Whoops: Newsom’s 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces – what happened?


Sacramento, CA: In 2008, Gavin Newson, then-Mayor of San Francisco publicly declared that he would single-handedly end the homeless problem.

Oh no, Mr. Newson, we did not forget that promise.

And neither should any Californians who are ironically battling a homeless epidemic now that you are the Governor of the struggling state.

Not only has he not followed through on his plan, but the state of California also leads the country in taxes, has suffocated its own residents during the pandemic, unimaginable cost of living and the governor’s poor performance led to a recall election.

He barely survived that.

That’s a long way from the promise he made the residents of San Francisco. Which, also ironically, is struggling to manage its own homeless problem, skyrocketing crime and drug overdose epidemic.

drug injection sites
screen shot taken from:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vj8Ux_PhCA

Let’s take a look at his promise.

In a goofy video he posted, Newsom stated:

“We believe, fundamentally, that food solves hunger, shelter solves sleep, and that housing solves homelessness. And if we’re gonna solve the problem, uh of those that are out on the streets that we define as the homeless, we better solve the housing problem if we’re going to have an impact.”

He continued in the video.

“And that’s why we establish this framework, what we call a ten-year plan to end chronic homeless in San Francisco.”

Yeah, and if there is endless money, an excess of food for the world and an unlimited supply of energy, we could do a lot of things.

Newsom’s ambitious plan sounded a bit unrealistic…and delusional. His speech also sounded disingenuous, staged and meant as pure lip service to earn votes from other wishful thinking Californians.

Gavin Newsom
screen shot taken from:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL5ok0EyPa4

In the most ironic, or maybe expected, twist of fate, not only has the San Francisco homeless problem continued to worsen since Newsom’s brilliant idea, it has followed him to the capital.

According to a Fox News article on the homeless issue, it stated:

“California’s state capital of Sacramento has outpaced the notorious San Francisco in homeless population, as the local district attorney recently backed out of a run to be the state’s attorney general.”

It continued:

“An estimated 9,278 individuals experienced homelessness throughout Sacramento County on a single night in February 2022, according to the most recent July 2022 homelessness report released by the non-profit organization Sacramento Steps Forward. The number represents a 67% increase in nightly homelessness since the last count in 2019, when 5,570 individuals were estimated homeless.” 

Just about every true American wants to see people, regardless of party affiliation, thrive and live well, not in poverty like that.

Perhaps Gov. Newsom needs to reflect and spend more time actually  helping the struggling people of California instead of making empty promises, setting unrealistic expectations and underdelivering on just about every aspect of his public position as Governor.

If he were a true leader, he would visit the homeless encampments that are sprinkled throughout Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco to learn the true struggle of homeless people. That may help him develop a realistic plan to solve, or at least improve, the problem.

But he’s no leader.

Newsom is so delusional, that he is setting his sights on the Democratic presidential nomination. His agenda to troll the popular and difference- making Florida governor, Ron DeSantis is merely a ploy to get back in mainstream media.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's proposal for first responder's path to teacher certification is brilliant
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s brilliant idea- give first responders pathway to becoming teachers

California in general is just a hot bed of problems, governmental turmoil and frustrated residents. Even its Democratic leaders are at each other’s throats.

According to the Fox News column:

“Meanwhile, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, who had been running as an independent candidate for the position as the state’s lead prosecutor, has openly criticized Democratic leadership for failing to address the drug epidemic, as well as for a lack of policing and mental health care.”

It continued:

“The area has also witnessed an influx of the more dangerous fentanyl, impacting many in the homeless population.”

San Francisco’s Dept. of Homeless seeks $20M to keep tent encampment running
Image of one of San Francisco’s homeless encampments – YouTube screenshot (courtesy of The Telegraph)

Newsom is on top and ultimately responsible for all of California’s problems. He needs to bring himself down to earth and focus on really helping Californians.

His ridiculous 2008 promise to solve the San Francisco homeless problem every only gotten worse, and even followed him to Sacramento.

Do your part and share his undelivered promise video and end his political career. The people of California, and America deserve it.

Whoops: Newsom's 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces - what happened?

