New Soros-backed Los Angeles DA wants to help illegal criminal aliens to avoid deportation


LOS ANGELES, CA – Already, Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon made waves as he was sworn into office by ending further death penalty cases and cash bail. 

Now, Gascon created even more waves when he announced he wanted to help illegal aliens, who had been arrested for a crime, from being deported.

Gascon has said in the past that he wanted to incorporate two different forms of the justice system in Los Angeles.  One for the American citizens and one for those illegally in the country.  

Gascon initially brought up the radical notion in October during his campaign.  His office released a plan that would work to help illegal aliens who had been arrested avoid jail time and deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Gascon’s idea proposed factoring in “severe collateral consequences in charging decisions, plea negotiations, and use of diversion programs.”  The hope was that by utilizing this scheme, it would keep illegal aliens from any jail time or deportation risks.  He said:

“Local criminal justice actors must be careful not to become part of a pipeline to deportation in a dysfunctional immigration system…the DA must also strive to limit unnecessary exposure to immigration enforcement.”

His plan says:

“Immigration status can have a disproportionate adverse impact on noncitizen defendants because of federal immigration law implications. A core duty of prosecutors is to ensure that the punishment fits the crime.

“As such, it is incumbent upon the prosecutor to be aware of and mitigate collateral consequences, particularly when they are more severe than the punishment for the crime itself.

“Indeed, in Padilla v. Kentucky 130 S.Ct. 1473 (2010), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that immigration consequences of a conviction for immigrants can be profound and warrant consideration by the prosecution as well as the defense.

“An immigration-informed approach includes working with defense attorneys to obtain a defendant’s immigration status–without requiring onerous proof or documentation – and implementing training programs to increase awareness of immigration law, with the goal of equipping prosecutors to exercise discretion in achieving immigration-neutral charges and plea bargaining.

“The basic principle guiding this approach is that the full range of punitive consequences – both direct and collateral–should be roughly equivalent for citizen and noncitizen offenders.

“Prosecutors can charge alternative dispositions that are similar in type of offense with punitive consequences in line with citizen offenders.

“For example, while a single DUI offense can trigger immigration enforcement proceedings, lower-level DUIs, known as a “wet reckless,” have fewer immigration consequences.

“To obtain and evaluate facts of each case, defense attorneys should be permitted to request office hearings to present evidence off the record.”

Gascon also has proposed recently that he plans on reducing “prosecution of low-level, ‘quality of life’ offenses.”  Those may include drug possession, driving without a license, and public urination. 

The rationale behind this is that illegal aliens that are arrested for these crimes, face what he believes are unfair immigration laws. 

The State of California is termed a “sanctuary” state. The local governments do their best to prevent illegal aliens, regardless of reason, from being deported or having any official dealings with ICE. 

One of those local jurisdictions, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, has a very strict policy in which their deputies are forbidden to turn criminal illegal aliens over to ICE regardless of reason.

According to Breitbart, estimates from 2019 show that roughly 100 illegal aliens are released form jail in Los Angeles County every day. 

Federal data has also shown that 8-10 of those criminal illegal aliens that are released in sanctuary city go out to commit additional crimes.

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Trump proclaims Nov. 1 as ‘National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens’

November 1, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation establishing Nov. 1 as a National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.

The proclamation carries symbolic weight as well since it coincides with All Saints’ Day, which is observed by Catholics and honors holy saints and martyrs, and Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a remembrance of those who have passed away. Both are observed on Nov. 1 as well.



Each year, approximately 2,000 Americans die at the hands of illegals, according to Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. During a speech on the House floor last year, Brooks spoke of several Americans who were killed by foreign nationals and said Democrats “aided and abetted” in their deaths:

“Each of these horrific deaths have one thing in common. None of these lives would have been stolen from us but for illegal aliens aided and abetted by Democrats who protect, promote and prefer the lives of illegal aliens to the lives of American citizens.

“As for those who support amnesty and open borders: How many American lives and dreams must be snuffed out by illegal aliens before Washington has the guts and integrity to secure our porous southern border?

“How many dead Americans does it take before you will start saving lives rather than aiding and abetting those illegal aliens who take them?”



The Angel Families organization praised the president’s proclamation. The head of the organization is Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon was killed by an illegal alien in 2014.



Mendoza spoke with Breitbart News and said:

“President Trump and just a handful of Republican politicians are the only ones who engage with Angel Families, recognize our innocent loved ones killed by illegal criminals and actually ask our opinions of how our country can change things to protect Americans from this preventable tragedy.

“Securing our border is number one. Ending sanctuary policies and protections for illegal criminals is essential. Angel Families appreciate President Trump’s continued support and his acknowledgment of this serious issue.

“It’s only a nonissue to you until you are personally affected. Angel Families fight for our fellow Americans so they don’t join our organization.”



