New Orleans mayor gives absurd excuse for sitting with family of carjacker at his sentencing


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NEW ORLEANS, LA- In today’s edition of liberalism is a mental disorder, we revisit the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where we recently reported that city’s mayor felt it appropriate to sit with the family of a criminal who carjacked three women at gunpoint a few months ago.

After Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s appearance drew national criticism for being clearly tone deaf, she actually showed zero remorse, even though her appearance hurt two of the victims, reports.

On Wednesday, Cantrell defended her decision to attend the sentencing of the 14-year-old who held up the three women by pointing a loaded gun at their heads and stealing their vehicles and belongings. She claimed she wasn’t choosing a criminal over victims, but rather was supporting a young person who was allegedly trying to “make better decisions.”

Perhaps next time our young thug will merely pull a knife on unsuspecting female victims, or maybe steal unoccupied vehicles.

“I picked no sides,” the inept Cantrell said at a press conference.

The suspect is yet another “success story” from yet another feel-good diversionary program for “at-risk” youth, or in layman’s terms, young criminals who liberals think they can steer away from crime. Clearly, this young punk excelled in the mayor’s Pathways Youth Internship Program, which Cantrell started in 2019. She said the family asked her to “support” the little criminal.

When Cantrell appeared in court to support her program’s “success” story, it drew national attention, including from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who lambasted Cantrell in his opening monologue earlier this week.

It also caught the attention of the victims, who told media outlets they felt she was comforting the offender’s family while doing little for them as crime victims.

DA Jason Williams slammed the decision to grant the youth probation instead of detention, and then further claimed he was caught off guard by Cantrell’s appearance on behalf of the suspect in court.

Cantrell tried to make the claim that her appearance in court that day was in her role as “part of the criminal justice system.” She made the absurd connection that due to her duties as mayor, she is in overall charge of the city’s juvenile lockup and “ensuring youthful offenders do not commit crimes again.”

Well that has worked swimmingly in Democratic-controlled cities across the nation, where crime is spiraling out of control and serious felonies, including murder are shattering records.

Cantrell did take time out from sucking up to the criminal and his family to actually credit the New Orleans Police Department for making the arrest, as well as the judge, Ranord Darnesburg for carrying out the ridiculously low sentence—probation for three first-degree robberies. Slap, meet wrist.

“This is a success story, in my opinion, because we were able to not only arrest but turn that kid around and put that kid on the right path,” Cantrell said.

“On the right path?” This crime took place literally months ago. Our little thug has plenty of time to terrorize additional women, especially since he witness firsthand that the court system is rigged to let criminals back out on the streets and if he does commit a crime, “Her Honor” the mayor will be there to back him up.

Cantrell claims the Pathways Program has an 88% success rate, claiming that most youths “stay on the right tracks, stay on the right path.”

She added: “You can’t tell me that doesn’t have a positive impact on the streets of New Orleans.”

Yes, clearly the program had a positive impact on the victims…they were positively convinced that the program is bogus, and Cantrell is an incompetent twit.

The mayor said the young criminal she supported in court is “doing very well” and living with a grandparent. She couldn’t speak to how the youth’s victims were doing because she apparently didn’t take the time out to ask.

For our recent report on the carjacking, we invite you to:


he following includes content which is editorial in nature.

NEW ORLEANS, LA- You literally cannot make this up. As an epidemic of armed carjackings rages across the country, the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell decided that she would support people involved in a series of high profile carjackings in her city.

Oh, she didn’t show up in court to support the victims who had loaded guns put to their heads…she showed up to support the criminal thug who perpetrated the crimes.

On Aug 18, Cantrell decided that she would show just how woke and progressive she was by making an unannounced appearance in juvenile court to support the 14-year-old suspect as he awaited sentencing for his role in the three armed carjackings.

As reported by WWL-TV in the Big Easy, juvenile officials, as well as the district attorney’s officer were taken aback by her appearance, where she sat with the criminal’s family in the courtroom.

In a magnification of the issues facing our criminal justice system in America, the young punk was sentenced to probation for three first-degree robbery convictions, crimes which occurred when he was 13 years old.

In handing down the sentence, Chief Juvenile Court Judge Ranord Darensburg noted that court rules prohibited him from speaking on the case, other than to say, “I followed the facts and the law.”

The appearance in support of the young thug was a sharp contrast to Cantrell’s phony show of support for New Orleans police officers just a couple weeks back.

There she visited with a number of officers as the department undergoes a 50-year low in manpower, which is not only affecting officer morale but impacting crime in the city. Her decision to show support of a violent criminal, teenager or not did not set well with NOPD officers.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Donovan Livaccari, attorney for the NOPD Fraternal Order of Police said. “I think disappointment is the common thread. Especially given all her visits to the station.”

WWL-TV said they reached out to Cantrell’s office after her court appearance on Aug 19, as well as on Aug. 22 but had yet to hear back.

Livaccari slammed Cantrell’s avoidance of answering questions about her appearance  and said it is causing a great deal of puzzlement among officers up and down the chain of command.

