New York officials consider allowing illegal drug use in certain areas “to help keep people safe”


NEW YORK, NY – In the Democrat-led city of New York, leaders there have agreed that there is a large problem with drugs and people overdosing over them.

Instead of exploring other options, leaders in New York are pushing for an area in Harlem where people can openly use illegal drugs in hopes that any incidents of overdoses could be caught immediately.

Overdose prevention centers are not something new for the State of New York.

In July of this year, former Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo was approached by one of the groups that have been pushing for these sites, No Overdose New York, demanding that he follow through with a promise he made in 2018.

That promise was to open these sites across the state in hopes that they would somehow prevent further overdoses.

Ryan Thoresen Carson believes that these facilities would provide drug users a venue to safely use their drug of choice, all while under the care of medical personnel.

The hope would be two-fold:

1) That the number of overdose deaths would decrease with these centers

2) That the workers would be able to somehow convince the drug users to seek treatment instead of their drugs. A theory that Assemblymen John McDonald believes in. He said:

“Number one, no one is going to die there. Number two it’s going to lead to more and more people to stop using illegal drugs and start to treat their disease and that’s what we need to focus on.”

This belief is also something that is shared with outgoing Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has called on the New York City Health Department to push forward with a pilot program that will open in two different sites in the city, de Blasio said:

“We have a new administration in Washington, a new administration in Albany. It was the right time to do something on this topic while we…finally have the kind of potential cooperation we needed. It’s to save lives, stop people from overdosing who could be saved, and of course, in every way help them towards treatment and support.”

One of the areas of the city that has been selected is Harlem, New York. A place that the Executive Deputy Commissioner of New York’s Mental Hygiene Dr. Chinazo Cunningham thinks will help as more services will increase the possibility of drug treatment. Cunningham said:

“This is bringing people inside, giving them a safe environment and then linking them to other treatment. Treating people with dignity and respect, reducing their harms and then ultimately linking them to care.”

Cunningham then went on to explain that the pandemic may have led to an increase in overdose deaths throughout 2021. Cunningham said:

“COVID has made many things worse, including overdose deaths…we know that people were isolated and so that if people did overdose, there was nobody around them to give them Naloxone and call 911. We also know that people’s mental health symptoms got worse.”

While proponents of the proposal believe that these centers will save lives and ultimately lead those that utilize them to drug-free living, others, like the Co-founder of the Greater Harlem Coalition Syderia Asberry-Chresfield, believe these centers will only make matters worse.

Asberry-Chresfield believes that these clinics being developed in Harlem, especially in an area with a lot of schools and children present, will only cause more drugs to flood the streets. She said:

“We have 22 schools within a two-block radius of these methadone clinics. This is normalizing behavior for our children. There’s nothing normal about this.”

Asberry-Chresfield agrees that COVID may have made things worse overall, she also believes that the people who were isolating inside their residences allowed the drug users and dealers to take over the streets. She said:

“While we were inside, everybody else was outside. And they weren’t just outside. They were outside claiming their territory.”

While Asberry-Chresfield believes that something needs to be done to address the rising overdose deaths, she does not believe opening these centers is the answer. She said:

“I totally get it. And a friend of mine just lost her daughter, and I went to the funeral over the weekend and it was terrible. And I totally understand…but [the centers] it’s just not the answer.”

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After Hochul signs bill legalizing possession/sale of hypodermic needles, CDC reports overdose deaths up 36 percent in New York last year

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NEW YORK- In a case of impeccable timing, the Centers for Disease control released a report that says New York City’s drug overdose deaths have surged by 36 percent year over year.

This news comes about after New York’s unelected incompetent governor, Kathy Hochul signed a bill into law which decriminalizes the possession or sale of hypodermic needles and syringes used by those who inject drugs.

That law resulted in a directive sent to NYPD commanders:

“Effective immediately, members of the service should not take any enforcement action against any individual who possesses a hypodermic needle, even when it contains residue of a controlled substance.”

Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the new measure.

According to the New York Post2,243 people in the five boroughs that comprise New York City died from drug overdoses over the 12-month period ending March 31, 2021 compared to 1,653 who died during the same period the year before, CDC stats showed.

That data doesn’t even tell the whole story, the CDC said, noting the report contained “incomplete data.”

According to Dr. Silvia Martins, director of the Substance Abuse Epidemiology Unit of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, the overwhelming majority of the deaths are from opioids and synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl. So in other words, what Hochul just signed into law will likely result in even more overdose deaths. One might almost think this is intentional.

“Overall, we were expecting that [overdose deaths] would increase,” she said, due to economic and general stress related to the pandemic—plus a “disruption” in addiction treatment.

Out of the 2,243 deaths, 1,853 died from opioid overdoses during the period, a 45 percent increase from 2020. This includes natural and synthetic opioids, including oxycontin, fentanyl and methadone.

Cocaine deaths also increased, up 35 percent to 908, while heroin deaths were up 15 percent to 800.

The CDC said the total number of overdose deaths is less than the sum of individual drug categories since some deaths were the result of a combination of drugs.

Meanwhile nationwide, drug overdoses are up 31 percent nationwide, with 96, 779 deaths during the same 12-month period. New York City accounted for 2.3% of total drug overdose deaths.

In response to the CDC’s report, the New York City’s Health Department said it “is still researching the increase in overdose deaths in 2020, a national increase of fentanyl in the drug supply, along with pandemic-related stressors, are most likely the causes.” They noted they would be publishing their own report on the 2020 overdose data and “will have more to share soon.”

An official acknowledged the pandemic (and probably related mandate-induced depression) was probably a contributing factor.

“…isolation brought on by the pandemic is one of the risk factors for increased mental health symptoms, increased substance use and overdoses.”

“The presence of fentanyl in illicit substances such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, and others is also a major contributor to overdoses and fatalities,” the office added.

So where is the fentanyl coming from? Look no further than the Biden open border, as reported by PJ Media in May. Citing a report from the Washington Free Beacon, the open border is causing fentanyl to stream across the border.

“A porous border and weak security ties with Mexico have resulted in large influxes of fentanyl, a highly addictive and lethal drug, across the southern border. Between October 2020 and March 2021, customs agents seized more than 2.5 tons of fentanyl—a more than 300 percent year-on-year increase. Since 2019, cartels have enjoyed soaring profits due to increased demand for the drug in the United States. More than 90,000 Americans overdosed on illicit drugs last year.”

Biden’s border policies (or lack thereof) has also led to a deterioration in cooperation between American and Mexican drug interdiction agencies:

Cooperation between U.S. and Mexican authorities to target cartels has deteriorated amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to DEA chief of operations Matthew Donahue to NPR.

Donahue said Mexican law enforcement agencies have cut off ties with the DEA, fearing punishment from the Mexican government if they cooperate with the U.S. agency—a breakdown that has helped cartels smuggle fentanyl and methamphetamines into the United States.

“It’s a national health threat, it’s a national safety threat,” Donahue said. “[The cartels] do not fear any kind of law enforcement…or military inside of Mexico right now.”

In responding to Hochul and the New York State Assembly’s ill-advised passing of the bill, Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) said in a statement:

“It was passed under the guise of compassion, but it’s one of the least compassionate bills I’ve seen come across the legislature in a long time. There is nothing compassionate about telling people to do something that is going to kill them.”

He said by Hochul signing the bill, she had in essence decriminalized drugs by legalizing the sale and possession of drug paraphernalia and making substance abuse free of social consequences, adding:

“This law says stick a needle in your arm, pump your body with poison and lose your life…this law says to people suffering addition that New York has given up on you, that New York doesn’t care about you.”

This is the problem with liberals…in the name of tolerance, they actually kill people. 

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