New York governor vetoes bill allowing federal judges to sanction marriage, blames Trump


NEW YORK- If the word “petty” were to have a moniker placed next to it in the dictionary, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s face would be quite befitting of standing next to the word.

In what has to be the most childish move in in politics this year, Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill that would allow all federal judges to oversee weddings within the state.

Why?  Because Cuomo believes that Trump appointed judges are an affront to his state.

The move beckons the mocking expression about temper tantrums fueled by nonconformity, with Cuomo basically saying that he’s “taking his ball and going home”.

Thanks to the widespread cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome affecting politicians and their constituents alike, Governor Cuomo has once again showed complete disdain toward the notion of being bi-partisan in any way.

Instead of reaching across the aisle, for what would seem like completely normal and sensible legislation for Cuomo’s state, he’s slapped a big stamp of veto on the bill that came across his desk.

In a move that screams virtue signaling to the eleventh power, Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have allowed all federal judges to officiate at weddings in New York.

The only reason that he decided that the bill couldn’t move forward was because he admittedly can’t imagine having judges that were appointed by President Trump sanctioning weddings for people on what’s considered to be their happiest day.

This seriously isn’t a joke; Cuomo literally released a statement saying exactly that sentiment as to why honorable judges in the federal circuit can’t officiate people’s weddings.

In a statement that Governor Cuomo dropped on Friday, he did his best to rationalize why he suddenly struck down a bill that had a copious amount of support and overwhelmingly was passed by the Democratic controlled state legislature:

“I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration. President Trump does not embody who we are as New Yorkers. The cornerstones that built our great state are diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Based on these reasons, I must veto this bill.”

So, despite the legislatures saying federal judges within the state should be able to officiate weddings, and there likely being hardly anyone that would complain at the notion either, Cuomo had to take a stand because of Trump.

This has to be the pettiest form of anti-Trump rhetoric to come from the Governor. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Cuomo banned chocolate chip cookies if President Trump Tweeted a photo of him eating one.

In addition to state judges, the governor, mayors, previous mayors, certain city and deputy city clerks, local judges, members of the clergy and any member of the public specifically appointed for the event can get in on the practice of sanctioning marriages.

But only certain federal judges within the state of New York are eligible to officially preside over the ceremonies. The current approved federal judges are from the second circuit court of appeals and Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western districts.

Yet, this bill would have expanded that to all New York federal judges, as well as those from out of state.

Of course, you can’t really expect that much out of the older brother of Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. Although, instead of threatening to throw people down stairs, this particular Cuomo of the family is just going to veto anything that can be tied in any way, shape, or form to Trump. Which, overall, is a sad state of affairs for both the state of New York and also the country as a whole.

Think about who we are talking about here though – it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

You see the news earlier this week?

It looks like that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Green Light Law” is in full effect, allowing illegal immigrants that reside within the state to get their hands on driver’s licenses.

After the controversial law was presented, there were legal challenges brought against the proposed law, but the latest attempt brought to the table was once again dismissed. Something smells like potential voting fraud in New York is right around the corner… but then again, to vote in New York, all you need is a copy of a utility bill, anyway.

CBP seizes thousands of fake IDs headed to New York from China, including one for a convicted child rapist
CBP just seized thousands of fake ID’s heading from China to New York. Now they can just get the real thing.


The legislation, enacted by the New York State Assembly and signed this year by Cuomo, allows a person to apply for a driver’s license irrespective of their immigration status. As mentioned by the state’s DMV:

“It allows all New Yorkers age 16 and older to apply for a standard, not for federal purpose, non-commercial driver license or learner permit regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States.”

Applicants must submit a combination of approved documents proving the name, date of birth and residence of the State of New York. Valid documents include, among other documents, an unexpired foreign passport, a valid foreign driver’s license, a Border Crossing Card, or a foreign birth certificate.

Folks that think the law is a good move for the state overall are claiming that its passing will make the roads safer and will bring in more tax money to the state. New York State Immigration Manager Eddie A. Taveras released a statement on the bills passing:

“This well-reasoned law, which has withstood multiple legal challenges, allows all New Yorkers – regardless of immigration status – to obtain a standard driver’s license, enabling them to legally drive and purchase car insurance.”

So, the fact that insurance companies can piggyback financially off the horde of illegals within the state is some kind of a “win”?

Immigrant differences


Well, he couldn’t just leave it at the monetary aspect, so Taveras also said that we’re going to have safer roads because applicants will have to pass a driver’s exam. While that’s a fair observation to the qualities of the bill, it still doesn’t address the fact that it enables those criminally present within the state.

