New Biden campaign ad says “Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life”


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KENOSHA, WI – Former Vice President Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris (D) want Americans to know “They’re Listening” as they make their bid for the White House.

Just hours before a campaign visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the pair dropped a new ad.

The video starts with Biden asking:

“Why, in this nation, do Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life in the course of just living their life?”

A few seconds later, Harris follows with:

“Part of the point of freedom is to be free from brutality, free from injustice, free from racism and all of its manifestations.”

The commercial runs for one minute and features Black families, doctors and teachers, all interspersed with the presidential and vice presidential candidates talking about policing and racial injustice.

In the video, Biden said:

“Now is the time for racial justice.”

Harris adds:

“Reforming policing in this country means creating a national standard on use of force and conditioning federal funds for police departments on adoption of that standard.”

At no point, does the piece condemn crime, violence or the widespread rioting seen nationwide this summer.

It does promise that they will “hold police accountable.”

There is no verbal support for law enforcement but a clip does briefly show Harris next to someone in uniform.

There is little question on the careful timing of the piece.

Their campaign debuted the ad within hours of Biden’s trip to Wisconsin, which has been a city rocked with civil unrest, rioting and violence after the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Blake has been hospitalized since August 23, after a police officer in Kenosha shot him seven times in the back. His family members have said he is now paralyzed.

Biden’s trip to Kenosha was his first to the state of Wisconsin since announcing his run for the presidency.

Breitbart reported that Biden had first decided not to make the trip after his advisors predicted an earlier trip by President Trump would “backfire.” But, after the President received a warm welcome on Tuesday from both local leaders and business owners, the news outlet says Biden changed his mind.

Video from the presidential visit shows President Trump touring the rubble of businesses destroyed during riots and speaking with local police officers and deputies. He’s also photographed with soldiers.

His message said, “Kenosha, Wisconsin, we’re with you all the way.”

President Trump tweeted about his trip on Wednesday and pointed to Biden’s lack of mention of law enforcement support. He wrote:

“Joe Biden is not on the side of Law Enforcement, and that was spectacularly evident on my very successful trip yesterday to Kenosha. We solved the problem quickly, and it was very much appreciated by the people of Wisconsin. Joe Biden wouldn’t know where to begin – a bad record!”

Thursday afternoon, Biden tweeted a photo of himself sitting at the head of a church aisle. The post reads:

“We need a president who will work to lower the temperature – not raise it. A president who will bring people together and find solutions to the challenges we face. That’s what I went to Kenosha to do today, and it’s what I’ll do every day in the White House.”

Just hours later on Thursday night, Biden tweeted out his ad and said:

“This is our moment to root out systemic racism and ensure justice finally rings out for all in America.”

Wednesday, the former Vice President posted a video edited to show tweets from President Trump interspersed with video of violence in Portland. That post reads:

“They’re rooting for chaos and violence because they think it helps them win a second term. Now ask yourself, is that really who you think should be running the country?”

The President has not posted a response to Biden’s ad on social media, but the two have long clashed in their views on public safety, policing and the outbursts of rioting and violence in U.S. cities.

Let’s talk a little more about Biden’s trip to Kenosha, as we reported on Thursday.  Because what we found is very interesting, and very scary:

Presidential candidate Biden to meet with avowed anti-Semite in Kenosha (Op-ed)

The following editorial is written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

KENOSHA, WI- Hidin’ Biden might want to rethink this one. On Thursday, September 3rd, Biden continues his “escape from the basement” tour, this time going to Kenosha, Wisconsin to meet with the Jacob Blake Sr.

Biden’s visit comes on the heels of President Trump’s trip to the city to view the damage caused by looters and rioters last week. Given some of Blake’s anti-Semitic Facebook posts, old sleepy Joe may want to reconsider.

Back to Biden. The Hill reported that a campaign spokesman had confirmed Biden’s visit to meet with Blake Sr. President Trump declined to meet with the Blake family after they made a request that a family attorney be present during their conversation.

The president told reporters ahead of his visit on Monday:

“I spoke with the pastor, wonderful man, the family’s pastor. I thought it would be better not to do anything where there are lawyers involved, 

“They wanted me to speak but they wanted to have lawyers involved, and I thought that was inappropriate, so I didn’t do that,” the president said. “I may at some point do that, but they did have a lawyer that wanted to be on the phone, and I said, ‘No that’s inappropriate,’ but I just gave my best regards.”

