New Mexico man indicted for allegedly planning Islamic State Training Center to kill fellow Americans


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – A New Mexico man has been indicted by federal authorities for allegedly developing an Islamic State Training Center in the area. The man hoped to recruit those who wanted to fight for the Islamic State and train them to attack their enemies.

Federal authorities announced the federal indictment of 45-year-old Herman Leyvoune Wilson for allegedly providing material support to a terrorist organization.

The Department of Justice claims that Wilson, who called himself Bilal Mu’Min Abdullah, had been running this organization from January 23, 2020, until November 20, 2021.

During that time, Wilson allegedly provided resources and other forms of support to ISIS which has been designated a terrorist organization for several years by the United States. Wilson also allegedly tried to create what the Department of Justice referred to as an “Islamic State center” in the State of New Mexico.

The Islamic State Center that Wilson allegedly tried to develop would have:

“[Taught] ISIS ideology, provide training in tactical maneuvers and martial arts, and serve as a safe haven for individuals preparing to travel and fight on behalf of ISIS in the United States and abroad.”

In addition to Wilson’s hopes of creating this terrorist center, he also allegedly developed an online platform which he later attempted to destroy to prevent federal authorities from seizing any evidence from it. The DOJ wrote:

“Additionally, between Sept. 19, 2020, and October 2020, Wilson allegedly attempted to obstruct, influence and impede at least one official proceeding by commanding and inducing the destruction and concealment of records by shutting down an online platform.”

The Department of Justice advised they first became aware of Wilson after the arrest of Kristopher Matthews and Jaylin Molina in September of 2020. Both had been charged with providing material support to ISIS and pled guilty to the charges in the Western District of Texas.

Matthews and Molina were charged with planning on carrying out a terrorist attack on Trump Tower, the White House, and the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, they also planned on attacking the headquarters of one of the federal law enforcement agencies.

Federal authorities reported that Matthews and Molina had been studying on how to build car bombs and suicide vests. Additionally, they had been studying different types of explosives and worked with other people believed to be through Wilson’s website on how to perform the attack.

When investigators worked to figure out how the two were radicalized, they learned that Molina and Matthews informed them of the online platform and claimed they would have never attempted to provide material support to ISIS without the site.

When Wilson learned of the pair’s arrest, he allegedly ordered online platform members to destroy any and all evidence of their online group.

Matthews and Molina were sentenced in July of 2022 in federal court for providing material support. Matthews was sentenced to twenty years in prison whereas Molina was sentenced to 18.

If Wilson is convicted of all crimes, he could have up to twenty years in prison for each federal charge.

Brooklyn resident and Uzbekistan citizen sentenced to 15 years for assisting ISIS, raising questions on national security

NEW YORK – A Brooklyn resident and citizen of Uzbekistan has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for assisting the Islamic state and supporting ISIS fighters, which raises some questions on the security at our porous border under the Biden administration.

Dilkhayot Kasimov, 34, was found guilty in September of 2019 of his crimes, and awaited sentencing until Friday, June 3, 2022.

At the time of Kasimov’s conviction, U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue announced:

“As found by the jury today, Kasimov was part of a conspiracy in which he sought to help fund a foreign fighter’s travel and expenses in Syria to wage violent jihad.”

Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers added:

“Dilkhayot Kasimov worked to support ISIS, including by collecting and giving money to another individual to fund his travel to join the terrorist group.”


Kasimov was not simply involved in the funding of ISIS fighters.

According to UPI, Kasimov and his co-conspirators came to the attention of law enforcement entities after a 2014 posting on an Uzbek-language, pro-ISIS website that “they would kill former president Barack Obama if ordered by the IS.”

Those plans also involved putting bombs on Coney Island.

According to the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said of Kasimov’s sentencing:

“Today’s sentence demonstrates the significant consequences for those who help terrorist groups, including by facilitating travel of others to join ISIS.” 

Peace continued:

“Kasimov was part of a group of individuals who sought to travel to Syria to join ISIS or to fund others who sought to become foreign fighters for ISIS. 

“The Department of Justice and our law enforcement partners will continue working relentlessly to protect our country from terrorists and those who would provide support to them.”

However, noted bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer has called into question whether the Biden administration is truly “relentless” in its efforts to prevent terrorism on our soil.

Spencer writes:

“There doesn’t seem to be any published information about the circumstances under which Kasimov was admitted to the country. 

“Nonetheless, his case provides yet more evidence that immigration is a national security issue, and that not only ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’ think otherwise.”

To bolster his point, Spencer lists several other instances of “foreign nationals who have become security risks inside the United States”:

– In Ohio, a “machete-wielding” Somali Muslim immigrant stabbed multiple customers at Nazareth restaurant, owned by an “outspoken Christian from Israel.”

– Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim immigrant, was responsible for bombings in New Jersey and New York.

– Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim immigrant and self-described “murderer,” shot and killed five people at a mall in Washington.

– Dahir Adan, a Somali Muslim migrant, shouted, “Allahu akbar” while he stabbed several shoppers at a Minnesota mall.

– Abdul Razak Artan, a Somali Muslim migrant claimed by IS as “one of its soldiers,” plowed his car into a group at Ohio State University before stabbing other victims.

The dangers from terrorists such as these, Spencer points out, are of increasing concern given the current situation at the border.

According to Fox News, the U.S. is shortly about to receive “potentially the largest [migrant] caravan ever.”

Presently, approximately 10,000 migrants are moving along a “coastal route” to the U.S. border, in a widespread group that reportedly spans “5 1/2 km from the start to the end,” freely waved on by the Mexican state police, the national guard, and the Instituto Nacional de Migración.

It is estimated that the ranks will swell to 15,000 by the time the caravan reaches the border.

The migrants are expecting to stay once they arrive.

According to a Fox interview, Haitian migrants are “demanding that President Biden keep his promise to allow them to stay once they reach the border.”

They told interviewers:

“He promised the Haitian community he will help them.”

They continued:

“He will recall Title 42. He will help us have real asylum.”

These expectations beg the question: who, exactly, is coming across our porous borders, expecting to be awarded a stay in this country?

Spencer has a response:

“What could possibly go wrong? 

“Well, could more jihad terrorists such as Dilkhayot Kasimov take advantage of the chaos at the border to enter the United States and begin to plot massacres here? 

“Come on, man! Celebrate diversity!”


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