NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing


BUFFALO, NY – According to reports, a New York-based pro-life pregnancy center has filed a lawsuit against its local police department claiming that the police are withholding evidence of a crime that was committed against the clinic.

The clinic, CompassCare Pregnancy Services, released surveillance footage to the Amherst Police Department (APD) in June after its Buffalo location was allegedly firebombed. The incident caused extensive damage to the entire building.

Reports confirm that Jane’s Revenge announced in a public memorandum that they were responsible for the more than $400,000 worth of damages done to the clinic.

However, the center’s CEO said that no arrests have yet to be made and the police department has not returned the surveillance that they gave to them. CEO Joe Harden said in a statement:

“If they haven’t found somebody by now, they’re not going to.”

The organization has filed a special proceeding in the Supreme Court of New York in Erie County to compel APD to return the footage. Harden said that he released the video footage to the department in good faith.

Weeks after the investigation, Harden and his attorneys made several requests to get the video footage back so they could move forward with their own investigation. After the fire, clinic staff were unable to view or make a copy of the footage. Harden said in a statement:

“CompassCare has a right to pursue justice against the criminals that attacked us To do that requires we have all the evidence to prosecute. The Amherst Police are withholding evidence, barring CompassCare and its attorneys from taking appropriate legal action that justice may be done and the violence can stop.”

He added:

“Our patience with the Amherst Police and FBI to make an arrest is at an end.”

Earlier in September, CompassCare reached out to the police department on behalf of Amherst Town Attorney Stanley Sliwa. Sliwa, who represents APD, “relayed the Amherst Police Department’s obstinance” and claimed that the police are “still investigating” the incident. He said:

“We don’t want to disseminate the tape to anyone at this time because we don’t want it to get out, what we’re doing and who we’re looking at.”


Sliwa said that he is “concerned the information could provoke more violence” and promised to return the video footage once the investigation is complete. He said:

“You’re aware of all the nut jobs out there with guns and AK-47s, bombing and killing people because they have certain political views.”

Harden, however, doesn’t buy it. He pushed back, saying:

“We have done our level best to keep the communication open (with the police), but they are not very forthcoming with information. We’ve given them everything. We just want to see our own video. We have a right to it.”

Harden believes that if his organization had been a pro-choice clinic where women can get abortions, that the perpetrators would already be in custody. He said:

“If four days are enough for federal law enforcement to arrest a perpetrator of attempted arson against a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, 105 days ought to have been enough to locate arsonists causing a half-million dollars in damage to CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo.”

CompassCare joins the list of nearly 97 pro-life centers, churches, and entities that have been vandalized after the leaked document of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision by the Supreme court that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Six days after CompassCare was set on fire, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to investigate the state’s pro-life pregnancy centers instead of investigating the criminals attacking them.

Days later, Hochul announced that they would be spending $10 million to protect pro-choice clinics like Planned Parenthood, but not crisis pregnancy centers.

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Video urging students NOT to call police if racist/violent attack witnessed shown to Denver HS students

August 27th, 2022

Denver, CO: A local Denver area school system dropped the ball by not being aware of a video that was released to students that advised them to ‘not contact police’ if they witness a ‘racist, or violent act.’

The released video titled “Don’t be a bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks” gives unsanctioned advice to teenage students on how to react when observing a violent attack and law enforcement.

According to the Fox News press release:

“The video gives tips of what to do if a viewer sees a violent racist attack. One tip was to talk to the victim, document the incident and support the victim by staying with them. The fourth tip, though, was to ‘not call the police,’ saying it ‘escalates, rather than reduces’ violence.”

It goes on to give susceptible teenagers bad advice that could easily put them in danger by giving them absurd, outright ridiculous guidance that is in no training manual anywhere in the United States.

The video went on to say:

NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing
The actual instructional video, photo courtesy of Denver 7 YouTube channel screenshot.

“Because police have been trained to see people of color, gender-nonconforming folks, and Muslims as criminals, they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence. So, if the victim hasn’t asked you to call the police, do not – I repeat, do not – call the police,” the video says. 

 According to that logic, if a victim is unconscious from obtaining a vicious beating, you do not call police because the victim hasn’t asked for it.

That could possibly be the worst, even dumbest advice out there yet.

But it didn’t get by the law enforcement community. Several law enforcement organizations weighed in the matter out of deep concern for the negligent advice and said in a letter:

“Discouraging students from calling the police in situations that have a high probability of violence and telling them to handle it themselves is irresponsible.”

 The letter continued:

 “Suggesting that police officers are trained to treat people of color and members of the disabled and LGBTQ communities as perpetrators is false and offensive.”

 Several parents voiced concern over the video. One parent told the local media:

NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing
A Denver parent voices her frustrations to Denver 7. Image screenshot from Denver7 YouTube channel.