Taveras mentioned money once again in his mention of road safety:

“The Green Light Law will improve the safety of New York’s roads, provide a new revenue stream for the state and help keep families together.”

Well, there were efforts to derail the new law, where Cuomo saw his proposed act challenged in court. Still, a federal district judge ruled against Frank Merola, Rensselaer County Clerk, saying he lacked the legal capacity to bring the lawsuit. Merola, a Republican, has said that federal immigration law is at odds with drafted state law.

Merola is one of over 50 county clerks who run offices as state agents in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some clerks have said they are frustrated with the rollout of the law and the state has been sued by several.

Merola opined on the recent dismissal of his case:

“I am disappointed, and hopefully, this is only a setback. We will continue to fight to be heard.”

While Cuomo and his cohorts are claiming this is good for the economy because of the funds being funneled to the state and insurance companies, this is also a huge potential slap in the face toward American workers. This is going to create an additional quarter-million potential employees for companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Amazon looking to hire delivery drivers; crowding the gig economy economic impact for legal residents and citizens who use them as a means to supplement or tackle their income needs.

This move is also completely disregarding the moves President Trump has made with his “Hire American” immigration policies. Considering that those illegally present work for wages far less than areas demand, one can see how this may disrupt the push for reasonable wages for Americans.

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New York governor vetoes bill allowing federal judges to sanction marriage, blames Trump


For instance, shows wages ranging from $9 per hour to $25 per hour for delivery drivers in New York. Even though wage levels reported by the company stay relatively well below what is required for a decent standard of living in New York City, this will be further complicated once companies start hiring lower cost illegal immigrant drivers.

It’s time to let these progressive politicians know that their motions to inundate the country with “welcome mats” to those who choose to illegally enter and remain won’t be tolerated. While Democrats love screaming “Impeach!”, we should start using our voice more and vote them out.

As LET previously reported, the New York state legislature passed a series of laws earlier this year with the goal of reducing “mass incarceration” and fixing so-called “unfairness” in the criminal justice system.

The series of laws requires judges to release people who are charged with misdemeanors and “nonviolent’ felonies without bail, and issue an appearance ticket, tantamount to a traffic citation. In addition, prosecutors need to provide all evidence to be used in the case to defense attorneys within 15 days.

The law also requires that anyone currently incarcerated who is being held on said misdemeanors and “non-violent” felonies must be released when the law goes into effect. It’s kind of like a Monopoly “get out of jail free” card.

Criticism of the new measures has been far and wide, ranging from police officers to prosecutors, town and city officials, and mostly Republican legislators. One Democrat, however, has been particularly vocal in his opposition to the new regulations.

Leaders in New York have been pushing to soften crime and lower jail populations. (Flickr)


Freshman Congressman Max Rose joined Republicans in criticizing the new requirements, saying that they went “too far, too fast.”

“We can and we must ensure our justice system is fair and maintains our public safety—but the fact is with the bail and discovery reforms Albany went too far, too fast,” Rose said in a statement.

“That’s why I’m joining law enforcement and bipartisan colleagues from across the state in calling for quick action in Albany to ensure the safety of our communities—and especially the victims of these crimes—are not put in jeopardy.”


As a US Congressman, Rose has no jurisdiction over the state’s criminal justice system. However Rose joined three other Republican Congressmen—Tom Reed, Peter King and Elise Stefanik—in expressing concerns over the reforms in a written letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“While we agree criminal justice reform has long been needed around the country, New York State’s new soft-on-crime bail laws, which will let dangerous criminals roam free, endanger their victims and hamstring the authorities who want to hold them accountable, this is not the answer,” the congressmen said in a letter.

According to Breitbart, among the crimes where suspects will be freed from custody before trial are:

  • Second-degree manslaughter
  • Aggravated vehicular assault
  • Third-degree assault
  • Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child
  • Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child
  • Promoting a sexual performance by a child
  • Failure to register as a sex offender
  • Making terroristic threats
  • Criminally negligent homicide
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide

Non-violent crimes? Recently a suspect in Warren County New York was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. He allegedly struck a bystander while leading police on a high-speed chase. He is currently in jail awaiting trial however in January, he will be a free man when the new bail guidelines go into effect.

Criminals have gotten so bold as to thank Cuomo for signing the “jailbreak” legislation, according to the New York Daily News. “Cuomo for president!” the accused drug dealer shouted in Spanish. The man allegedly had caused the death of a man who overdosed on drugs sold to him by the dealer’s crew.

This nonsensical “reform” movement has not been restricted to New York. On a federal level, the First Step Act that was signed into law by President Trump has freed hundreds of criminals charged with sex crimes, nearly 60 convicted murderers and assailants, and almost 1,000 individuals charged with drug crimes.


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