MURRAY, Utah – Without a hint, it is unlikely that you’d correctly guess the age of the guy in this mugshot. No, he is not a middle-aged man. He’s still a teenager, albeit barely.

The mugshot of a 19-year-old man sparked a social media frenzy, as many appeared to be astonished by the man’s age.

Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft of a rental vehicle, failure to stop at the command of police and reckless driving, according to FOX 13 Salt Lake City.


Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov, 19, was arrested for allegedly stealing a U-Haul van. (Salt Lake City Jail)

However, it is not the booking charges that got all the attention on social media.

A mugshot was posted on the FOX 13 Salt Lake City Facebook page. And unfiltered people began to comment on … uhm … his “mature” appearance.

“Where’s the 19 yr old?? I only see the 40 yr old,” one person commented.

“If that dude is 19 then I’m 12,” another person wrote.

“This dude really makes me feel good about being in my 40’s,” proclaimed another.

And on it went.

As of Thursday morning, the post had generated more than 650 comments.

One user also admitted they were only there for the comments.

On Tuesday, police saw a U-Haul van run through multiple red lights and illegally pass vehicles in Murray. As a result, police attempted to pull Kurbanov over. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop, FOX 13 Salt Lake City reported, citing a probable cause statement.

Later, a tip led police to Kurbanov’s location. He was found at a Murray apartment complex and told responding officers he was there visiting a friend, the station reported, citing a probable cause statement.

Consequently, police escorted him to his friend’s apartment but no one answered and he couldn’t provide another way of contacting the friend, the station reported.

The U-Haul rental he had rented was supposed to be returned Dec. 14, but wasn’t. Under Utah state law, it was considered to be stolen.