'Let's honor God and our heroes': New law enforcement tribute song released by veteran Dave Bray USA

National Police Week is always a week filled with emotion. We take the time during that special week to thank all our heroes serving and protecting our communities, and we also honor those who have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) is actively involved in the planning and execution of activities during the national event in Washington, DC, including providing tributes to the officers.

"I have been working with the amazing organization C.O.P.S. for the last seven or eight years for Police Week," musician Dave Bray told LET, "and have performed for numerous C.O.P.S. chapters all over the country. For each event, I'd usually sing one of my other police tribute songs like Last Call or Survivor."

This year, Bray said, the organization "wanted to give the attendees of the 2024 Blue Honor Gala something different and asked if I would perform a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Without hesitation, I said yes."

Bray talked about how important he thinks it is that we show respect, honor, and gratitude for our nation's law enforcement officers. "Especially given how they're often treated and portrayed in the media right now," he said, "I think it's especially important to honor them. We're in a time where police go out there and just try to do what's right and they're constantly criticized. This song is just my way and my team's way to say thank you for all they do."

Bray started from scratch to come up with a way to apply the song to law enforcement. However, at the time of the ask from C.O.P.S., he had just a week and a half to write the song, perfect it, and be ready to perform it live.

“God was totally behind it all,” Bray said. “I was brought to my knees with this, asking what He wanted me to do with this.”

After working with his producer, Patrick Verdi, for a couple of days on the music portion of the track, there were only eight days left. "Patrick and I have worked on many songs, but never unders uch time contraints," Bray said. They both knew it would be a challenge, but Bray added, "Knowing who this song was for is what kept us both on the wave of creativity."

The next day, Bray was listening to the music they’d created, and “this onslaught of lyrics” came to him. “Like I said, I had prayed for guidance on the song, but honestly, it was as if God was writing the lyrics and I was holding the pen. Later that day I cut a 'one-take' vocal and sent it to Patrick. He immediately got to work on the final mix and after many hours, it was done!

Bray and Verdi wanted to release the track before police week. So, Bray checked with his wife, Becky, who discovered the song could be released in just four days- a couple of days before he would perform it live.

The song, Hallelujah (Police Tribute) was performed live for the first time at the 40th anniversary of National Police Week this year. The song is a hit and has done really well on the charts.

Bray said that if we asked Becky about his creative process, she would most likely say that he loses himself from morning until night until his project is done. About this song, Becky said, "I've witnessed the healing power of Dave's music and his songs first hand. I've been in that audience and seen the emotion go through a room full of people. When he locks into a project or a song, there's no pulling him away. Hallelujah was definitely one of those songs."

Download Hallelujah (Police Tribute) HERE.

You can also download his previous law enforcement tribute songs Last Call and Survivor.

Additionally, Bray has released a single for Independence Day, titled 4th of July, perfect for summertime parties and hometown celebrations. "This song won't make you cry," Bray said. "I promise. 4th of July is a total backyard BBQ banger! It's all about freedom, fireworks, and good times on the 4th of July!"

About Dave Bray USA

Bray is a US Navy and Marine Corp veteran who considers his music to be his “mission” of continued service, with an aim at inspiring, entertaining and educating through his music and public appearances. He’s a patriot who has dedicated his career to honoring American heroes- police, firefighters, military, and veterans. He has six studio albums, millions of streams and views across multiple platforms. Bray is known for his performances that are deeply rooted in American pride, military and first responder appreciation, and support for veterans.

Beyond his music, Bray is engaged in various initiatives aimed at supporting veterans and active-duty military members, often using his platform to raise awareness and funds for causes related to these communities. Through his music and advocacy, Bray strives to remind his listeners of the sacrifices made by military members and first responders and their families, along with the value of freedom and patriotism.

“Stay the course, finish the fight, and never surrender!” – Dave Bray USA
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