News Station That Went to Rape Victim’s Home Concerned With LET – but We Have a Message for THEM

The news station that sent a crew to the home of a rape victim was concerned with Law Enforcement Today. But perhaps they don’t realize the irony of their anxiety.

We shared a video that was released by the Newburg Heights Police Department. It was the body cam worn by the chief of police when he approached the crew of News Channel 5 Cleveland to ask them why they showed up at the home of a rape victim to try and get a story.

news station

Reporters from News Channel 5 Cleveland arrived at the home of a rape victim. They were confronted by the local police chief who was appalled at their actions. (Newburg Police Department)

The video has been circulating all over the Internet. Not surprisingly, you haven’t seen much of it in the mainstream media. As a former journalist, I can tell you it’s because of the unspoken rule … you don’t talk about other news stations in the media.

So why exactly are they apprehensive?

Because one of our readers posted the phone number of the TV station in the comments.

“My name is Mike Canan and I am a corporate leader with the EW Scripps Company, owner of Channel 5 in Cleveland. You posted video of a confrontation between a local police chief and our news crew. We understand and respect your right to post this video. However, someone has posted the station’s phone number and the names of the managers involved. The newsroom has already fielded one threatening phone call. In the wake of the newsroom shooting in Maryland, we respectfully request that you delete or the hide (sic) the comments with our station’s phone number and naming our staff members. We are concerned for our team’s safety.”

news station

news station

When I read this, all I could do was shake my head. They sent a news crew to a rape victim’s home … and they are concerned that someone posted a phone number for their station that’s already public? They are upset that the staff was named? If you watch the original video, you’ll see that their employee named the staff who sent the crew to the rape victim’s home.

But instead … I have a simple message for Mike Canan and any other media outlet that’s ironically apprehensive that public information about a TV station was released publicly.

We NEVER want to see any harm come to people – period. But that seems to be one sided.

The mainstream media has done a spectacular job over the years of destroying the lives of countless police officers and their families.

Of releasing out-of-context dashcam footage that’s edited to make headlines. Of publicly releasing information about police officers and putting them and their loved ones at risk.

Of not properly or fairly reporting the news, because sensational is sexy and sometimes facts just aren’t what bring in the viewers.

A good friend of mine was an officer in California. He pulled over a member of MS-13 who was wanted for felony murder. The criminal told my friend he was going to kill him. My friend hesitated in pulling the trigger, because he was concerned about the media fallout and what it would mean for his family.

He’s now medically retired because the gangbanger ran him over when he hesitated.

The media is responsible for that.

The names and addresses of countless ICE members were published last week. Their lives are now in jeopardy.

The media helped spread that story.

There’s no such thing as investigations anymore. The media is now the courtroom, the managing editor is the judge and the court of public opinion is in full session. And guess what? There’s no such thing as due process when the media determines that someone is guilty.

Even when they’re innocent, they’re handed a life-long punishment at the hands of reporters.

Biased and blatantly incorrect media coverage of “officer shootings” has led to riots in the streets. Millions of dollars in damage. And a war being launched against the men and women who hold the Thin Blue Line.

But hey … nothing’s worse than getting angry phone calls at your TV station from people who believe in protecting rape victims, right?

On behalf of the police community, we pray for the safety of every journalist. Keep in mind, time and time again, officers you don’t know have put their own lives on the line to protect you.

It would just be nice if that respect were returned.

Author note: We removed the phone number of the newsroom from the comments at the request of the TV station. But last we checked, Google still works. Mike Canan may want to reach out to them. And the Yellowpages. And Yahoo. And promos for the TV station where they might just happen to mention their tip line. And … well, you get the point.

Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, creator of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.