NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana stops attempted kidnapping of his grandchild


LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA – NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana was said to have stopped an attempted kidnapping on September 26th, from inside the very home where Montana and some of his family were staying at, according to reports.

A 39-year-old female suspect was said to have made her way into the home by way of an unlocked door at approximately 5:00 p.m. on September 26th.

When the suspect was inside of the home, she reportedly took a baby from another woman inside of the home, which was identified as one of Montana’s grandchildren.

Neither the woman who had the baby take from her nor the suspect have been identified by name at this time.

In an adjacent room, the alleged kidnapper was stopped by both Montana and Montana’s wife. After a brief struggle, Montana was said to have been able to get the baby from the alleged kidnapper’s arms. Reports indicate that LA Country sheriff’s deputies already happened to have been in the area for an unrelated reason.

The Montana family had then flagged the deputies down, which authorities were then able to catch up with the alleged suspect a few blocks away from the home. The woman has since been charged with kidnapping and burglary.

In other sports-related news, one NFL recently decided to remove the name of a black man shot by police years earlier – after he realized all the facts in the case. 

The NFL has decided that players can place names on their helmets of black people who have been killed by police in some manner throughout the entire NFL season. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, announced recently that the entire team would wear one name, Antwon Rose, Jr.  That is, until Maurkice Pouncey decided he would not.

Pouncey is known for working to increase positive relationships between the police and the community. 

He has been known to donate Steelers tickets to the police department for the purpose of police bringing kids to the games in order to strengthen relationships, not tear them down. 

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Perhaps that is why Pouncey recently announced that he would remove the name from his helmet after doing research on the case. 

Pouncey announced the following on his official Instagram Account:

“I was given limited information on the situation regarding Antwon, and I was unaware of the whole story surrounding his death and what transpired during the trial following the tragedy.  I should have done more research to fully understand what occurred in its entirety.

“My work with the police, both in Pittsburgh and back home in Florida, is well documented. 

I don’t always feel the need to highlight what I do with the police departments, but I also want to make sure they understand I inadvertently supported a cause of which I did not fully comprehend the entire background of the case.

“I take responsibility for not doing more investigating into something that is sensitive to the community and his family, but it is a lesson learned as it relates to political issues that occur every day in our society.”


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The situation involving the death of Rose occurred in 2018.  East Pittsburgh Officer Michael Rosfeld, who is white, responded to a drive by shooting.  One of the victims of that shooting,

William Ross, reported he and Rose had been feuding which had been what sparked the drive-by shooting.  Ross also told officers that it was Rose who actually fired the shots.

Former Officer Rosfeld saw the vehicle that was described in the shooting at stopped it.  At some point, Rose fled and Rosfeld opened fire, striking and killing him at the scene. 

Police advise that there were no firearms located on his person, but there was an empty gun magazine on his person.  They also stated the Medical Examiner found gunshot residue on his hands.

Police eventually charged Zaijuan Hester with shooting Ross.  He later pled guilty in the case.

Rosfeld was tried in court for shooting and killing Rose.  The jury in the trial spent just over three hours to return a not guilty verdict in the case.

Neither Pouncey, or anyone else for that matter, knew the entire circumstances regarding the death of Rose without researching it for themselves.  After all, the Pittsburgh Steelers never mentioned any of the facts.  They only claimed that Rose was scared and ran while another person was being arrested on an ‘incident’ which had occurred. 

The Steelers never mention that the ‘incident’ was a drive by shooting, one in which someone was actually shot.  That Rose was a suspect in that case and was, at least, present when the shots were fired.  Not to mention, the man who was shot said it was Rose that had issues with him.

Pouncey, in speaking about his decision said:

“Make no mistake.  I am against racism and I believe the best thing I can do is to continue helping repair relationships between police and their communities.”

As far as the Steelers go, they also released a statement on September 18th.  It read:

“Along the way, we understand that individually we may say or do things that are not universally accepted.  There will be uncomfortable conversations.  But we will strive to be a force for unity in our efforts to support a more just society.”

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