New poll shows support for Black Lives Matter is plummeting across America as riots spread


When Black Lives Matter “protests” first began in May, following the death of George Floyd, many in the country supported the movement, participated in marches, donated money.

It wasn’t long before theses “protests” became an excuse for violence, looting and vandalism.

Even then, for whatever reason, many in this country made excuses for what was taking place, and some even condoned it. 

Well now, new polls from Pew Research and Fox News show that people are sick and tired of what is going on, and are beginning to come to the consensus that this is not okay. 

The polls show that support for the Black Lives Matter movement has dropped more than ten points since the the middle of the summer, and voters are starting to view the chaos still taking place in these major cities as “riots” and not “protests”. 

According to The Daily Wire, at the height of the summer, when anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests were happening in almost every major American city, support for the Black Lives Matter movement hit an all-time high of 67%, per Pew Research.

As the summer wore on, though, and large-scale demonstrations sometimes gave way to isolated violence and destruction, support for the movement as a whole dropped by more than 10%, even though the rioters and looters were largely separate from the anti-racism activists.

The polling authority notes:

“As racial justice protests have intensified following the shooting of Jacob Blake, public support for the Black Lives Matter movement has declined,

 “A majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. The share who say they strongly support the movement stands at 29%, down from 38% three months ago.”

Naysayers might argue that this is just white people who now disagree with the riots, but that is not the case. Pew notes that Hispanics contacted for the poll also expressed waning support for the movement.

Pew said:

“The recent decline in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly notable among White and Hispanic adults. In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support,

“The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today.”

A Fox News poll reveals that part of the problem is that over the course of the summer, major news outlets showcased these protests as “peaceful”, but has now been replaced by coverage of violence and destruction. 

In addition, most of these events took place in major cities such as Portland, New York and Chicago, which made them somewhat of an out of sight out of mind situation, however recently these riots have started spilling over into residential areas, and people just aren’t having it. 

Citing a Fox News poll, the New York Post reports:

“More voters consider the unrest in three US cities stemming from Black Lives Matter demonstrations to be riots rather than protests,” 

It goes on to say:

“The poll, published Sunday, found that 48 percent of likely voters surveyed described violence in New York, Portland, and Kenosha, Wisconsin to be riots, compared to 40 percent who saw them as protests.”

Here is how rioters hiding behind the Black Lives Matter movement are acting, and this is why people are fed up.

ROCHESTER, NY – On the evening of September 4th, Black Lives Matter took to the streets of Rochester in New York for something that cannot be described as some “peaceful protest” – perhaps even a riot is the best way to describe it.

Rather, video evidence from that evening shows something more akin to flat-out terrorism.

Patrons at a restaurant were stormed by the BLM rioters, where you could see chairs being thrown and plates and glasses being smashed as people were seated at a dining area.

All the while, the typical chants were in playing in the background, with the those among the crowd saying “black lives matter.”

One man can be heard chanting the following while numerous people entered the dining area of a restaurant saying:

“If you don’t give us our shit, we’ll shut shit down.”

Thereafter, the man heard leading that chant stands next to another person adorned in black bloc who smashes the dinner plates of a group of six women seated at a table. The look on the women’s faces were that of horror.

Another video shows some of the rioters trying to break into an apartment building.

Despite the inundation Americans have faced from certain media outlets that habitually espouse that these are nothing more than “peaceful protests” – we’re faced yet again with criminal actions so brazen that even calls from the crowd to “not record” crimes still get captured on film.

The violence and rioting from September 4th is undoubtedly linked to the March death of 41-year-old Daniel Prude.

Prude had died seven days after an altercation with Rochester Police where he was restrained and had a “spit mask” placed over his face. The arrest of Prude resulted in him having to be hospitalized due to him losing consciousness during the arrest.

A medical examiner later ruled the death a homicide, predominantly linked to “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint” and also noting that excited delirium and PCP in his system contributed to his death.

The bodycam footage from the March encounter was just recently released, thus being the likely impetus of these riots.

An unidentified man who was driving past the impromptu memorial set up for Prude had the following to say about policing in Rochester:

“We want badges, we want Chief of Police badges. We want it because they swept this under the rug.”