Here’s how Newsom trolls Florida Gov. DeSantis

CA Gov. Newsom writes letter to DOJ to investigate DeSantis for “kidnapping” of illegal immigrants

Posted September 16, 2022

SACRAMENTO, CA – The governor of the failing state of California, Gavin Newsom, is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the recent transportation of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard as a potential kidnapping case.

But his request is less about the migrant’s welfare and more about himself.

No surprise there.

The Martha’s Vineyard Drop-off

Florida Governor DeSantis, in a bold and classic move, offered to transport 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard via air.
The move was intended to relieve the pressure to the southern border states of record-breaking numbers of migrants coming into America.

The transport will give the migrants a fresh opportunity to start elsewhere, aside from the resource-soaked areas occupying Texas and Arizona border communities.

And it worked as planned.

Whoops: Newsom's 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces - what happened?
Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests sending illegals to Delaware, Martha’s Vineyard-YouTube screenshot

According to a Red State column:

“Dylan Fernandes, the state representative for the district in which Martha’s Vineyard is located, posted a tweet noting that the illegals ‘were not met with chaos’ when they arrived and bragged: ‘We are a community & nation that is stronger because of immigrants.’”

It continued:

“Our island jumped into action putting together 50 beds, giving everyone a good meal, providing a play area for the children, making sure people have the healthcare and support they need. We are a community that comes together to support immigrants.”

These are the resources southern states have been using since Biden took office and the reason why they need to spread out migrants.

A representative from DeSantis team replied to Fernandes by saying:

“Great, then you won’t mind taking in a few thousand more.”

The Martha’s Vineyard drop-off comes after countless migrants have been sent to ‘sanctuary cities’ across the U.S., namely Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. in search of new opportunities.

Bus drops off migrants in front of Harris' home - suddenly Biden asking for Mexico to stop border crossings
Migrant bus lands at VPs house. Screenshot image of Fox Business YouTube Channel.

But the California governor, Gavin Newson, is using this opportunity to selfishly launch himself back into the mainstream media.

He stood in the shadows for many months after he barely survived a recall election after his disastrous Covid-19 response. He lost the faith of millions of Californians with his draconian measures to fight Covid by locking much of the state down, forcing businesses closed and (further) crippling the economy.

According to a Fox News column, it stated:

“The effort to oust the governor was fueled by the state’s strict COVID restrictions on businesses and houses of worship, school shutdowns, as well as opposition to the state’s high taxes and criticism of Newsom’s handling of the state’s growing homeless population.”

Whoops: Newsom's 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces - what happened?
Gov. Newsom being interviewed by CBS13’s Steve Large (YouTube).

Covid didn’t stop Newsom, however, from enjoying the fruits of political power by visiting lavish restaurants while the state was shut down and millions suffered.

His latest move is a meager attempt to gain sympathizers from the Democratic leaders across the country. He has his gawking eyes fixed on a 2024 democratic presidential nomination. The lustful thought of the presidential position is too powerful for him to ignore.

Newsom’s Letter

Newsom authored a letter to the Justice Department asking for an investigation into DeSantis’ administration for possible kidnapping claims.

Whoops: Newsom's 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces - what happened?
Screenshot of Office of Cal. Gov. twitter feed

That’s a stretch- but not for Newsom.

According to a Fox News column:

“In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Newsom asked whether actions by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending illegal immigrants from their respective states to destinations such as New York City, Washington, D.C. Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard were illegal.” 

Newsom is alleging that the willing migrants were misled and given false promises of a better life. He also dared to use the word ‘kidnapping’.

Perhaps that was the buzzword he was hoping will spring him back into the political spectrum. He wants to let America know he cares- good luck with that.

In the letter to the Department of Justice, Newsom wrote:

“Several of the individuals who were transported to Martha’s Vineyard have alleged that a recruiter induced them to accept the offer of travel based on false representations that they would be transported to Boston and would receive expedited access to work authorization.”

He continued:

“I urge US DOJ to investigate whether the alleged fraudulent inducement would support charges of kidnapping under relevant state laws.”

It is clear that Newsom is merely making noise for himself by using political buzz words to get attention.

Words like:


“Morally reprehensible…”

“Strongly urge…”

“Possible criminal or civil violations…”


“Predicate offense for charges under the RICO (Racketeer influenced, corrupt organization) Act…”

Newsom must stretch out the allegations as far as possible to overcome his reputation as the California ‘do as I say, not as I do’ dictator.

