about the security of their PII.  A member of  LASD provided documents showing that a revocation letter sent to the County Human Resources Department and Fulgent Genetics was ineffective.

The letter informed the member that keeping his PII out of the database was not possible because the County re-uploads all data to Fulgent daily.

Eddie Catch, Fulgent Genetics’ Project Manager, responded to the deputy’s revocation request in an email:

“I’m reaching out in reference to an email you sent to [email protected] about removing your information from the LAC-Fulgent vaccination status tracking system.

While we can remove the current instance of your information from the platform, by County request this system was designed to receive daily imports of all active LAC employees and contractors such that inactive employees are not displayed to program administrators.

“Because of this functionality, even if your information was removed manually, it would be automatically imported again the following day as a result of your active employee status. This will occur every day that the LAC-Fulgent program is live.”

Fulgent response to revocation request (LASD source)
Fulgent response to revocation request (LASD source)

In other words, PII for L.A. County first responders is being uploaded to the Fulgent Genetics database every day, making removal of data by an employee useless.

The email continued:

“To prevent this, you will need to speak with your departmental human resources personnel (who might in turn need to extend a request to LAC ISD) to have your information removed from the County’s daily export file. Doing so will automatically remove all instances of your information from all Fulgent systems.”

L.A. County has already refused to exempt employees from participation in its database and information collection requirements. In a previous notice to first responders provided by a LASD source, the County threatened employees who did not comply.

In a notice provided to LET, L.A. County wrote to LASD personnel:

“All LASD employees shall immediately register with the Fulgent system, this is an order. Failure to register can result in further departmental action being taken.”

L.A. County warning to LASD staff (LASD source)
L.A. County warning to LASD staff (LASD source)

The same notice included a shocking admission by the County that their Human Resources Department had already released PII of all employees to Fulgent without the approval of said employees. The notice read:

“The County has already provided the data for all L.A. County employees to Fulgent; failing to register will not mask an individual’s identity.”

Notice of automatic personal information release by L.A. County (LASD source)
Notice of automatic personal information release by L.A. County (LASD source)

Just last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office advised county supervisors that the department will no longer participate in COVID-19 registering or testing with Fulgent Genetics, due to the fact that DNA data “will likely be shared with the Republic of China.”

LET has reached out to L.A. County and Fulgent Genetics for comment on the mandate. No response has been received. LET will continue to follow developments.



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