Report: New Judicial Watch analysis finds 353 counties in 29 states with voter registration over 100%


WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to an analysis by Judicial Watch, the non-profit government “watchdog,” a total of 353 of the 3,141 counties in America located in 29 of the nation’s 50 states have 1.8 million more registered votes than actual residents.

The September 2020 study compared the registration data available for 37 states with the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recently available American Community Survey (ACS) numbers for the period 2014-2018 on a county-by-county basis. 

Reportedly, ACS surveys are sent to 3.5 million addresses each month, and it’s five-year estimates are considered to be the most reliable estimates outside of the decennial census. So, in other words, the study found that the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters.

Specifically, the study found eight states that showed state-wide registration rates that exceeded 100% and they include: Alaska, Colorado, Main, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement:

“This new study shows 1.8 million excess or ‘ghost’ voters in 353 counties across 29 states.”

He added:

“This data highlights the recklessness of mailing blindly ballots and ballot applications to voter registration lists. Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections.”

Allegedly, the non-profit said that this particular study was limited to 37 sates that post regular updates to their registration data. Additionally, certain state voter registration lists may be larger than reported because they may have excluded “inactive voters” from their data.

According to reports, in a similar study that was conducted last year by Judicial Watch, 372 counties were found to have more registered voters than residents. The ACS data in that analysis covered the period 2013-2017. Judicial watch relies on its voter registration studies to “warn” states that they are failing to comply with the requirements set forth from the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

This act requires states to make “reasonable” efforts to clean their voter rolls. At first, enforcement of the statute was almost non-existent until recent years when Judicial Watch began suing individual states. According to Judicial Watch, earlier in October they sued Colorado seeking to force it to clean up its registration rolls.

Allegedly, at least 42 of Colorado’s 60 counties have more registered voters than residents. For example, Denver county’s registered voter total equals 103 percent of its population. In September, the non-profit sued Illinois in federal court seeking to obtain registration data that the state has refused to make available, which is a violation of the 1993 law.

Earlier in the year, the non-profit sued Pennsylvania and North Carolina for failing to make reasonable efforts to remove ineligible votes from their rolls as required by federal law. The lawsuits allege that the two states have nearly 2 million inactive names on their voter registration rolls. 

Back in 2018, the Supreme Court upheld a Judicial Watch settlement with Ohio in which the state agreed to a cleanup program of the registration rolls. A settlement in 2019 of a Judicial Watch lawsuit against California resulted in Los Angeles County officials agreeing to actions that could result in the removal of 1.5 million inactive voters.

The results of the Judicial Watch analysis came prior to Election Day 2020, which the election itself has been marked by massive efforts by Democratic state and local officials, encouraged by colleagues in Congress, to use mail-in ballots as widely as possible. 

There have been numerous news reports in the weeks leading up to the election, as well as during election week, of thousands of mail-in ballots being trashed, along with accusations in several cases that the destroyed or trashed ballots were by voters intending to support Republican candidates.

President Donald Trump has consistently and repeatedly said that the widespread use of mail-in ballots will encourage voting fraud, which would delay the true winner by days or even weeks after Election Day. During his first nationally televised debate with Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, Trump said:

“There is fraud; they found them in creeks, they found them with the name Trump in a wastepaper basket. This will be fraud like you have never seen.”

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BUFFALO, NY – According to reports, a postal worker based out of New York was recently alleged to have been in possession of over 800 pieces of stolen mail after being stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents on November 3rd.

Among the allegedly stolen mail, authorities were said to have also discovered some undelivered absentee ballots.

On November 3rd, 27-year-old Brandon Wilson was arrested after having been found in possession of 813 pieces of allegedly stolen mail, including three undelivered absentee ballots.  

CBP agents had reportedly stopped Wilson while he was about to cross over the U.S.-Canada border, which was when the mail was discovered.

Agents had reportedly found a large bin of mail inside the trunk of Wilson’s vehicle, which he claimed that the mail was purportedly for his mother.

Wilson further alleged that he mistakenly wound up on the bridge that crosses over to Canada while travelling down Interstate 190.

However, when CBP agents examined the copious amount of mail, Wilson couldn’t offer an explanation as to why none of the intended recipients on various pieces of mail matched up with his claims of it belonging to his mother.

Investigators linked to case believe that Wilson had engaged in this mail pilfering scheme in an effort to steal the likes of greeting cards that may have contained either cash or checks.