“They’re [the police] the ones [that are] trained. To help that kind of situation out, students shouldn’t feel, nor parents shouldn’t feel as though that they’re [the children] not able to come to them, for as a system, when they [children] are in need of help.”

Another parent told the press:

“I think if a video is going to be shown, the parents have a right to know that it was going to shown.”

Police Chief Paul Pazen also weighed in on the disturbing video, recognizing the damage it can do to public and police relations.

Chief Pazen told CBS Colorado:

“Unfortunately, what I saw certainly enhances the divide that we are all trying to bridge. It pushes a narrative that police officers are trained to treat communities that are of color, LGBTQ communities, Muslims as criminals.”

He continued:

“How do we bridge those types of gaps when something like this is shown to students that just pulls us apart.”

NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing
Chief Pazen speaks to local press about his concerns over the video. Photo screenshot of CBS Colorado YT channel.

Videos such as that contribute to the problem of getting communities, as well as the country together again. But it still should never have made it to the students themselves.

In an interview with an unnamed student, it was clear that the video had a negative impact on her perception on police and how the police are expected to help the community.

In an interview by CBS Colorado, one student stated:

“It was a little shocking, I mean, because we kids… we were taught TO tell police about stuff that happens, but then again I’ve gone through experiences where I was like, I kind of wish I didn’t say anything.”

The video only contributed to that students negative perception, furthering the divide between the law enforcement community and the public.

The principal of the school eventually got wind of the video and tried to justify both the video itself and the school’s failure to screen it and alert the parents to its content.

According to the Fox News column:

“Rachel Goss, the principal of Denver South, the school where the video was shown, said it was meant ‘to provide empowerment for people who may witness these types of attacks, not to have any sort of negative impact on the longstanding relationship between the Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department.’”


NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing
The letter from the principal ‘justifying’ the unsanctioned video. Photo screenshot of Denver 7 YT channel.

Too little too late. Parents are upset, the LEO community is upset, and the children’s minds are tainted with terrible advice. Hopefully, no child gets hurt from not going to the police in an emergency.

NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing

More bad advice.

NSSF: NYC Mayor Adams offers very bad ‘be very concerned’ advice to New Yorkers as he pushes gun control

Posted May 21, 2022

By Larry Keane and our friends at NSSF

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams was elected to get his city back on a path to safety. He’s instead continued down the path of his predecessors to punish law-abiding New Yorkers. He’s failed to turn the focus and resources towards those that commit crimes and hold them to account.

The result is crime surging and Mayor Adams’s recent “big announcement” was a nationalized gun control plan that will do little in his city.

Mayor Adams is facing the likelihood that the U.S. Supreme Court will strike down New York’s restrictive “may issue” pistol permitting law, his plan is to instill fear over confidence. He told media, “We should be very afraid. I’m very concerned.”

The Stakes

New York is one of just eight “may issue” states that restrict concealed carry permits to law-abiding gun owners based on the whims of bureaucrats. New Yorkers must first prove they have a “good enough” reason before a government agency allows a permit to protect oneself outside the home.

This differs from other states where if a firearm owner who passes the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification and applies for a carry permit, the state “shall issue” the permit.

States with “may issue” restrictions are ripe for corruption. California and New York – specifically in Mayor Adams’s New York City – are prime examples of why the law should be struck down.

In 2016, federal prosecutors uncovered a pay-to-play scheme within the New York Police Department’s licensing division where workers were paid thousands of dollars to rubber-stamp carry permits. Four officers connected to the scheme were arrested.

The corruption is disgusting enough but the right for law-abiding Americans to carry a firearm shouldn’t be left to arbitrary whims and inconsistent decision makers. The landmark 2008 U.S. Supreme Court Heller decision recognized the pre-existing right of Americans to own and possess firearms for self-defense.

The court will shortly rule on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen challenging New York’s “may issue” law in the coming weeks.

False Forecasting

Mayor Adams likely sees the writing on the walls. Make no mistake, a Supreme Court ruling that strikes down NYSRPA v. Bruen is a good thing for law-abiding New Yorkers and Americans protecting themselves and their families. The prospect of “may issue” laws falling, though, has national gun control groups, President Joe Biden, New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams scared.

At a press conference, the mayor was asked about the imminent ruling. The city, despite his new leadership, is still facing an ongoing crime spike and violence.

“This is a significant issue for our city: it is the right to carry. After what we saw what the Supreme Court did on abortions, we should be very afraid,” Mayor Adams said, referring to a pending gun rights case. “In a densely populated community like New York, this ruling could have a major impact on us.” He continued, saying, “But we should all be concerned.”

The mayor is flat wrong. No greater example exists than the recent Brooklyn subway attack, where one individual targeted innocent New Yorkers left defenseless by New York’s strict gun laws.