But the fact that a recall election took place means he never should have been a governor in the first place, let alone the next president.


Whoops: Newsom's 2008 video promising to end San Fran homeless problem resurfaces - what happened?

Maybe Newsom is jealous of DeSantis.

CA Gov. Newsom reveals what triggered him to run anti-Florida ads (spoiler alert: he hates freedom)

Posted July 18, 2022

The following contains content which is editorial in nature and expresses the opinion of the writer.

SACRAMENTO, CA- The inept governor of California, Vaseline boy Gavin Newsom took to the Florida airwaves a week or two back for the sole purpose of taking aim at that state’s extremely popular governor, Ron DeSantis.

It was a bit confusing why Newsom would attempt to interfere in the politics of a state some 3,000 miles away.

Add to it the fact that the ad made the absurd point that Florida residents, who pay no income tax and have at least “reasonable” gas prices in the current environment should give all that up and move to the hellhole that is California.

“Freedom is under attack in your state” was the call from Newsom, odd since California was ruled as a quasi-dictatorship for two years during the pandemic. It was, shall we say, strange.

Many thought that Newsom, who fancies himself a potential Democratic Party presidential candidate possibly as early as 2024 if Democrats kick dementia-ridden Joe Biden to the curb, was targeting DeSantis, who is also widely considered to be a contender for the 2024 Republican nomination for president. Attempt to “take out” the competition, so to speak.

As the Washington Examiner reported this week, Newsom claimed the reason he targeted DeSantis in the ad wasn’t political, it was personal. According to Brylcreem Boy, he went after the Florida governor allegedly because of DeSantis’s threat to fine the Special Olympics $27 million if it didn’t remove its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Sure Newsom, we’ll buy that lol.

“He did something that tipped me very directly and that was going after the Special Olympics,” Newsom told the Sacramento Bee, speaking of DeSantis. “That led to the consideration of doing something a little bit more expressive, and that was the determination on the ad.”

In a hilarious bit of irony, Newsom in June called the Florida governor’s pushback on the Special Olympics vaccine mandate “bullying.”

Clearly. DeSantis resides 24/7 in the head of Newsom…one might say, he’s obsessed with him. This from a man who imposed some of the most draconian, arbitrary, and capricious COVID-19 restrictions in the country, restrictions which he himself felt no need to obey himself…see the “French Laundry” for an example.

In the Florida ad, Newsom mentioned a number of current events, including abortion, schools wading into social justice areas, and medical freedom.

“I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight—join us in California, where we still believe in freedom: Freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate, and the freedom to love,” Newsom said. “Don’t let them take your freedom.”

Newsom forgot the freedom to step in human feces while walking the streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco. Freedom to get shot while on the boardwalk in the City by the Bay. Freedom to pay $7.00 plus per gallon of gasoline.

Freedom to have your electricity shut off in the middle of summer. Freedom to get arrested while wakeboarding all by yourself off the coast for violating COVID mandates. You know, all that type of “freedom.”

DeSantis wasted no time in pushing back against Newsom during a press conference a few days later.

“Let us be clear. California is driving people away with their terrible governance…it’s almost hard to drive people out of a place like California…and yet they’re finding a way to do it.”

Meanwhile, DeSantis reelection campaign spokesman Dave Abrams noted that Florida voters are probably not all that impressed with how Newsom is handling California.

“The people of Florida pay no mind to the pathetic smear campaigns from the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media,” he told the Daily Wire. “We’re too busy enjoying the freedom Governor Ron DeSantis has created in the Sunshine State.”

DeSantis is widely considered future presidential material, although he has dismissed questions about him possibly being a 2024 candidate, saying he is focused on getting reelected to the Florida governor’s office.

Whether he runs or not would likely depend on whether Donald Trump announces he will again seek the Republican nomination.

Meanwhile Newsom is getting some traction among Democrats despite the fact California has turned into the American version of a third-world hell hole.

There have been some stirrings within the Democratic Party that Joe Biden is simply too old and showing numerous signs of possible dementia, hence looking at possible replacements.

However with inflation at 40 year highs and no end in sight, 2024 may turn into a bloodbath for Democrats no matter who runs in either party.

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