New Hampshire democrat politician changes Pledge of Allegiance: “…and justice for some”


CONCORD, N.H.- The first amendment to the United States Constitution as written in the Bill of Rights gives Americans the right to free speech.

People are allowed, with very minor, specific exceptions the right to pretty much say anything they want. That right even permits ignoramus’s to say pretty much anything they want.

Today’s example comes to us from the great state of New Hampshire, courtesy of Democratic Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli.

Pignatelli evidently thinks she needs some attention. She is apparently starving for it, otherwise she would remain irrelevant. So, what do irrelevant people do when they are screaming out for recognition? They do or say something completely stupid.

So, what is Pignatelli’s claim to “fame?” Last Wednesday, at a council meeting, the meeting started off as they all do with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Now, over the years, some people have used the pledge to make some type of a political statement, like leaving the words “under God” out of the pledge, well, because the words were added afterwards. They weren’t in there when the pledge was originally published.

Why leave God out of the pledge? Clearly, it’s because despite the fact that the United States was founded upon biblical principles, there are those who want religion out of every part of not only everyday life, but out of our history.

During the current national lockdown, I believed it’s what, week 12 of America Held Hostage: COVID-19, meetings are held across the country on platforms such as Zoom or other remote methods. In the case of the Executive Council in New Hampshire, each councilor “attends” the meeting separately from his or her home.

According to WMUR-9 in Manchester, N.H., Gov. Chris Sununu and the other councilors all recited the Pledge correctly, ending it the way it has been ended for hundreds of years. Not Pignatelli, because she craves attention apparently. Pignatelli ended the Pledge:

“…with liberty and justice for some.”  

Wow, pretty catchy there councilor.

Pignatelli evidently considers herself some type of crusader, telling WMUR:

“I don’t say it all the time, but it has been clear to me since this coronavirus has started that we need to make more progress if we’re going to call ourselves a country with liberty and justice for all.”

This woman is in her fifth term on the council, which leads us to question what the hell is wrong with the voters in New Hampshire?

Republicans in the Granite State were none too happy with Pignatelli’s choice of words, with former state Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg criticizing Pignatelli, as did the New Hampshire Republican Party. By way of transparency, Clegg is challenging Pignatelli for her District 5 seat.

“The Executive Council chamber is no place for this kind of disgraceful, radical behavior,” he said.

“On the eve of Memorial Day, a holiday to celebrate and honor the fallen and injured members of the military that defended our country and our flag, Councilor Pignatelli chose to pull this disgusting stunt. She owes New Hampshire veterans and veterans across our nation an apology.”

Clegg also said that the council should condemn Pignatelli’s statement.

Meanwhile, the New Hampshire Republican Party blasted Pignatelli in a video, with party chair Steve Stepanek calling it “disgraceful,” while calling on her to apologize to veterans and all residents of the state.

“Over 100,000 Veterans who have served our nation to protect ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ currently reside in New Hampshire. It is disgraceful for Councilor Pignatelli to change our nation’s pledge in order to virtue signal her out-of-touch base,” Stepanek said.

“Deb Pignatelli needs to immediately apologize for this disrespectful act to all Granite Staters. This just shows how disconnected from reality the Democratic majority in Concord is,” Stepanek added.

Pignatelli became defensive when asked about her edited ending, saying that “it had nothing to do with Memorial Day.”

“My father and brother served honorably, and I honor them on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, along with all our current and past service members.”

“The coronavirus has pointed out and made it clear that we are not a country where everyone is considered equal and we have a lot more work to do to make this country a place where liberty and justice can live up to its promise,” she said.

“This pandemic has shone a bright light for me about the inequities in our country. That’s what this is about. Nothing more.

“Some people may want to make it about more. I see that now,” she said. “But it’s not.

“That’s why I’m in government so I can try to make peoples lives a little bit better.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

So, here is Pignatelli, a Democrat going on about the coronavirus has “shone a bright light for me about the inequities in our country.”

Is she talking about the thousands of elderly patients who died in New York because a Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo FORCED nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, instead of utilizing mobile hospitals or the Navy hospital ship Comfort?

Is she talking about the elderly in other states like Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey where elderly nursing home patients suffered the same fate, all governed by the way by Democrats? Is she condemning the governors of those states for their inequity?

If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown beyond a doubt, the United States, in Democratic-controlled states in particular, doesn’t give a damn about our senior citizens, many of whom, by the way served honorably in our military.

The number who have died due to short-sighted and cold-hearted decisions by governors is inexcusable.

Is that the “inequity” Pignatelli was talking about? Was she talking about the inequity of more men dying from COVID than women? That type of inequity?

She was likely talking about the racial component, and there is information that COVID has affected African Americans at a higher rate than other races.

While this is something that will likely be studied and analyzed at some point, a global overview could possibly point to the fact that cities or urban areas, such as New York City have a significant minority population, who rely on public transportation.

There is some research that showed that in New York City, for example, keeping the subways open while reducing the number of train cars, thus increasing the number of people crowding into less cars served as a “petri dish” for the virus, thus leading to the explosion of COVID in the city.

Another possible explanation is that cities have a large minority population.

If you look at the so-called “hot spots” that have been identified for COVID outbreaks, the larger urban cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have led the pack so to speak.

When you get a lot of people squeezed into a small area, things such as viruses get spread more widely and more quickly.

Despite all her virtue signaling, Pignatelli supports the continued nationwide lockdown that is killing businesses and is having an unequal impact on black communities.

Inside Sources reported that according to the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, nearly 40 percent of Americans earning less than $40,000 per year lost their job in March.

According to the Washington Post, “black and Hispanic workers are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis because they are overrepresented in industries that were hit first by social distancing mandates and stay at home orders.”

Pignatelli sent an email out to attempt to explain her brain-dead attempt at being a social justice warrior:

Thank you for your email,

I read it carefully. Please let me explain. First of all, this is the first time I have done this to our Pledge of Allegiance. My father, Edward, is a Veteran of World War II and my brother, Andrew, is a Veteran of the Viet Nam (sp) Conflict.

I have nothing but respect for all those who currently serve our country and who have served, many who lost their lives. I am the archivist in our family and proudly hold my father’s medals from WWII. My high school boyfriend, Richard, lost his life in the Viet Nam (sp) Conflict. I hold them all in my heart and am so proud of their service.

I have attended Memorial Day Services in Nashua. Very few people go to the early morning services at each monument. I am there to salute our lost men and women.

This COVID-19 pandemic has shown a bright light on the inequities in our society. We have always known about the unfairness in the way some people are treated but now it is crystal clear. We surely have much work to do to make it a more fair society, don’t you agree?

Perhaps that is why I got into public service in the first place—to make the lives of people a little easier and more fair. I believe that my votes reflect that hope and promise.

I believe we live in the best country on earth. We have work to do and attitudes to change and thinking to do and decisions to make so that we can live up to our original purpose, this great experiment in democracy.

I hope this email helps explain how I came to do this. I do not know if I would do it again but it has started people thinking about what is for ‘some’ and what is for ‘all’ and what could be for all.”

Nice email there councilor, but you still didn’t say exactly where the inequity was that COVID-19 has brought to the forefront.

How does a pandemic discriminate? How does a pandemic which seems to target a particular demographic somehow call into question the fairness of our country?

How does it expose your idea that there is only “liberty and justice for ‘some?’”

You were looking for attention and you got it.

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