The notion of this being swept “under the rug” is likely a reference to the bodycam footage just now being released nearly six months after the police interaction with Prude.

From there, the man continued:

“We tired of it. Black lives do matter, okay? We tired of these police killing people…We gonna put matters into our own hands if justice don’t come. I’m being honest with you. We got a 100,000 deep, ready. Ya’ll need to know that.”

Which now brings us to the evening of September 4th.

While there aren’t any reports alleging that there were 100,000 people rioting – the presence of however many rioters were in the city was enough to cause chaos and stoke fear.

Video was captured of a bus stop set ablaze in Rochester.

Another video from the riot showcased a formation of police officers that were attacked with a large mortar-style firework.

In the video above, you can see the massive explosion that occurred as a result.

The gaslighting brigade is in full damage control mode online as well since the unflattering videos have surfaced showcasing what went down in Rochester that evening.

People are still trying to paint that what happened on September 4th was “mostly peaceful,” even going so far as to call the actual videos captured as “misinformation”:

“There’s so much misinformation going around about the protest today. Was pretty peaceful for the most part. A small bit of fuckery, but mostly peaceful…then cops showed and pretty much exercised use of pepper bullets and tear gas.”

Although, at this point, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the mental gymnastics needed to believe that these actions are somehow either justified or being misrepresented can likely see past the façade.

Watch: Black Lives Matter protestors scream at people trying to enjoy dinner at restaurants

AUSTIN, TX– Now people can’t even enjoy dinner without being harassed.

Protestors showed up in Austin Texas to protest the shooting death of Garret Foster who was killed by Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in the last week of July. 

Law Enforcement officers were lined up along the streets to be ready in case the protest ended in a riot.  Eventually, officers were forced to move the crowd who defied orders to move and were blocking streets.  Protesters were herded off of the roadway by police utilizing horses

The basis for this protest stemmed from the shooting in which Perry’s lawyers claim was done in self-defense.  What is not disputed is that Foster approached Perry who was in his vehicle carrying a long gun (which is legal in Texas).  Perry’s lawyers contend that Foster raised the firearm at him which caused Perry to fire his gun which was in his vehicle. 

Protesters marched up and down streets near the University of Texas chanting “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, APD has got to go.”  Other chants and demands of defunding the police department are heard on different videos shot that night.

Some of the protesters veered off and began using a megaphone to intimidate and harass local businesses and restaurants in the area.  Others gathered around an area near where Foster was killed and refused to move. 

Officers ordered the protesters to clear the sidewalk and they refused. 

Officers moved in to disperse the crowd and took custody of at least two people, during the course of the detainment, officers were forced to deploy chemical agents.

Officers then turned their attention to another crowd which was blocking the streets and refusing to move.  After several orders were given to the crowd to disperse, officers on horseback moved in much to this dismay of the protesters who shouted and yelled at the officers actually enforcing the law. 

The protesters probably figured that the city of Austin would allow them to get their way as if they were in Portland, Seattle, or New York.  Apparently they did not do their research of the area properly and learned that neither Austin nor their law enforcement partners were going to allow that mayhem in their city. 

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted:

“At the antifa gathering in Austin, Texas, militants refuse to disperse occupied streets.  Officers move in on horses and forcibly move the people out of the road.  They scream in anger.” 

There were several reports that protesters from Portland had been bused in specifically for this event.  While that may well be true, at last reporting the Austin Police Department advised there were no facts identified yet that would them to believe this was accurate. 

However, confidential sources from law enforcement in Austin have told Law Enforcement Today that they saw buses filled with armed people coming into the city.  They believe that some of these people are members of Antifa and are heavily armed. 

In all, the protests were mainly peaceful with few reported incidents of damage or physical interactions with the police.  Protesters claim that over 20 people were arrested but those number cannot be confirmed by Austin Police yet until they review all of the cases.

Although the Austin Police Department does not have accurate numbers to release as of yet regarding arrests, the Texas Department of Public Safety does.  They recently released that they had obtained arrest warrants for six people who are alleged of committing crimes during violent riots. 

According to KLTV, Syed Ali, Cassidy Nordstrom, Gabriel King, Bryan Becerril, Nickia Hunt, and Jordan Teal were all arrested for charges stemming from their participation on the initial riots at the end of May. 

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