According to an interview between Wilson and the Postal Service Office of Inspector General, Wilson allegedly divulged details of how long he’d been engaged in said plot. In a report drafted by special agent Brendan M. Boone, the following was noted:

“Beginning in September 2020, Wilson estimated he placed mail from his delivery routes into the trunk of his vehicle on more than four but less than 10 instances after returning to the post office from his assigned route.”

Apparently when Wilson had amassed a considerable amount of allegedly stolen mail in the trunk of his car, he began to “whittle down the amount of mail in the trunk,” by periodically dropping some of it off within the “USPS missort containers in the morning before his shift began.”

Wilson was said to have admitted during the interview that the last time he’d placed pieces of mail from his trunk into these missort containers at the post office was roughly three weeks prior to him being interviewed by the Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

Now Wilson is facing some serious time behind bars, as he’s been charged with delaying or destroying mail. If convicted, Wilson could face up to five years in federal prison for the offense as well as a fine of $250,000.

When commenting on the case and the fact that absentee ballots were among the discovered mail, U.S. Attorney Kennedy stated the following:

“This Office is committed not only to ensuring the integrity of the mails but also of individuals’ rights to vote in a free and fair election. The criminal conduct with which this defendant is alleged to have engaged, undermined both of those interests.”

Outside of the three absentee ballots accounted for in the recovered mail, the Justice Department noted that “106 political mailings, 220 first class mailings, and 484 standard mailings,” were what consisted of the other pieces of mail within the seizure.

According to the DOJ, Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura A. Higgins will be prosecuting the case against Wilson. There’s currently no word yet from the DOJ on when Wilson will be appearing for his next court appearance.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, a postal working was recently caught on camera allegedly offering to engage in stealing mail-in ballots. 

Here’s that report. 


LAS VEGAS, NV – For the past few months, democratic leaders and members of the media have told all of us that voting by mail was safe, and that the integrity of the election would be fine if people utilized the mail to vote. 

For their part, Republican leaders have warned that voting by mail could be just the opposite. 

Now Project Veritas has released a video of a postal worker allegedly vowing to help commit voter fraud.

The video was collected in May by an undercover reporter for Project Veritas talking to a man who appears to be working for the postal service, (wearing a postal uniform), while at the Loma Vista Apartments. 

The video begins with the ‘reporter’ talking to the postal worker as they are talking about legal ballots sent to the wrong addresses.

The journalist started by asking:

“Yeah, where can I find a handful of [ballots]?”

The mailman replied:

“I don’t know, man. I’m almost finished with the boxes today.”

As the journalist appears to be concluding the conversation, the mailman said:

“Hey, not a problem, man. I’m gonna see if I can get you some like a nice little handful [of ballots],” What’s your unit number?”

The journalist asked if the mailman was going to get him a handful of ballots that were sent to the wrong location.  The mailman replies:

“I probably could. I don’t know. Maybe. If it’s in there, I didn’t do it.”

At some point, according to Project Veritas, the postal worker mentioned to the journalist that he was aware those discarded ballots were a waste because they were not used to vote out President Donald Trump. 

A copy of the video was released by Project Veritas on November 5th and shared by James O’Keefe on Twitter.  O’Keefe, in speaking of the incident, said:

“Americans want to trust the integrity of our elections and the postal service – if our voting is going to be trusted to the post office, we have to be able to trust the post office.”

Of course, trusting the election results as well as the USPS is difficult as of late due to all of the reports of discarded mail, ballots, and other concerning events in which an alleged USPS worker claims his supervisor ordered him to commit an election crime. 

Project Veritas spoke to the alleged poll worker who said that his supervisor told him to postdate late ballots to November 3rd so they could be counted.

Now, many people might not believe that this is that big of a deal, except that there are very clear laws which prohibit any ballots being received after the deadline from being counted. 

O’Keefe noted that the information has been turned over to the FBI and he claims they are investigating the claim.

There are also other reports of potential election mail fraud out of the State of New York. 

Allegations there show that at least two dead people voted in this year’s general election.  Odds are, there are quite a few more dead people who voted.  Staten Island GOP Chairman Brendan Lantry is also concerned that there are far more than just two dead people voting:

“People should be on the alert for dead people voting.  There are people using the names of dead voters to cast ballots.  I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We’re requesting the NYPD and the Staten Island’s District Attorney’s Office investigate.”

President Trump has raised concerns about mail-in voting. Various cities across the country are seeing massive amounts of fraud, corruption, lying, cheating, and ballot harvesting this election cycle. As a result, the Trump campaign has thousands of poll watchers across the country to help stop the spread of fraud. 

President Trump has also promised to have his lawyers ready the second the polls close in states where voter fraud or suppression are suspected. 


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