In Louisiana earlier this week, an illegal alien from El Salvador, Oscar Urias, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after he allegedly stabbed two women to death in a gruesome machete attack.

In August, an illegal alien, Dimas Coronado Chafino, was arrested for a 2018 triple homicide in Arizona.

In September, an illegal alien, Areli Aguirre-Avilez, was named as a suspect in a mass murder case where a mother and her two minor children were murdered in North Carolina.

Trump’s proclamation comes while Democrats Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris promote open borders, sanctuary cities and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.



Harris in particular was criticized by two members of the Angel Families organization, who told Breitbart about their experience of being ignored and never having an opportunity to meet with the senator.

The parents, Sabine Durden and Don Rosenberg, who each had a son killed by an illegal alien, claimed Harris ignored them when they stopped by her Washington, D.C. Senate office in 2019.



Durden and Rosenberg said they walked past Harris’ Senate office and noticed a sign that read “DREAMers are welcome here” in Spanish. Durden took a photo of the sign, placing her son Dominic’s photo next to it.

When the parents entered Harris’s office, both holding photos of their sons, they said a staffer greeted them, and Durden then said:

“’They used to have big dreams until they were killed by illegal aliens.”

Rosenberg told the staffer:

“I see DREAMers are welcome here; what about nightmares? We’re living a nightmare because our kids were both killed by illegal aliens.”

At that point, Rosenberg said the staffer became uncomfortable and asked both parents to leave despite Durden saying they were constituents of Harris. Durden then asked:

“You are telling DREAMers they are welcome, but us, American citizens and legal immigrants are not welcome?”

Rosenberg said he was expecting sympathy from Harris’ office, but instead was rejected. He also said he has tried several times to set up a meeting with Harris, but has been unsuccessful.



Durden said:

“We would give two minutes of our time for her to see the pain, but we don’t even get that respect. It’s painful to see.

“It’s so painful to my heart when I see them fake all this compassion that they don’t have for us, to feign this compassion for people when they don’t have it for their own constituents and American citizens who lost their lives so brutally.”

The president’s proclamation was issued on Oct. 30 and reads:

“On this National Day of Remembrance, we pause to honor the memory of every American life so egregiously taken from us by criminal illegal aliens. As sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and as American citizens, these precious lives are an irreplaceable piece of our national community.

“We solemnly stand with their families — our Angel Families — who have endured what no American family should ever have to suffer. Today, we recommit to ensuring that those responsible for these tragedies face justice, while taking every action to prevent these horrific acts from occurring in our Nation.

“As President, I have no higher duty than to ensure the safety and security of all Americans. Accordingly, I will never rest until our border is fully secure and our communities safe.

“The laws of our country, including immigration laws, must be respected and followed so that every American citizen may have a bright and prosperous future.

“I proudly support our dedicated Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers, Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPOs), Border Patrol Agents, and other law enforcement officials who work every day to protect Americans from the senseless crimes that our Angel Families have had to endure.

“For years, our politicians and leaders met the pain and plight of Angel Families with silence and indifference. Under my watch, the voices of our Angel Families no longer fall on deaf ears. Americans who are killed by illegal aliens are no longer forgotten, and we are ensuring that they will not have died in vain.

“Our Nation solemnly stands alongside the mothers and fathers who are no longer able to see their children grow up and have families of their own and for the sons and daughters who have lost a parent or loved one at the hands of someone who never should have been inside our country in the first place.

“It is because of these brave families who have suffered unimaginable loss that my Administration created a new office in the Department of Homeland Security called Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE).

“This program has already assisted hundreds of families and will continue providing critical services until no American suffers the harm or loss of a loved one due to the violent actions of a criminal alien.

“My Administration recognizes that a secure border is essential to a safe and prosperous Nation. Accordingly, we have devoted time and resources to constructing a strong border wall and ending the disastrous immigration policies of previous administrations. 400 miles of wall have already been built, and we are on pace to complete more than 500 miles by early next year.

“We have ended the terrible practice of catch-and-release, deployed approximately 4,000 National Guard personnel to the Southern Border in the last 2 years to support Federal border security and wall construction efforts, restored integrity and safety to the asylum process through the Migrant Protection Protocols, and deported more 20,000 gang members and over 500,000 criminal illegal aliens.

“During my Administration, our courageous ICE Officers, CBPOs, Border Patrol Agents, and law enforcement personnel have seized thousands of pounds of lethal narcotics at our border – enough to kill every American four times over. Through these efforts, we are saving American lives, curbing crime, and honoring the precious lives tragically taken from us.

“On this National Day of Remembrance, we pay tribute to the enduring memory of every American killed by an illegal alien. They will never be forgotten, and we will stand by their families and fight for a future where every American is safe.

“Together, we will pursue the promise of a proud, noble, and secure future while protecting our families and communities from those who seek to do us harm.”

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