Gasp! Newly crowned Miss USA Asya Branch is a pro-gun patriot who met with President Trump


MEMPHIS, TNAsya Branch is the first black woman ever to become Miss Mississippi.  And to top it off, she was crowned the new Miss USA on Monday at the Miss USA 2020 pageant held in Memphis, Tennessee.  

She will now go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant.  Branch is a 22-year-old graduate of Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) and has expressed that she is pro-Second Amendment.

The Miss USA pageant was originally scheduled to take place in Spring of this year.  But due to Covid-19 concerns, it was postponed and held on November 9th.   

During the pageant Branch was asked many questions.  Among them was a question about her position on gun laws, to which she replied:

“As someone who grew up in a home with guns, I learned at an early age how to load, how to fire, and gun safety, and I think that education should be available to everyone.  

“I think it’s important that we not ban guns—because obviously, people will find a way to get what they want anyways—but I think it’s our Second Amendment right, and we just need more safety surrounding that.”

Branch was also asked how she believes Americans can bring the nation back together now that the country has become more “polarized.” Branch stated:

“I think this is an issue of trust. We’ve lost trust in the systems that seem to keep our country running, from the media to business to our government, and it’s all about restoring that trust, and coming together, and working together.

“If we want to continue to be the greatest nation, we’re going to have to set a better example.”

According to an article on Breitbart, the pageant queen had previously met with President Donald Trump for a roundtable discussion regarding criminal justice reform.

Branch said in an earlier interview that her father had been incarcerated for ten years when she was a child.  This inspired her to advocate for finding improved ways to reintegrate former prisoners into society.

She was able to be a part of the lobbying efforts for a reform bill called the “First Step Act”, which was later signed by President Trump.

Branch stated in the interview:

“I was able to participate in a roundtable discussion with the President of the United States, and the vice president, and other government officials on how to reintegrate inmates back into society.” 

She also mentioned that her father’s incarceration had been trying for their family, but that it was a difficulty that ultimately led her to where she is today.

Branch said:

“I learned a lot about myself, but at the same time, while sharing my story and going through so much but not letting it stop me, I’ve been able to heal while also helping others find their way,” Branch said.

According to a report by the Daily Beast, Branch had met President Trump on a prior occasion when she performed the “National Anthem” at a Trump rally in Southaven, Mississippi in October of 2018.

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There are so many citizens of all creeds that support the Second Amendment.  Why are Democrats hell-bent on stripping it from us?

While you were fighting over masks, Joe Biden figured out a way to destroy the second amendment if elected

August 16, 2020


WASHINGTON DC – Biden has made things crystal clear – if he wins, he’s going after the gun manufacturers.  And he’s already figured out how to do it.

In 2005, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) became law. It is now public law 109-92.

The law protects arms manufacturers from various types of liability for the criminal use of their products. It does not relieve them of responsibility for manufacturing defects or negligent transfer of arms or parts to persons who are prohibited from having them.

Think about it like this.  If someone buys a gun and shoots someone, the person who was shot can’t turn around and sue the gun manufacturer.  It’s sort of like if a drunk driver crashed a Ford into you – you shouldn’t be able to sue Ford for that.

Biden has characterized gun use in America as “carnage” and accuses gun manufacturers of creating it. According to him, repeal of the PLCAA will be one of his first priorities as president.

Law enforcement officers are well aware of the dangers posed by firearms when in the wrong hands.

They have been killed by criminals, and have witnessed the devastation of criminal gun use among civilians. There is no doubt that the improper use of guns is a bad thing and should be stopped.

The same is true of the improper use of knives, which were used in 1,515 murders in 2018, according to the FBI. “Other weapons” (non-firearms, not knives or other identified weapons) accounted for 1,671 murders in the same year.

Fists, feet, or other forms of physical assaults were responsible for 672 murders.

In total, there were 3,878 murders that did not involve guns of any kind in 2018. That number represents 38% of all murders in 2018. Firearms-related murders make up the remaining 62%.

Despite the significant number of non-firearm-related murders, there are no calls to restrict the manufacture or sale of knives, baseball bats, or human fists and feet.

The only type of weapon Democrat law makers work tirelessly to restrict, is the only form of weapon mentioned specifically in the Constitution. ”

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Arguments about private ownership of guns center on the first four words of the text, “a well-regulated militia”. Among gun control advocates, ownership of firearms by “a militia” is different from private ownership by anyone.

According to them, the National Guard is the closest in meaning to a militia to be found in the United States. Others argue that militias at the time the Bill of Rights was written, were not pre-existing, waiting for an opportunity to serve in the defense of their community like the National Guard is today, but available in case of need.

If private citizens were unable to own firearms, they would not be able to serve in a militia either. Hence, private citizens must be allowed to own firearms.

The PLCAA protects legal gun ownership by protecting gun manufacturers against a type of lawsuit that couldn’t even be contemplated against any other class of product. Manufacturers of knives, baseball bats, concrete blocks, plastic bags, and other products that have been used in crimes are not held liable for the criminal misuse of their products.

The only reason there aren’t laws to protect those companies from liability is that no one has considered suing them for the obvious reason that it is ridiculous.

If you could sue a sporting goods manufacturer every time someone was beaten with a baseball bat, you could also sue banana distributors every time someone laid a trap with a banana peel and someone slipped on it.

As it is, the law follows the criminal intent to the criminal and prosecutes the criminal. That is as it should be.

If Biden and Harris were serious about doing something about gun-related murders, they would focus their attention on the criminals who commit those crimes, rather than law-abiding businesses that also provide the people of this country with the means to protect themselves and others.

A serious effort to get illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals would require an effort to find, prosecute, and incarcerate the criminals who would otherwise use them. With no criminals available to misuse guns, gun murders would drop substantially.

More importantly, all murders, regardless of weapon type, would go down. If the focus remains on guns, even if 100% successful, the criminals would remain, and could continue to commit murders with knives and bats, fists and feet. 

The fact that Biden and Harris brag about their commitment to infringe on second amendment rights is enough to know that with them at the helm of the country, they will harm the country while doing what they blindly and mistakenly believe to be right. 


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