Still think they’re not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called “Playing With Pronouns”


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

Still think they’re not coming after the children? Just weeks after Disney came out in opposition to law that prevents sexual indoctrination of children ages 5 thru 9, reports are that a new game has been released called “Playing With Pronouns,” targeted at roughly the same age group. Groomers are not even trying to hide it anymore.

The new game is designed to instruct young kids about the “wide array” of pronouns people wish to be called, including “ze,” “all,” “they,” and even “tree.” Yes, you saw that correctly…the game teaches children as young as four that identifying as a “tree” is normal.

The creators of the game, Kickstarter, say the game consists of “simple card games to breakdown stereotypes, practice inclusive pronouns, & expand everyday understanding beyond the binary for ages 4-9.”

In other words, the game is basically anti-science and anti-fact. Children are taught to “develop greater critical thinking skills,” while teaching them to “gender themselves and others.” The creators of this abomination are even working on a set of cards to get children really early, between ages 0-3.

Apparently, the game has already been introduced into some classrooms, with one groomer who poses as a teacher raving about it on Instagram.

That “teacher,” named Eli is a “long-term substitute” teacher for 2nd and 3rd graders who doesn’t belong within 25 miles of a child. As 100PercentFedUp notes, groomers such as this believe that because they make up less than 1% of the population and their whole life revolves around being transgender, everyone else feels the same way.

Here is a copy of the Instagram post:



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The sad thing is that while psychos are obsessed with totally confusing the next generation of children about preferred pronouns, the U.S. educational system slips further behind other countries.

Hey, we’ll have a generation of woke children, but they won’t know how to add 2 plus 2. Basically we’ll end up with this…on a wide-scale basis:

Is it any wonder parents are pulling their children out of public schools in droves? Between woke gender bullshit and Critical Race Theory, teachers spend more time with indoctrinating children to hate who they are if they’re able to “figure it out” and of course, hate America.

Think about something for a minute. While public school teachers focus on social engineering, students are failing at obscenely high numbers.

In Baltimore for example 77% of the city’s graduating seniors couldn’t read above a kindergarten level. Part of that was blamed on COVID-19, but honestly, these are 18 year old kids who could basically only read three-letter, short vowel words. But they probably know the 68 genders.

More from the kindergarten teacher who shouldn’t be within light years of children:

Still think they're not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called "Playing With Pronouns"

For more on the grooming of students in our nation’s public schools, we invite you to read a prior story out of New Jersey.


The following contains partial editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

KINNELON, NJ- Nah…they’re not trying to indoctrinate your kids. A New Jersey middle school is under fire after students were forced to watch a video about a transgender man’s hormone treatment—of course without notifying parents.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a video called “Ten Years on Testosterone” deals with the “transition” of a transgender advocate, Aydian Dowling through years of hormone injections.

The outlet noted that neither teachers nor administrators at the Pearl R. Miller Middle School in Kinnelon, N. J. notified parents ahead of time about the indoctrination video, which included slideshows about different “gender ideologies.”

In the video, Dowling tells students they can “build up the courage to stand up for yourself” while injecting himself with testosterone. Students were told to do so “in a way that is what you want to do with your life.”

Not enough that Dowling appeared on video, he/she also appeared live and in person at a school-wide assembly as a portion of the school’s “Stories of Adversity & Resilience Program,” which was notified to parents ahead of time, with the option to opt children out of the program. Parents were livid about the hormone therapy video and lack of being warned ahead of time.

“I felt as if I was blindsided,” said Loren Malfitano, whose two sons were exposed to the video, speaking to the Free Beacon. “They’re learning about this ideology of gender before they even have the classes on the actual biologies of males and females.”

The Free Beacon reached out to the district’s superintendent for comment but received no response.

The situation in Kinnelon is a microcosm of what has been occurring across the country, where concerned parents are railing against the oversexualization of school curriculum and the lack of parental oversight. All of that led to the state of Florida recently passing a “controversial” bill which bans indoctrination on sexual orientation and gender identity for young children in K-3 classrooms.

Then of course there are blue states such as New Jersey. That state is poised to enact updated health standards in September pushed by far-left Gov. Phil Murphy that will instruct children in second grade about genitalia, reproduction and “gender expression.”

Fifth-graders meanwhile will be required to define masturbation and differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Finally, eight grade students will have to define gender identity, gender expression, vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex. Those standards were approved by the New Jersey Board of Education, which was appointed by Murphy, in 2020. Maybe the Walt Disney Co. can relocate Disney World to New Jersey.

To the surprise of no one, New Jersey’s plan was praised by Planned Parenthood, which they noted aligns with the updated National Sex Education Standards.

Those standards were, Free Beacon notes, written by three far-left advocacy groups which realize tens of millions of dollars from the Centers for Disease Control and liberal donors, and recommend elementary school students should be taught about hormone blockers.

Not everyone, however, is sitting back and taking the far-left’s indoctrination lying down. For example, the Center for Garden State Families, a nonprofit which fights back against the progressive indoctrination of children in schools, was the first to publicize the existence of the hormone treatment video shown to middle school students.

Josh Aikens, who is the father of two sons aged six and two has also been pushing back against the radical sex education agenda in schools as a member of the school board in Lafayette, N.J. Aikens warns that parents across the country need to be involved in what their children are learning.

“I don’t need them to learn about sex,” Aikens told the Free Beacon, referencing his two sons. “The communities should determine what is taught in schools because they’re paying the bills for it.”

For more on indoctrination of our children, we invite you to read a prior piece we published out of Virginia.


