(*Editor’s Note: After this article began blowing up throughout the law enforcement community, NJ.com went back and edited their original piece to repeal their statements.)


NEW JERSEY- They aren’t journalists.  They are self-righteous, agenda driven hacks who believe that by being “keyboard warriors”, they are somehow contributing to our society.

I’m talking about an article written for NJ.com about the officer murdered in Jersey City on Tuesday.

Quick backstory, in case you missed it.

Tuesday, Detective Joseph Seals was killed in the line of duty.  Two other officers were injured.  On top of that, several civilians were killed in an attack.  

Now according to the Jersey City Chief, the gunman were directly responsible for the civilian deaths – not the cops who put down the savages.

Detective Seals leaves behind a wife and five children.  One of those children is a newborn baby. He will be remembered by the department for getting illegal guns off the streets over his 15-year career.

A few hours after he was murdered, NJ.com decided to write an article about his career.

Now if you aren’t paying attention, it comes across as a tribute to a fallen hero.  Except it’s not.

The purpose of the article was to promote their discredited report on “use of force.”

It was a report that even the police-bashing New Jersey Attorney General came out against, because it ranked cops and departments on how often they used force, but didn’t account for the reasons WHY the cops were using force.

The article ended by basically saying the murdered officer was a violent one.

Let’s talk for a second about how these cop-haters work.  They tend to manipulate data to make those who wear blue look bad… even when the officer did nothing to warrant the attack.

And so I have a simple question for Teri West, the author of this article.  Would you have the spine to stand face to face with the widow of Detective Seals and tell her you believe her murdered husband was a violent cop? 

Officer murdered two weeks before Christmas in New Jersey was father of five, 15-year veteran

Officer murdered two weeks before Christmas in New Jersey was father of five, 15-year veteran
Photo courtesy: Brothers Before Others

Would you have the courage to look her in the eye and tell her that he was a bad person because there were situations where he was attacked and had to use force when taking violent felons off the streets, Teri?

Could you put down your laptop and say to the children who will never see their dad again that when he was alive and taking illegal guns from the hands of gang-bangers, that he should have been nicer to them when they attacked him?

New Jersey website attacks police officer in article hours after he’s murdered.  Here's our response.

Of course you wouldn’t.  The reason why you sit behind a computer, feverishly pecking away trying to make a murdered officer look bad is because you don’t have the courage to put your own life on the line every day to protect others.

Let me give you a taste of what you would have written if you had any integrity:

Today, we lost another brave warrior.  Detective Joseph Seals was murdered trying to keep people safe.  He had a 15 year history of trying to take violent felons, gang bangers and drug runners off the street.  Ultimately he was brutally gunned down while trying to make New Jersey a safer place.

A safer place for people like his beautiful wife and five children, who will never be able to wrap their little arms around the neck of their daddy again.

A safer place for his newborn child, who will never again experience the gentle kiss of a brave warrior on their innocent cheek.

A safer place for his wife, who now faces a lifetime of pain because of the unspeakable loss she just experienced.

Today, I want to offer an apology to police officers across the country.

I’m so sorry that you are targeted, attacked and killed for being protectors of the innocent among us.  

I’m sorry that putting on that uniform and being a protector has somehow apparently turned you into a bad guy.

I’m sorry that after pulling people over for driving like idiots, you now have to address them AND the Facebook Live they’ve decided to broadcast you on.

I’m sorry about the disrespect.  I remember when parents taught kids to respect the law.  Then again, I remember when kids respected their parents as well.

I remember when wearing a badge made you admired.  Now it makes you a target.  I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry that you once were able to go into work and only have to worry about going home safe to your family … and now you have to worry that people will attack your families while you’re at work.

I’m sorry that social media now convicts you in the court of public opinion for simply doing your job, thanks to a seven-second cell phone clip that’s taken out of context and then replayed millions of times over in the media.

I’m sorry that you have to — even for a second — consider the implications of having to respond quickly and decisively, knowing that even saving a life could mean your career is over.

Internet trolls, keyboard warriors and self-proclaimed SJWs will use this article to talk about how terrible you are.  For that, I’m sorry.  You don’t deserve that.

I’m sorry that people talk about the American flag as a symbol of oppression, and I’m sorry that it’s not acceptable for you to publicly tell those people to kiss your American butt.

I’m sorry that you have to watch your fellow brothers and sisters take their own lives because of the stress and anxiety of the job … only to see people spit on their graves.

You have bureaucrats who have never stepped foot on your beat now telling you how to do your job and cutting your pay and your benefits and your resources so we can instead use that money for entitlement programs for people who don’t want to work for a living that you spend every day trying to save from themselves.  I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry that you have idiots like the Governor of Connecticut who thank you for your service by cutting your jobs because he’s more concerned about giving raises to his friends then trying to actually balance a budget and keep the state safe.

I’m ashamed that we have people like the Mayor of New York who are more concerned with protesting President Donald Trump than he is concerned about honoring a murdered officer.  I’m sick about it and I’m so sorry.

Everyone has an opinion over how you should do your job.  How you should respond in a life-or-death situation.  How you should or shouldn’t respond to a guy high on PCP beating his wife, a maniac wielding a knife, or a threat to other Americans.  Thanks for your opinions, people.  Perhaps keep them to yourselves and focus on finishing up that green tea latte and getting back to the classifieds.  Officers — I’m sorry about them.

I’m sorry that you’re used as pawns … play pieces that can balance budgets and receive accolades when the lawmakers who use you need some positive PR from the media.

I’m sorry that you’re attacked for not being able to solve cold cases by the same people who, when being interviewed, will tell you “I didn’t see nothin’.”  Why?  Because it’s not cool to “be a snitch” — even when you can save the life of children or friends or family.  But, you know, screw the police.

I’m sorry that when people show their faith in you and their appreciation for you that it somehow brings out the worst in people.

I’m sorry that when you’re wearing your uniform and walk past a kid, that kid’s mom or dad will tell their child “watch out or that cop will arrest you.” I’m sorry they create such fear that their child will run into the arms of a child molester or a murderer instead of a protector in blue.  And I’m sorry that the parents are so focused teaching hate that they forget to teach their child the difference between right and wrong.

That, Terri.  That is what you would have written if you had a shred of integrity.  Instead, you’re probably focused on what kind of article you can drop on the day of this officer’s funeral to further disrespect a warrior who gave his life while trying to protect America.

You should be ashamed.

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