NEW YORK – A Queens man on trial for gunning down NYPD Officer Brian Moore (pictured left) arrogantly told a neighbor he would shoot any cops who tried to stop him tossing bricks through the man’s window, the neighbor testified Monday.

“I saw Demetrius throwing bricks through my daughter’s bedroom window, and I say, ‘I call the police,’ ” Winston Walford told jurors as reported cop killer Demetrius Blackwell (pictured right) looked on stoned faced, reported the New York Post.

“He say he don’t care. He say he don’t care about the police,” the 52-year-old recalled Monday. “He say he was going to pop them and he was going to pop me too.”

Walford said the accused killer originally showed up in his driveway while he was inside playing dominoes with friends in May 2015, asking if he had any “smoke.”

He said he told Blackwell to go away, but the man ignored him.

“He said, ‘Get the f*** downstairs.’ I say no and close the window. Then boom!” Walford said, explaining that a brick came flying through the window.

As a result, Walford called police.

Law Enforcement Today reported the following details at the time of Moore’s murder in May 2015:

Officer Moore and his partner, Erik Jansen, 30, were assigned to an elite plainclothes detail, the 105thPrecinct’s High Crime Team. During their patrols, they saw a male making an adjustment of his pants waistband that gave the officers the impression that the person may have been armed with a weapon.

Officer Moore pulled his unmarked patrol unit beside the suspect and asked what he was carrying in his pants waistband. The suspect responded by pulling out a handgun and shooting into the patrol unit striking Officer Moore in the face. Officer Moore was immediately transported to Jamaica Hospital & Medical Center for treatment of his gunshot wound.

Several witnesses along with Officer Jansen were able to identify the suspect and he was taken into custody at his residence within an hour and a half of the shooting. The weapon used in the shooting has also been recovered in the yard of a residence that the suspect ran through near the incident.

Officer Moore underwent emergency surgery and remained in a coma and critical condition until he passed away.

Officer Moore followed the footsteps of his father, uncle and cousins in serving the New York City Police Department. His father, Raymond and his uncle are both retired Sergeants and his cousins are actively serving the NYPD.

In Memoriam Brian Moore. (Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow GrafX.)

The suspect was identified as Blackwell. Consequently, investigators concluded that he fired on Moore and his partner, and prosecutors concurred.

After Moore died in the hospital two days after the shooting, he was posthumously promoted to detective.

“I think it’s important on every anniversary that we come back and remember Brian for the work that he did to keep this city safe,” Commissioner James O’Neill told the Post before Moore’s memorial service two years ago.

Defense attorney David Bart told the court earlier this year that his client had a seizure the night before the shooting, and suffers from epileptic attacks which leave him “confused, irritated and not responsible for his actions.”

It was revealed in court the career con had previously undergone frontal lobe surgery and a partial lobotomy, though it remained unclear if that procedure was related to the epilepsy.

“Thousands upon thousands of people have epileptic episodes every day and they don’t murder police officers,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch scoffed after the hearing.

The trial continues. Blackwell faces life behind bars if convicted.

(Photos: NYPD)