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

ANACORTES, WA- It was just about gay marriage, remember? Love is family, right? Most right-thinking people knew deep down in our souls that gay marriage was only the first step for the alphabet mafia. And that is exactly what has happened.

We have gone from two genders to what, over 50? We have a man who was just named as a finalist as “woman of the year.”

We have a man who is about ready to shatter all women’s swimming records because he identifies as a female. Our proud military has been turned into a woke experiment, where gender identity has replaced national defense as a goal. How far has it gone?

In Anacortes Washington, a high school chemistry teacher who is also the “gay and sexuality club” adviser has been reprimanded for making a sick, disgusting “joke” about anal sex in front of her students using what is described as a “specially adapted” tissue box, PJ Media reports.

According to KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz, the high school teacher, Casey Anderson, admitted to making the brain-dead comments about a “kitty cat” tissue dispenser, Vaseline, and anal sex.

On her Facebook page, Anderson (who apparently feels such a display is “normal) wrote:

“The most recent entry into ‘Things Ms. Anderson Will Hear About From HR.’ So in my room (picture attached) I have a cat butt tissue dispenser. Currently, the dispenser is out of tissues. A student noticed this and asked, ‘how do you refill it?’

I pause for a moment, then tell my class ‘I turn down the lights, then put on soft music and use a LOT of vaseline. I may have retrieved a big container of petroleum jelly I had in my closet (for…reasons…) and placed it right by the cat. Class took a turn after that.”

It is unknown exactly what happened in Anderson’s classroom after that, other than her comment that “class took a turn after that.”

As PJ Media asks, “Who knows how many other sex toy show-and-tell items she has in her classroom?” According to Rantz, parents tell him that Anderson has done this type of thing before.

The school district issued a statement, noting that an investigation had been conducted and that Anderson had been “formally” reprimanded.

“This behavior is unacceptable and not tolerated by the district. We received several complaints from parents. The formal reprimand becomes part of an employee’s personnel file. We’re working with the employee to ensure that professional standards are met in the future.”

PJ Media reached out to the teacher for comment, but none was received.

All of this leads one to wonder what exactly it is Anderson tells the students who attend the Gender and Sexualities Alliance.” As PJ Media wonders, is the alliance “a place to go to fit in” or are students “given a how-to instead.”

Oh, in case you’re wondering as we were, what exactly would the equipment be that “Ms. Anderson” could use for the tissue dispenser? We’ll let you decide but here’s a screenshot. Appears “Ms. Anderson” may be a “T” in LGBTQ.

Still think they're not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called "Playing With Pronouns"
“Ms.” Anderson makes obscene joke about anal sex to students-YouTube screenshot

Still think they're not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called "Playing With Pronouns"

For more on school indoctrination, this time regarding Black Lives Matter, we invite you to:


USA- According to reports, schools across the country will be participating in what is now called “Black Lives Matter in School Week,” which according to its website is a “national coalition that organizes for racial justice in education.”

The movement, also called the “annual week of action,” takes place during the first week of February each year. During this week, the coalition states that educators at various schools will focus on the history of Black Lives Matter at school:

“Lawmakers in at least 27 states are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history. In response, educators across the United States are signed a pledge to teach truth.”

In an article with the Liberty Daily, J.D. Rucker states that many schools claim Critical Race Theory is not taught in the classroom and that Black Lives Matter propaganda is not pushed, but that the very existence of “Black Lives Matter in Schools” is doing exactly that. Rucker writes:

“…Teachers will be indoctrinating students into the belief that not all lives matter. They will be taught that the grievances of black people are superior to the grievances of other races.”

Rucker’s article also had a letter from one of the schools participating.

The letter was sent to parents of third-graders informing them of the week’s events. Below is an excerpt from the letter sent to parents at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington:

“Next week, January 31st-February 4th is Black Lives Matter in Schools week. Third graders will participate in several lessons. These lessons are adapted from the Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Studies working group and center around themes of equity and justice.”

The letter added:

“We wanted to let you know of our plans. Building on the foundation of celebration and acceptance we have planned lessons for this upcoming week. Our BLM week’s plan is below along with each day’s learning goal. If you have any questions or resources, feel free to contact your child’s teacher.”

Still think they're not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called "Playing With Pronouns"

The letter then listed the week’s lessons, which said that Monday would be a time for students to discuss race and bias by “naming some of the reasons for the Black Lives Matter movement.” On Tuesday, students will “discuss shared behaviors, beliefs, and customs to understand culture.”

Wednesday the students will reportedly discuss “the importance of treating others with respect regarding gender expression” and on Thursday the students will discuss “intergenerational black families and black villages.”

On Friday, students will “find emotions expressed in word by listening to ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou.” According to Rucker:

“The curriculum for the week is designed to negate concepts such as ‘all are created equal.’ White students will be made to feel not only inferior, but inherently racist based on the color of their skin.

Meanwhile, students of color will be pushed to embrace the Neo-Marxist ideology that they are owed something based on their race or sexual orientation instead of merit.”

The Black Lives Matter in Schools is hoping that from these events, a “year of purpose” will be launched. According to a flyer on their website, the “week of action” has national demands, which include: end zero tolerance, mandate black history and ethnic studies, hire more black teachers, and fund counselors not cops.

In the article, Rucker stated:

“As one would expect, there are events planned for the week that include demonizing law enforcement and pushing for defunding police. They’re no longer framing it as simple defunding.

Instead, they make it into false dichotomy by declaring that funding police means less funding for teachers and counselors.”

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