Watch: NYPD officers confronting violent man with knife afraid to do their jobs thanks to far-left policies (op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

NEW YORK, NY- An officer-involved shooting in New York City has clearly shown what happens when you embrace the radicals and attempt to emasculate the police. Officers are now afraid to do their jobs for fear of being prosecuted or causing more riots to break out.

It is only a matter of time before an officer pays with their life because they hesitate to use justified deadly physical force.

Across the United States, we have seen chaos and anarchy break out in the aftermath of George Floyd’s in-custody death in Minneapolis this past May. Politicians all across the country have embraced the narrative of radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa that the problem is the police.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the myth of systemic racism by police continues to be pushed by radicals and Democrats.

In Atlanta, we saw police officers charged with murder for what was clearly a justified police shooting in the case of Rayshard Brooks. Overzealous district attorneys, many put in place by radical leftist George Soros’ money, have taken to prosecuting police for doing their jobs. The case in New York shows what happens when police do their jobs with fear of prosecution hanging over their heads.

The NYPD recently released two body camera recordings, as well as store surveillance footage, from a case back in June in Lower Manhattan. According to the New York Post, the incident involved the case of a man who threatened a bodega worker and police officers with a knife.


In the early morning hours on June 4, 55-year-old Peyman Bahadoran walked into the Healthy Greens Gourmet on Third Avenue at the same time as two NYPD police officers, Melissa Brown, and Jillian Suarez. All of the below photos are screenclips of the YouTube video seen above. 

Watch: NYPD officers confronting violent man with knife afraid to do their jobs thanks to far-left policies (op-ed)

Video showed Bahadoran appear to verbally berate one of the officers as they walked through the door. After going inside, Bahadoran removed a 12-inch knife, and then began pacing the store. The surveillance video in the store, which had no sound, showed Bahadoran appearing to verbally berate or taunt the clerk, as well as Brown, who had made her way behind the counter.

The Post said that Brown had attempted to use her Taser on Bahadoran, however, she missed.

Amazingly, Bahadoran was disarmed by the bodega worker, who temporarily distracted him with a pack of cigarettes, and then grabbed the knife out of his hand.

Bahadoran, who was holding his dog on a leash with the other hand, let go of the leash and threw his hands up in the air, continuing to apparently berate the police officer. Suarez had exited the store briefly, ostensibly to call for additional assistance. She remained in the doorway during the incident.

As Bahadoran attempted to leave the store, he shoved Suarez out onto the sidewalk, according to the footage.

Watch: NYPD officers confronting violent man with knife afraid to do their jobs thanks to far-left policies (op-ed)

Outside the building, exterior security footage showed the minute Bahadoran shoved Suarez out the door. He started to advance toward Suarez while three other NYPD officers are seen advancing toward the store from across the street.

Watch: NYPD officers confronting violent man with knife afraid to do their jobs thanks to far-left policies (op-ed)

As one of the police officers comes upon Bahadoran, he shoves the officer backwards.

Bodycam video from Suarez has her screaming at Bahadoran to “move back!” At the time, Bahadoran appeared to have only a water bottle in his possession.

At this point, Bahadoran was shot once each in the left arm and in the lower back, the Post said. He was transported to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Watch: NYPD officers confronting violent man with knife afraid to do their jobs thanks to far-left policies (op-ed)

NBC 4 in New York reported that Bahadoran claimed he was having a “manic” episode.

Bahadoran was charged with robbery and multiple counts of menacing, the Post reported.

This incident fully illustrates what can happen when police delay the use of deadly physical force. Even in cases such as this, where it would likely have been initially justified, the officers hesitated. You had a man, armed with a deadly weapon, a knife who was well within 21 feet of the officer, as well as the store clerk. 

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It has been well-documented through organizations such as Calibre Press that 21 feet with an edged weapon constitutes an imminent threat. The officers would have been well-justified in using deadly physical force so long as other factors such as background was taken into account. 

One cannot discount that officers must clearly be thinking of incidents such as what happened in Atlanta when making use of force decisions. In New York, the administration of the city, de Blasio has shown he clearly does not support the  NYPD. The same goes in other cities. 

With the current “cancel” culture taking place, it is a wonder anyone wants to become a police officer. Even in cases where the use of deadly physical force is clearly warranted, officers are second-guessed, the Twitter mob foments riots, and politicians jump to conclusions about the incident. 

Watch the above video carefully once again. Can anyone make the argument that this could have gone very badly? Could force have been used earlier? The officer deployed her Taser; why didn’t the partner act in kind? Likewise can anyone say that the use of force when it was deployed was warranted, with the suspect only being armed with a water bottle? 

In this case, hesitation forced the officer into delaying what would have been a justified use of deadly physical force and devolving it into a situation where it might be questioned. 

Please understand that we are not questioning how the officer responded. Clearly it is easy to sit back (as politicians always do) and Monday-morning quarterback an incident. Without being there in that situation, we cannot go inside the mind of the officers to know what they were thinking or how they perceived the threat. 

Fortunately, this situation ended with the suspect being the only one injured, however it could have easily gone the other way. 

This is the mindset the politicians have cultivated in police officers, where they doubt every move they make. That is going to get a lot of police officers injured, or worse yet killed. 

Their blood is on the hands of the political leaders who do not have their back. 

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