Suddenly, Biden and the rest of the Democrats are acknowledging the violence that they denied existed for three months, as their poll numbers started taking a beating. Funny how that works. Ironically, Biden and the Democrats are now blaming President Trump for the violence that they refused to acknowledge during the four days of their national convention last month.

Now, Biden’s handlers might want to take a closer look at Jacob Blake Sr. A trip through his Facebook account, which appears to be public, shows us a couple of things about Jacob Blake Sr.

First of all, he hates white people. His Facebook pages are filled with his railing against anyone who is a lighter skin tone than he is. He also sees racism everywhere, except apparently within himself.

Secondly, he is a Trump hater. Once again, post after post in his news feed shows that he is a chronic sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A post from 2019 from a page called “Occupy Democrats” for example, criticized the president for congratulating Nick Bosa, a Trump supporter in the 2019 NFL draft. Bosa was selected number two, while Kyler Murray, an African American was selected first.

Of course, liberals see racism everywhere, so it was assumed that this was a racial issue when it simply was a matter of Bosa being a supporter of the president, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

The same picture implied that President Trump did not present the award for “Teacher of the Year,” also in 2019. Once again, that was incorrect. The president invited all of the award winners to the White House, including National Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson, who said that the president congratulated him on winning the award.

Robinson, who teaches at a school inside a juvenile detention center in Richmond, Va., said:

“He was happy that I was giving the kids a second chance,” 

Blake Sr. is also what appears to be a voracious anti-Semite. There are numerous posts on his page that are blatantly anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic. We are not sure who vets visits like this for Biden, but clearly this is a bad decision meeting with Blake.

The following tweet captured a number of Blake’s Facebook posts. 

One post on his page said:

“I’m with Farrakhan 100%” Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is a blatant, well-established anti-Semite.

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr. Facebook page

Let’s look at some other posts:

“The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists (sic) and who is not”

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Blake Facebook Screenshot Jewish Media


“The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the media they control Minds and money.”

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Facebook screenclip Pink Toe media


“The first Jews where (sic) brown not pink damnit (sic)”

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
First Jews Were Brown Jacob Blake Facebook

“Jews are not special they’re just like everybody else” 

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Facebook

“White Jews want you to believe there are no brown Jews”

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr Facebook

Then, a meme:

“Abraham, the “founder of Judaism” wasn’t even born until around 1675 BCE.

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr Facebook

That’s 900 years after these pyramids were built. How could they possibly have been built by the Hebrew slaves?”

In yet another post, Blake Sr. inferred that prior to the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh which occurred in October, 2018, he intimated that they had been warned, and compared it to a shooting in Kentucky:

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr. Facebook Screenshot

Anti-Christian? Yup, we have that too…

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr. Facebook Screenshot

Finally, Blake Sr. criticized young African Americans who attended a Young Black Leaders Summit at the White House in 2018, referring to them as “young black coons.” 

New Biden campaign ad says "Black Americans wake up knowing they can lose their life"
Jacob Blake Sr. Facebook Screenshot

Understanding that some are understandably suspicious of “posts,” below are links to the actual posts:

As if the above wasn’t bad enough, Breitbart News uncovered one of Blake Sr.’s Instagram posts, where he posted a video about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks: “Man, I give a fuck about 9/11.” 

Biden followed in the footsteps of his mentor, Barack Obama in jumping to conclusions about the criminal case. He echoed the call of anti-police activists to charge the officer who shot Blake’s son, even though an investigation has yet to be fully completed.

Biden told reporters:

“I think we should let the judicial system work its way,” 

while adding that:

“at a minimum,” the officer in the case should “be charged.”

According to a campaign press release, while he’s in Kenosha, Biden also plans to:

“hold a community meeting in Kenosha to bring together Americans to heal and address the challenges we face,”

That is, if Biden is awake long enough to do so.

In the meantime, given Blake Sr’s clear anti-Semitic point of view, Biden should maybe reconsider meeting with him. That might not play well with the Jewish community.

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