Heartwarming: New Orleans cop left in tears by man at gas station. “Ma’am, could I pray over you?”


NEW ORLEANS, LA – We would like to take a break from the hate, death threats and violence aimed towards law enforcement to share this story with you. 

Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Lewis Monique shared a story on her Facebook page.  The story was a five-plus minute video of her detailing this story, and intended it to be a bit of a testimony and an encouragement for others.  

She began:

“Good morning, so, I don’t normally share moments, certain moments, because I just don’t. But, last night while working, I posted on my Facebook, a video that I saw. And that video showed a child, that appeared to be a bi-racial baby, maybe one to two years old.”

They looked like they were at a park or a festival Lewis said. 

“The child started hugging everybody of every race and ethnicity, of every color. and I was like, this is what America is. This is what America should look like.”

She then alluded to a sign that she has on her bathroom wall that says, “Be the change you wanna see.”

She posted that video along with a challenge. 

“The next person that you see, because racism is taught, just like love is taught. Love is taught and it is felt. And children learn love first when they are given love.

The next person you see that is not the same skin color or ethnicity as you, give them a hug, or a nice gesture, or a compliment. Be the change that you want to see.”

Shortly after posting that video, while on her way to work, she noticed that her car was low on gas. Not wanting to be late, she decided she could make it to the station without stopping. But then, something told her to go ahead and stop at the gas station next to her house. 

“So, I pulled into the gas station, minding my business…I am pumping my gas when a young man that was a taxi driver says, ‘Ma’am can I ask you something?’ And I was like, man, I’m gonna be late. But he said, ‘could I pray for you?'”

Lewis recalls that she had just been complaining out loud about how hot it was for so early in the morning. But still she responded: 

“Sure, of course, there’s never enough prayer.”

The young man explained that his sister is a police officer in New Orleans and he understands what’s going on with all the racial tension and hate toward police officers remarking, “It shouldn’t be that way.”

“He said his sister was a police officer in New Orleans. I didn’t ask her name or anything, He just said, ‘I want to pray for you, with times like this, I understand whats going on. I understand what’s going on with the races and the racism, and how some people look at all officers, and it shouldn’t be that way, but I just wanna cover you.’”

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At this point in the video, her eyes were beginning to tear up, not stopping before the video ended. Then Lewis said: 

“Immediately I got chills. This young man prayed over me, and I got chills IMMEDIATELY. I gave him a hug, even [with] the COVID-19 because I realized that God was working.

God spoke to me last night and I shared that video. He spoke to me. He showed me how the power of tongue and prayer, and I was being the example that I wanna see.

“And it came right back to me, fold. I didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t gonna get gas. I was gonna drive all the way to work with low mileage, but I stopped there. And if I didn’t stop there, I would’ve missed my blessing.

That was that same prayer that I put out at 2-something this morning, it came right back to me, six hours later, so be mindful what you pray on.

“When your heart is pure, your blessings always turns right back around at you.

“Y’all just be encouraged. I never share testimonies, but I am human and this one I had to share. Simple as it may seem to others. I just had to share this.” 

Deputy, we are certainly glad you did share. 

There are countless people that bathe our law enforcement officers in prayer every day, this writer included. There are those who go out of their way to show kindness, compassion and care. This is something we need to see more of. 

This young man has a goal to personally pray with each officer in the Tulsa Police Department, which is roughly 800 strong. He is over an 1/8th of the way there. 

And finally, one Texas officer shared this on his Instagram page earlier today. 

“I’m so thankful to have the support of the citizens of Gainesville, Texas. These last several weeks have been tough for Law Enforcement Officers. But we will get through this together and come out strong.” #thinblueline #alllivesmatter #backtheblue #werenotallbad

Heartwarming: New Orleans cop left in tears by man at gas station.  "Ma'am, could I pray over you?"

Do you have stories of random people buying your lunch, praying for you after you have written them a ticket, or just committing a random act of kindness on you simply because you are a cop, deputy, constable, trooper or agent?

Please share them with us here at Law Enforcement Today. Comment on our social media outlets or email them to [email protected] 

In this time of absolute chaos aimed directly at our officers, we want to share the brighter side of the interactions taking place. We want to talk about the things that the mainstream media will never touch. 

Remember, we love you guys. We appreciate you, and we have your six. 


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