“This is probably going to be detrimental to recruiting efforts,” he said. Hopefully, it won’t be for long.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson eviscerated Cantrell in his opening monologue on Tuesday:

The 14-year-old thug, whose name was not released due to his age, is apparently a “successful” graduate of a diversionary program created by Cantrell, the Pathways Youth Partnership Program, which allegedly takes a “hands-on” approach to enrollees.

The program is designed for 14-to 17-year-olds who have had some level of interaction with the juvenile justice system to connect with work opportunities.

Cantrell herself takes a “hands-on” approach with the program and makes herself present at graduation ceremonies, WWL-TV said. Emily Wolf, director of the Office of Youth and Families said that Cantrell “builds relationships” with attendees of the program and their families.

Clearly…to the detriment of crime victims the “graduates” go on to terrorize.

The president of the New Orleans City Council, Helena Moreno weighted in on the controversy and called Cantrell’s decision to show up in court “troubling.”

“To show up in court to show support for someone who is now being sentenced for several carjackings, I think it sends a troubling signal,” Moreno said. “I know that the public is very troubled by this. Particularly since we said that we are a city that is trying to help victims of crime.”

Moreno told the outlet that she also has been awaiting an explanation from Cantrell, but none had been forthcoming.

“Without a real thorough explanation as to why she was there, I think that causes additional questions,” Moreno said. “It’s confusing and it’s disturbing and I certainly see why the public is feeling outrage over this.”

Likewise, District Attorney Jason Williams was also unhappy with the sentence handed down by Darensburg, and also questioned why Cantrell showed up in court to support the suspect. He said prosecutors had pushed for detention for him.

“It was abundantly clear based on the facts, evidence, and circumstances that serious jail time was required,” Williams said. “We are extremely disappointed in the sentence that was ultimately handed down.”

It is unknown if Cantrell played a role in swaying the judge to give the young thug a slap on the wrist. However according to Fox 8, the public defender introduced Cantrell as a “character” witness for the thug who pulled a loaded gun on three women.

“Nobody at the DA’s Office, myself included, was given advance notice of the Mayor’s presence or can provide any context for her participation at yesterday’s hearing,” Williams said.

For the victims however, they are livid that Cantrell would sit with the family of the criminal who terrorized them. One, Madison Bergeron told WWL-TV that September 11, 2021, is a day she never forget.

She related how she had pulled into her driveway and was removing some belongings from the car, when she felt a tug on her handbag. As she turned around, the attacker shoved a gun in her face.

“He pulled the weapon out, he said give me everything you have,” said Bergeron.

The young scumbag then took her car, along with everything else inside.

Later that same day, another victim, who asked not to be identified, had returned home from an errand when the exact same circumstances occurred.

“There was a white car catty-cornered blocking me in and the next thing I turn and there’s yelling, and there’s a gun barrel in my face. The kid is yelling to get the “F out the car, get the F out the car,” or else he’ll shoot, so thinking I might die in that moment, my flashed before my eyes, I complied.”

That was the little scumbag’s second victim.

The two victims from above were upset about the light sentence, but more than that, they both were confused and angry about Cantrell’s appearing with the suspect’s family.

“The mayor is sitting by their side, consoling his family and it just kind of makes you think, whose side is the city on? Like, are they on your side? Do they care about victims?”

She continued, “She was sitting on the side of the attacker. She was sitting next to his mom. She was there for his mom and she wasn’t there for us. She was there for the crime.”

On Tuesday, a WWL-TV reporter asked Cantrell about the situation, and she tucked her tail and refused to answer, saying the following:

“I’m not taking any off-topic questions at this time. However I will make myself available to answer any questions you have.”

There are some of her allies, however who are speaking out, including City Councilman Oliver Thomas, who is typically aligned with Cantrell.

“I don’t have the authority to tell the mayor or any elected official what to do,” Thomas said. “But as chairman of Criminal Justice (committee) and someone who listens to the stories, who consoles victims, the rights of the victims and their families have to be first.”

Thomas also questioned Cantrell’s mindset and noted that supporting crime victims is ore than just good public relations but also helps victims to cooperate with police and prosecutors.

“We want to make sure that victims have the support of the system and the support of our leaders to come forward,” he said. “To come forward, right? To make sure they can help us in fighting some of this crime…so they’re not afraid to be witnesses. So they’re not afraid to say what happened to them.”

Another typical supporter of Cantrell, independent pollster and Xavier University professor Silas Lee, who worked with Cantrell on her two mayoral elections said Cantrell may indeed have a legitimate reason for showing up to support the criminal’s family, however her silence is allowing her critics to fill the void.

“Voters are so emotional right now anything can distract their attention or create the appearance that someone is fully and coherent with what they want,” he said. “You have to keep both hands on the wheel or otherwise you lose control. In today’s environment, it’s very easy to lose control of the narrative.”

When you’re a liberal Democrat mayor in a liberal Democrat city, the narrative doesn’t matter…no matter how much of a flaming ignoramus you are.

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