New Jersey governor publicly humiliated after being called out for hypocrisy by restaurant diners


NEW JERSEY- Following a tightening of restrictions statewide, exasperated residents confronted New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy at a public restaurant where he and his family were dining. None of the people seated at the table, including the governor, were wearing a mask.

On Sunday, a video showing New Jersey residents yelling at Murphy for his hypocrisy went viral on Twitter. In the video, a woman approaches Murphy’s table and can be heard asking:

“Hey, how ya doing?”

Murphy seemed to be taken aback by the woman’s boldness and said nothing in response. Then, the woman spoke again calling the governor out for eating at a restaurant during the pandemic:

“You’re having fun with your family, and in the meantime, you’re having all other kind of bullshit going on,”

As she was speaking another woman jumped in to tell the governor exactly what she thinks of him. The second woman said:

“You’re such a dick.”

A person at Murphy’s table asks the women if they are intoxicated to which the first woman responds:

“No, I’m not drunk.”

Then, another person seated at Murphy’s table asked the first woman to put on a mask, to which the she retorts:

“You can go fuck yourself. How’s that?”

The woman continued:

“You want to know why I don’t need a mask? Because there ain’t nothing fucking wrong with me.”

One of the governor’s sons also jumped in and started speaking to the woman who was recording. Murphy’s son stated:

“I like your Trump phone case. Guess who Trump likes? He likes my dad.”

The woman argues back saying, “no, he doesn’t like your dad”.

More arguing ensues before the woman exclaims, “you know what, you suck, you motherf**ker”. The video cuts off shortly after.

This confrontation comes after a new executive order, by Murphy, would tighten restrictions throughout the state, once again. The governor tweeted about the order saying:

“BREAKING: I’m signing an Executive Order RETIGHTENING restrictions on gatherings to help stop the spread of #COVID19.

Effective tomorrow:

Indoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 people Effective Nov 23rd:

Outdoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 150 people”

The New Jersey governor also advised residents to limit their Thanksgiving celebrations over a fear of climbing COVID cases.

The governor said:

“We’re urging everybody to keep their Thanksgiving plans as small as possible because we know that indoor gatherings and homes are particularly dangerous places for COVID-19 to spread”

He continued:

“The smaller the gathering is, the less likely it is that someone is infected and puts their loved ones at risk. It is that simple.”

Murphy spoke about the confrontation during a press conference on Monday. The governor said that he’s a “big boy” with “thick skin” and was not impacted by the event. But, Murphy also said that his children were more troubled by the scene:

“It doesn’t impact me at all, and I think I could say the same thing for my wife. I would say this, though: Our kids are not part of that.”

He went on to say that members of political parties should avoid approaching diners at restaurants:

“I don’t think this is the time we should be teeing off on people. And that goes for both sides.”

The governor later said:

“This is exactly not the time to be going after each other. The stress levels are overwhelming. I get it. We all live it ourselves. You’re out of a job, you’re out of work, your business is bust, you’ve lost somebody. Who the heck could blame you for being stressed? But let’s not allow that to turn into dividing us even further, let’s try to find common ground.”

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Democrat-run New Jersey rolls out program to help people rat out companies not following governor’s ‘health orders’

TRENTON, NJ – The State of New Jersey has seen rapidly growing COVID-19 cases in the last 11 days.  Now, Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is ordering new rules in attempts to curtail spread of the disease.

On October 28th, the state has reported increasing numbers over the past 11 days.  They also said hospitals in the state have reported increases of over 1,000 patients for the first time since July of this year.

Now, Murphy is ordering through Executive Order 192 for New Jersey businesses to adhere to new requirements that are designed to lessen the spread. 

Some of these include requiring businesses to:

  • [Keep] six feet of distance between individuals at a worksite to the maximum extent possible…
  • Employees who refuse to wear face masks can be barred from the worksite until such time as they have provided medical documentation supporting their claim they are medically unable to wear a face mask.
  • Employers, at their own expense, must make masks available to their employees.
  • Employers must make hand sanitizer available at their own expense to employees and customers.
  • Conduct daily health checks (i.e. temperature screenings, visual symptom checking, self-assessment checklists, etc.).
  • Promptly notify employees of all known exposures of COVID-19 at the worksite.

Under the order given by Murphy, the State Labor Department announced that they will create an online complaint form that workers can utilize to file complaints of their employers to not follow the guidelines.  They will also work with the State Health Department to create some type of investigation protocols into the complaints. 

State Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said he feels that the requirements enacted under Murphy are a step in the right direction. 

He said:

“We now have the essential tools and resources we need to ensure businesses are operating safely, and our economy is moving forward.  By protecting New Jerseyans in the workplace, we are lessening the health risks to families and communities.  As more people return to work, the high standards we have set today will be critical in maintaining our public health.”

Tania Gonzalez, a member of Make the Road New Jersey also believes that Murphy’s regulations are needed. 

She said:

“As an essential worker who became sick during the pandemic and lost my job, I know firsthand the importance of strong worker protections.  My employer didn’t give me any protective equipment and did not abide by social distancing protocols.  Enforceable standards save lives.”

Not everyone is thrilled with the new requirements being placed on businesses by Murphy.  Michele Siekerka, the President and CEO of New Jersey Business and Industry Association, is concerned these requirements will do little other than increase bureaucracy for business owners who are already struggling with staying open. 

She said:

“They need liability and protection when they’ve done everything that the government has told them to do in order to keep the workplace safe.  And that needs to check the boxes so that you are immune from frivolous lawsuits against you.”

Local cities have also taken up measures designed to slow the spread of COVID.  For example, Paterson and Hoboken require all bars to close at midnight.  Hoboken also passed an emergency ordinance for their city allowing people to be fined up to $1,000 for hosting a party with over 25 people.

Newark also made similar moves by ordering all non-essential businesses and indoor dining to close by 8 p.m.  

Unlike the mentioned cities, Jersey City has not established any new restrictions.

Mayor Steven Fulop said:

“We have more info today and I don’t see how a quick curfew because of a spike will help as it isn’t as if you can only get COVID at night.”


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