Mayor Adams isn’t offering protection against criminals, given the two-year surge in criminal violence in New York City and across the country that has seen prosecutors go soft-on-criminals, often releasing to them commit additional crimes and the rise of “defund the police” policies and law enforcement stretched thin by resignations and retirements. This was the exact reasoning raised by Supreme Court Justices during the case’s oral arguments in November 2021.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh questioned New York’s solicitor general about why the discretionary law should stand. “Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area, and I want to be able to defend myself? With any constitutional right, if it’s up to the discretion of an individual officer, that seems inconsistent with an objective constitutional right.”

Justice Samuel Alito asked, “How many illegal guns were seized by the New York Police Department last year? All these people with illegal guns, they’re on the subway, and they’re walking around the streets. But the ordinary, hard-working, law-abiding people I mentioned, no, they can’t be armed?”

The former U.S. Solicitor General arguing for permit applicants and NYSRPA told the Court, “At the end of the day, I think what it means to give somebody a constitutional right is that they don’t have to satisfy a government official that they have a really good need to exercise it or they face atypical risks.”

Words vs. Actions

Mayor Adams campaigned on getting tough on crime and returning safety to his city’s residents. His actions have shown the opposite. He claimed while campaigning that he himself would carry concealed on the job and forego the mayor’s private security detail.

Those are both false as he later admitted. Instead of focusing on the criminals committing violent crimes and holding them to account, he’s parroted a gun control agenda that was more likely pulled from President Biden’s false talking points.

“The problem we’re facing is a problem that is hitting our entire nation right now and that is why it is a national response,” Mayor Adams recently said. “We need a national response to this issue.”

Instead of focusing on “a national response,” the mayor should focus on criminals in his city. If he’s not going to follow through on those promises, New Yorkers are right to want to arm themselves for safety and security. He shouldn’t be concerned about their Constitutional right to do so.

NY-based pro-life clinic files lawsuit after police department will not give back video footage of firebombing

Bad advice is everywhere.

Report: University now offering lessons in how to be a prostitute (claims it’s only offering ‘sex work advice’)

Posted November 15, 2021

DURHAM, ENGLAND- According to a report by GB News, Durham University is allegedly offering its students online lessons on how to stay safe while working as a prostitute.

The course is being created by the Durham Students’ Union amid rising rates of undergraduates taking work as escorts or producing explicit content online. The sessions are designed to provide support and advice to staff and students.

Breitbart News reported that the university backed a Durham Students’ Union email to all students and staff advertising the courses. The university also reportedly insisted the training was important to “ensure students can be safe and make informed choices.”

There is an apparent “emerging trend” of students joining the sex industry.

However, Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan slammed the prestigious northeast university. She said in a statement:

“Any university that does this is badly failing in their duty to protect students. It is right that vital support is offered to women who are being exploited. However, this course seeks to normalize selling sex, which has no place in our universities.”

Donelan added:

“We know this is a sector that can target young women and students and trap them in the role. Universities should be focusing on raising awareness of the dangers of this and supporting women.”

One session, advertised as “an interactive course that explores the challenges student sex workers can face,” was reportedly fully booked.

Durham University and the Students’ Union reportedly received several complaints from students who said that promoting this course to students and staff calls attention to the reality that prostitution is available on campus. One student said:

“This could cause a real problem, making it part of university culture and making work in the sex industry a normalized activity. Everyone who I’ve spoken to is pretty disgusted that adult sex-worker training classes are being promoted by our own students’ union.”

The move by the university comes after the University of Leicester in Leicester, England recently introduced an online “toolkit” to help students considering prostitution.

That university justified the move by explaining it is legal to engage in activities such as charging people to watch them strip, provide services to “sugar daddies,” work on sex chat lines, and sell used underwear online for sexual gratification.

In a lengthy statement, Durham University denied encouraging prostitution and instead claimed that it is providing “support” to students facing a “social stigma” about prostitution and related activities. The statement said, in part:

“Durham University is a safe place to live, work and study, but we are determined to make it even more so. As a responsible University, we strive to ensure that students who may be vulnerable or at risk are protected and have access to the support to which they are entitled.”

The statement added:

“The University brought the external Students Involved in the Adult Sex Industry session in response to requests received over a number of years from a small number of concerned students. This is not unique to Durham University and engagement in sex work, which includes online activities, is a feature within the HE sector across the UK.”

Part of the statement said:

“…We are emphatically not seeking to encourage sex work, but we are seeking to provide support to our students. We don’t judge, we listen, support and give practical help. We run many courses for students and staff on topics from mental health and wellbeing to drug and alcohol awareness.”

The statement concluded by saying:

“…We make no apologies for working to ensure that Durham is a safe environment for all of our students and staff. We are extremely disappointed by the way the intentions for, and content of, this session have been misinterpreted.”

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.

And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

And that’s exactly why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

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